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P6 Taiko – Reflections of Everyday Life


Working on P6 has been a load of fun to work on even though I had to start over twice. Through this project, I was trying to show something that I’m passionate about without having my voice or myself showing in it. It was a challenge because I’ve never really done anything like this before but it was worth it. Putting the video together was a struggle at first because of the two screens. I had to be really precise about the timing otherwise the soundtrack would be off. The most difficult part about working on the P6 project was looking for examples of the reflections in real life. I would say that was the first for me because I don’t really think about what it would look like in real life until I stop and think about it. Finding the right kind of music wasn’t that hard because I could hear inside my head what other drum beats would sound well with certain movements. I decided not to do any voice over and see if I could convey the meaning with music only. A lot of the drum beats, along with movements, tell a story and that’s what the whole point of the video was. I wanted to do a video with Taiko drumming because it’s something I’m very passionate about and it’s something I grew up doing and it has been a wonderful 13 years and counting years of fun. I loved how I was able to combine two of my favorite things at the same time.

• Copyright Free Music | Epic Taiko Drum |
• Japanese Bow: Shooting the Yumi
• Japanese Samurai katana & Fighting Techniques
• Performance of the Cast net fishing @ Shimanto river, Kochi Prefecture in Japan!
• The Rapid City Wonder – Supercell time lapse
• Top 4 Cast Net Fishing – Fisherman vs. River Monsters

Hope of an Institutionalized Addict


I decided to do this because I’m new doing video so was a little nervous. I always wanted to do a documentary, but I am not very good at talking though. One of my really good friends got out of prison and I thought about what it must have been like. I stated to dig deep about what I wanted to know and decided to ask her if she would answer a few questions for me and of course she was nice enough too. She has a lot of hope, and I think with the right tools and programs that she’s invested in now she will make it because I myself have done it too. There is hope for recovering addicts.

I wanted to show that more vulnerable side of someone who has been incarcerated and institutionalized people who survived the night in prison with nothing but their shame on their mind and go long days mourning their families because they made a mistake. I also wanted to show that maybe prisons need to have more staff and counselors for programs so when they do come out of prison they have the proper treatment. Many addicts repeat the same lifestyle because it becomes a habit and they need to learn how to change that habit and learn healthy living, for most them, the first time in their lives. Some people do get what they deserve and then others get others get not enough or too much for the crime. It’s really just brief look in to a justice system that needs a lot of change and some hope for the addict who still suffers and for the one who tries to stay clean. There are people out there who do want to change and start a new life.

I did cut out a lot of my video and had some mistakes so I cut those out. There are some cuts in it I tried to make them as smooth as possible. We did do this about five times, and I still couldn’t get my zoom right and you could hear it on the mic. I am very new with video I just usually capture still images. This was definitely a lot of fun can’t wait to start doing more media like this.

I got my music from

David Galbreath's media blog 2018-11-08 12:43:00

Five Terrible Rules To Being a Cook was more fun to shoot than edit. Editing this short movie was the first time I have ever worked with Premier or any other video editing software and I think that showed! nevertheless, I really did enjoy the creation of the project; there is just something so rewarding about creating something from nothing.

My coworkers at The Glenwood Cafe were more than willing to help me out with the filming and I couldn’t ask for better help. I personally had the hardest time trying not to laugh while holding the camera. I have been making a living out of being a cook for the past 5 years and can say that there are traits all cooks seem to have. I decided to make a satire of these traits that happen behind the scene of most restaurants.

In the post production for the video I had many ideas of what I wanted to do of fun transitions and such, but of course I have never worked in the field so my vision was far beyond what my skill could produce. I did the best I could after running into a few roadblocks to say the least (this final project was my 5th attempt at editing this video… ironic right?). I learned that editing videos requires a lot of knowledge of the software you are using, and not only that, but these programs are alwasys evolving and adding new material to use.

special thanks to Kyle and Chris for helping me with premier. YOU’RE THE REAL MVP’S!

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“Crinoline Dreams” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Image Editing (5 Fun Activities)

This is my first time ever using any kind of editing software! I chose to use Premiere, and it was surprisingly not as hard to learn as I would’ve thought it would be. However, I did end up learning the hard way that you should constantly be saving your progress (even though it auto saves for you). I am still not sure what went wrong, but out of nowhere, I got a notification that Premiere had “crashed” on me. I, unfortunately, was unable to retrieve any of the auto saved data after that, and since I did not manually save, I lost a lot of progress and had to restart. Problems like this, and just overall getting the feel of the software, slowed me down a bit, but I was still able to pull through and execute my vision.

When I did all the filming for the project, I had no trouble coming up with fun ideas for a variety of different angles and other camera work. However, when it came time to do all the editing for the project, I did have trouble with keeping all my collective footage within the 1-2 minute time frame. Since I have never edited video before this project, I had trouble with it at first but then quickly became comfortable with it enough to want to try some interesting editing tricks. I wanted to do more than what I did with the editing, and I would’ve too, if I would’ve had more time. I, at the very least, wanted to play with video transitions and text animations, which I did. I also tried playing with the idea of split-screen through Premiere (which I executed a little differently for a different purpose as seen at the end of the video). Also, if I would’ve had more time, I would have tried to play with sound effects and even narration, so I would have more audio layers to work with. Fortunately, for this project, I didn’t feel that sound effects and narration was needed for the story to come across.

Thanks for checking out my first-ever filmed/edited video!

⌈Kyle Letsom⌋

F18-P5 Image editing

F18-P5-Leperomeroa from on Vimeo.


My image editing is about my fun loyal dog Goofy! He is a black lab mix with a Boston terrier, Born May 29th 2013 he is currently five years old but still has so much energy! Goofy has always been a fun dog to get along with because even outside all of that crazy energy he is sweet and empathetic enough to help with this video. He has always been a very easy dog to train, every time I get a doggy treat his instant reaction is to shake or jump to just get the treat.

The reason why I filmed Goofy was to challenge myself filming animals is usually challenging with motion. To go even further sometimes it’s hard just to get them to do what you want. A lot of what I did with Goofy in the video had been done before for fun but really taking that next step filming him was like all that training just came to use. Some of the best moments during the shoot was just how quiet the area was during the beginning and during the last video all of the sudden there was a bunch of background noise I had to cut. I really thought it was going to be a little more difficult before I started shooting even knowing Goofy was trained. He is a dog with so much energy he can find it hard to follow directions at times.

Something I really take away from this project is being able to turn an every day thing you do for fun into something you want to express to others so its really great. I really hope you guys enjoy Goofy making a fool out of himself.

Five reasons people love Splash.

When we first got assigned this project, I was super excited to start it. Coming into it, I had no idea what I wanted to pick the main subject. I ended up making this video about three times, but each time it was different. After hours of thinking I finally landed on an idea. I picked the Five reasons people love Splash. I would have to say that I am satisfied with my final project, But I would have like to have made it more exciting. When it comes to editing, I always lose track of time and I fall through the world of Premier pro. I have been editing on this program for about four years and I plan on continuing to use it. When I was filming my video, I spent about two hours trying to get the shots that I wanted. Because it was at a pool, I was really able to have fun with it. Also, because I work here, all the staff were pretty relaxed about me going around and videoing everything. This made my job a lot easier. My goal was to communicate/advertise why this pool is such a fun place and why people like to come. Hopefully I was able to communicate that with my views.

P5 – Walk for Five Gallons

During this project I actually had a tough time coming up with a good idea. I knew I wanted something a little more cinematic, and that meant I needed some dialogue. I also needed some sound effects, and music tracks as well. I wanted to show a sort of opening to a story, just a walk cycle that hopefully tells a little about the character and the place they’re in. It was very challenging taking video in the dark, but I wanted to play with light a little bit. There was also a point where I tripped while getting video of my subject, thankfully the camera was okay!

I tried everything to gather ideas: Brainstorming, doodling, listening to music, banging my head against the wall. But of course it came to me while I was taking a shower. It was a simple idea too. Just a guy going out to get milk and coming back home. I thought that would be too easy so I decided to get video in the nighttime and found a very interesting dilemma. It became about seeking out places of light where we could get the shots we needed, and trying to keep the light looking somewhat consistent throughout. I wanted some shots that went alongside my subject so I made sure to keep him in the center of the frame, and not bounce the camera too much while walking. I used my strap and a gorilla mini-tripod to stabilize the camera on my neck and chest while moving to reduce shake. When we got to the mini-mart it occurred to me that I would have to ask the counter if we could use their location. Thankfully they said it was alright and we went in and out as fast as we could.

Luckily I had a bunch of pre-planning done so when it came time to shoot we got it done pretty quickly. Then it was on to the edit, which I have a lot of fun with. I thought it would be cool to showcase the tracks I used at the end with the credits. Plus I got to use the Easy Out technique I learned in Time Based Tools which was super neat. I made sure to track my audio levels, so I don’t think there will be a sound issue, at least hopefully.

I had a lot of fun putting this project together and feel like this is some good practice before our final project. I learned a lot about shooting in the dark, working with another person while shooting, and asking for permission to use a place to get video in.

Sound Effects:

Store Door-Chime: Mike Koenig

Water Churning: Mark DiAngelo

F18-P5 Image Editing – 5 Facts About Vietnamese Names


When I heard about this assignment, I was excited and eager to start, but once I started thinking of some possibilities, I started to dread the idea. Every thought that came into my mind didn’t seem to work, or I found fault with. It took longer than I expected. I had several ideas in mind, but the hard part was coming up on how to do it. I wanted to do something that was relevant to me in my personal life, without it being too personal. In the beginning I was thinking maybe doing a movie about what my five favorite puzzles were. I could easily picture that idea. I brainstormed ideas for several days until I had a pretty solid committed idea. Coming up with “5 Facts About Vietnamese Names” was quite the challenge for me but it was fun! It was like with Audacity, it was fun but challenging at the same time. I was lucky to have a mother who had all the camera gear and lights I could possibly want (plus more!). She helped me get my “studio” ready, and for several hours I was in full business mode. It took me 13 hours to get the whole project done. I was actually surprised that I made all of my information fit into that little time span.

At the beginning my video was about nine minutes long. Not what I wanted to see! I used iMovie instead of Premiere Pro just because I have made tons of videos with iMovie before, and I didn’t want to miss the deadline by working with a program I’m not yet comfortable with. I tend to relax more with ease when I’m working with something I’m familiar and comfortable with. After I had my images, videos, music, and recordings finalized, I disappeared into my bedroom, got myself all cozy with blankets and pillows all around, and didn’t come out until I was done with the project. Success greeted me with open arms and I was content with what I had accomplished!

F18 P5: 5 Interesting facts about the Vietnamese alphabet


This project was fun for me to do since I do projects like these all the time. The hardest part for me to do was the voice-over. Usually I just add music and titles to the projects and mute or turn the sound down. With this assignment, I had to time my voice and words while I watched the movie. It took me a good hour or so to get the timing just right. Modifying the images and video clips were fairly easy as well as adding the titles. I didn’t expect the project to take this long because I’ve done previous projects like these and it takes about a day to do it at most. This project took two evenings and a morning to do. I was a little taken back when I heard I was supposed to make something that included a number five in it and it had to be two minutes at maximum. I was used to making things really long without a maximum or minimum deadline. When I first started out making this movie I thought it would be a breeze. I stand corrected. I ended up changing and re-planning my whole entire movie. There were a lot of details I had to end up cutting out, but I chose the images and movie clips that I thought were most interesting and would capture the audience’s attention. What I was trying to accomplish through this project was giving people a glimpse of what they would have to learn if they had an interest in learning the Vietnamese language. The first thing most people study is the alphabet. There’s more to the alphabet than what got shown in the video clip, but at least I got to touch base on something I’m very passionate about and it also ties into the culture I grew up in.