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Informational Interview or Professional Practices

My interview with Michael

He graduated from high school, got married, and was doing free lancing editing. Moved to Eugene and started school at lane community college to persue in multi-media. Took many classes in audio production and audio projects and graphic tablets. His main purpose is to create jobs and be part of it with media. He had done reality t.v. and continues updating in the media. Provide extensive resources to assist you with everything from basic course set-up to customizing more advanced features. Support tools to maximize your web experiences. Wants to make or be an overseer picking people for voices and sound effects and create jobs for others. And success came his way. after college and getting his degree in multi-media. he enjoys working and helping faculty and students. checking out cameras,camcorders,tripods,digital audio recorders ,portable screens,projector screens,external hard drives, snowflake microphones, virtual reality cart paks . To gain experience with the utmost advanced tools, turn your passion into a profession. Multi-designers create content with special effects, graphics and audio and and other tools. and web design one of the fastest-growing occupations in the arts . Combining various types of media including text, images, audio and video’s, and communicate with an audience. Work in television film’s, marketing and public relations,and web designs and multi-media and other creative industries .Multi-media and graphic designer animations and motion graphic . Listening is the new reading . acrobat player and acrobat reader play the most with multimedia files. Music and sound effects make the audio more interesting of what their minds make of what the story is about . Discovering the world of sounds , stereo mixes like thunder,clanging noises,and many others using ( audacity ) you can record streaming audio from your computer using stereo mix, and sound clips . Audacity is audio editor and recorder and provides you with the capability to performing several functions as compared to what you would conceive from the fact it is free . It is multi sensorial . It uses alot of the users senses while making use of multimedia, hearing ,seeing , and talking . Text expresses the information the developer is trying to get across to the viewers . An image catches the viewers attention much more quickly then a text . Almost every multimedia application contains images . Common images are JPEGS and PNGS . Audio use plug-in media players. The web is the most common place where videos are seen concerning multimedia elements. Animations draws in the younger crowds. Adobe flash is the most tool for creating these animations . Animations are the most creative and fun multimedia element . Text, image, audio, video, and animation. the 5 elements in multimedia elements . MP3’s files have become standard audio files on most devices and websites .MP3 files are small take up a small amount of space . Compression of MP3 file can distort vocal sounds and resultsare a tinny sound. Multimedia presentation uses graphics, sound clip , and video clips and text to deliver message to the audience. In this day and age everything is online, individuals go on line and use the internet for different purposes. A web developer needs to know all the things that a web designer needs to know plus advanced programming skills. Graphic design has truly emerged as a demanding field of the economy with new technological developments in multimedia software. HTML is a code to give commands to the computer to format what ever its linked to. The text it applies to is inserted. HTML you can highlight text , different colors. you insert images as well as hyperlinks. The possibilites are almost endless when using HTML. HTML allows users the ability to manage images, video’s animations, and text formatting are all located. A very powerful and useful design tool and something that seems to be overlooked.