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The professional work of Neil Hollander


neil hollander
portrait of Neil Hollander by the author.

Neil Hollander is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and director who works as a partner for the New York film company,  New Wave and currently lives in France. Among having worked many different occupations, Neil  has gone around all over the world shooting documentary films on a large variety of subjects such as sailing, world hunger,  opium production in southeast Asia, and even a film about the American hobo where him and his crew actually rode freight trains and slept under bridges for several months to film the movie. He says he likes to film what he calls “real society”. I went to a talk that Neil gave in the Media Arts building on Fri, Oct 20th before his evening world premier of his new film “Who Killed Jim Thompson” at Ragozzini Hall on the Lane Community College campus. Neil showed clips and discussed several of his films with a small audience and answered questions afterward.

Neil is an older gentleman who is born in 1948, but when he stepped before the small crowd in the room I could see a swaggering young man with a James Dean style of rebelliousness in his nature.  His first words to the audience were memorable: “My advice to you is do not become a film maker.”

Neil went on to support his argument by talking about how only a very small percentage of people get to choose what the viewing public gets to watch. He states that institutions such as Hollywood are extremely biased and selective and want to have complete control over the market. He puts much emphasis into this by using the term “picky snobs” to describe them. He says He uses his film “The Last Sailors” as an example. The film is about different sailors around the globe and narrated by the famous Orson Wells. In this example he talks the difficulty of trying to sell the film to different companies. He talks about one woman in France who would not show his film because she had a severe dislike of boats.

When Neil talked about his style and methods about writing and directing he head the enthusiasm of a child at play. “I profess that I like to use as little money as possible when I am making a film.” He states with candor. He continues to give examples of  how him and his crew would get into seemingly impossible places to get into with very little money by hanging out and making friends with the local people of wherever they wanted to shoot footage. They would also save money by renting filming studios in different cities in other countries such as Canada or Thailand.

Neil’s talk was lively and interesting. He had a lot of things to say about the media film industry and gave good advice such as knowing who your audience is, and how important it is to pay attention to good script writing. I had a good talk and connected with Neil after he finished speaking to the audience. It can be difficult to explain, but, there is a free spirited nature that is shared among artists that defies all boundaries and rules. A spirit that will not suffer to be put into a box, or cage, but has to be free to create. Neil Hollander certainly has that rebellious free spirit. We discussed our own lives and artistic endeavors for a good while before parting ways. Neil Hollander is an excellent example of an independent film maker making his own mark on the world of film.

By Jason dallas









Five Summer Adventures

My original Idea was a far better project than what I ended up doing. This project was nothing but a last minute scramble to just get it done. I know how to use Premiere Pro and actually enjoy ending, but when it comes to sound and using audition I fall very short. Because I had to work from home I was unable to use Premier and resulted to iMovie. Nothing but plug and play for the simplicity of my project. This summer I was supposed to go to Thailand for a trip, and ended up not going due to lack of funding. Before my trip was canceled I was gifted a GoPro. I used it a lot less than I wanted to by the end of the summer, but I still got a few good videos and some decent pictures from my iphone. I love to explore beautiful places and it’s an easy thing to do when you live in oregon. This video project is a completion of my top five adventures this summer. One of my favorites from the summer when my family and I went on the jet boat trip through Hellgate Canyon, and I assure you no matter how unhappy my grandmother looked she really did have fun.


My 5 furry friends common fight

My furry friends’ short silent movie is funny in a way. I was trying

to accomplish a short story about 4 cats and a dog with a common interest, milk. I found out animals are hard to take pictures of because they listen worse than a 4year old. Luckily, I got them in a good mood and in a restful state. The 5 animals are all friends of mine with a unique personality each. I had some major setbacks with importing sound and the free trial is more current than what is in the classrooms/labs. Sadly, I ran out of time to recreate the project, so I had to export as is. The featured friends are: Aeowen, Panda, Peaches, King and Moonshine. Moonshine is the matriarch of all the cats at my house and she had her 21st birthday yesterday 11/05/2017. She is a joy to have around and still full of life. These animals are great to work with and talk to. King is a rescue from Greenhill. He always is up for a run weather we take him, or he decides to take himself. This project was a little daunting and I still worry about my grade due to technical difficulty. Overall, I hope you enjoy the film.

little 5


I had a lot of fun learning premiere. I started out a little slow but after a few youtube tutorials I figured out how to stop fighting the program and learned how it really does work for you. I wanted to do something with my girls since they were going to be around and I had this project to work on…….and I have a 5 year old princess! This is by no means perfect but I definitely know what its like to have to bribe a kid to do what you need and the joy of siblings. The end of the video and the project are when my daughter holds up 5, the rest was just fun and I wanted to do as many things as I could to try out the program. so the B role stuff ran 2 more minutes. I was just having fun. I can’t wait to dive into the more technical video work that premiere can do. We tried a few different ideas but this one seemed to stick. I filmed it over 2 hours and filmed around 10 minutes of footage that I cut down to the final 2 minute edit. I thought I would have plenty and it was close to not enough. Definitely film extra takes. Video production to go along with music and lyrics are something I’ve wanted to learn for a while and I’m glad to finally have done it……a little. Hopefully you enjoy and have a nice day!

Five Photos over 5 Five Minute Walks in Eugene, OR

We were assigned a project for our Intro to Media Arts class at Lane Community College. The project was innocently named “Image Editing”, but the theme was “Five”. Five of what? I asked myself. Five was the theme for a two minute video and we were left with creative control over what five meant to us. I had a packed weekend ahead of me with class projects and work. I found a way to integrate the creation of the materials for my project into a walk I had to travel through in Downtown Eugene. It was a bit out of my way but not too far off from the bank I had to walk to.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 9.50.40 AM
This was my path. From where the bus dropped me off (bottom middle), to the 5th Street Market (upper left).

As you can see in the map above, I was dropped off near the University of Oregon Campus and walked to 5th Street Market to keep the theme of 5. Every 5 minutes of this walk I took 5 pictures, I stopped to take these pictures 5 times over my journey. In this video you will see my journey.

It was not too hard to come up with an idea. I wrote down many ideas in a notepad over the course of a couple of minutes during class and the hard part was narrowing my ideas down. Some were complex and I knew that I had a busy weekend ahead of me. So I chose this simple idea. I am okay with how the video turned out. had thousands of free sounds for me to use to create the ambient water, traffic and gusty wind sounds that I wanted to use to help the viewer immerse in the experience I had. It helps.

So there is more to the story of how I created this short photography series project. I had a camera checked out from Lane CC’s Media checkout center that I used for a Portrait Photography project that Friday morning. The checkout called me that morning to let me know that I was late to return the camera and could I get to school to drop off the camera between 1-2pm. I jumped on a bus and turned the camera in on time, the guys at the Media Equipment Checkout Center were really cool about me dropping of the camera late and asked me if I would like to hold onto the camera for the rest of the weekend. Since I knew I was going to have to be all over town that day I said, “No”. This is why many of my photos are such poor quality, I used my cellphone camera for the pictures and immediately regretted not checking the camera out. However, I have learned through a photographer on YouTube, Chase Jarvis, that the best camera is the one that you have on you, and he promotes using whatever camera you have, cellphone or SLR. This was the challenge.

Editing and pulling the photos together into a final product is the most fun part for me. I didn’t have a lot of time but you’ll see what I did. I hope this video doesn’t keep anyone from wanting to take a walk through Downtown Eugene. I somehow chose a less beautiful path to shoot this project, but was challenged to try to find interesting shots where interesting objects were usually hard to find.

See below my favorite images from the walk:

location 1
location 2
also location 2
location 4
location 5

P5 Image Editing

IMA-F17-Del Rio, Andrea-F17-P5 Image Editing from Andrea Del Rio on Vimeo.

This project ended up being a lot of fun to work on, even though I had a hard time in the beginning coming up with a singular idea to go with, I decided to keep it simple and landed on “5 Things To Do on a Weekend.” I thought about the different ways I could go about making this project and i ended up wanting to try video since I had never worked with it before. Since I was inexperienced with shooting video, working on this project was cool but also made me feel like a fish out of water. I was definitely grateful that my friend was super patient while I spent time figuring out what I was doing with the camera and willing to be in my video. I’ve also never worked with Premiere before so this project definitely was all around a good learning experience, even from figuring out how to import and work on the video clips to maneuvering through the editing options, it was all super new and intimidating. One thing I wanted to work with more was figuring out how to mess with the audio levels in Premiere but I ended up running out of time. I’m glad I got to experiment with a new program and try a new form of media to work with overall, I feel this project was a good stepping stone for future work, it certainly helped solidify my interest in video/film.

By: Andrea Del Rio

F 17-P5: 5 “things” assignment

This project ended up being a real pain because of technical difficulties with cameras not working for me and such. None of my original ideas were able to work out so I hacked this together from pictures that I had saved onto my camera. I am satisfied that at the last minute I can come up with a project that works for the assignment that is due.

This video was thrown together in about an hour on premier. I like working with premier, it offers the artist a lot of tools to work with. I am at least glad that even if all other things fall apart, I can manage to pull something together for the class with the existing tools that I have available to work with.

I have used a few of my many photographs from around Eugene to do this project. The photos are of different times of day and of different weather in Eugene, from morning to night, from sun to rain to ice. It is not very impressive, but it still shows that if all else fails, a project still has hope to be completed even at the last minute. I am not very happy with it, but the deadline has been met, which is what is important.