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Interview with A Villain


My Audio Project at first was just a on the spot idea that it would be funny if Bane from the Dark Knight interviewed to work at a frozen yogurt stand and my project would be the funny banter. That idea with Bane did not really go anywhere and I still liked the villain idea. I decided I would use “Generic” made up villain and it would be easier to record. Once I actually started working on the project it was easy and super fun. I messed around with the effects and added some free audio files to kind of mix things up. The music I was going for was generic mall music but the one I got was a bit jazz romance but it grew on me.

The “interview” itself is pretty simple, I just used my voice for both and changed the pitch for the villain. I changed the music a bit just so it was not super loud. When I was looking at the wavelengths it seemed like my actual voice was not coming in loud but when I finished it came out looking fine so i’m not sure what happened there.

I feel like I could have done some more polishing if i had more time but I am happy with the final project and for a first time audio project I think it was good.