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How To Draw a Dinosaur in 5 Easy Steps


For this project, I wanted to go real simple so as to not overwhelm myself and bite off more then I could chew. I’ve always wanted to make a tutorial video and instantly thought this project would be perfect for one. But what to do a tutorial of? Well, that was also easy. I instantly thought of Dinosaurs of course! I’m constantly doodling dinosaurs in my free time, and thought I would share my knowledge in doodle dinos with everyone else!

The process I went through with this was actually quite easy despite having to reshoot my footage. Rather than going with the original plan of using actual paper and a sharpie, I knew I could save myself time by using the small white board I have and then spending the rest of my time in Premiere. I’ve used premiere enough to be considered an amateur and put some simple graphics in so it flowed nicely together. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and I like the music I found. The only thing I don’t like is the ending and how it abruptly goes to the end. I believe in my hurry, I forgot to take a picture at the end and thus the abrupt jump. But otherwise, I enjoy this little video and my Little Dino Steve.

Enjoy and Draw your own Dinosaurs!

By, MaKayla

5 Things That Drive Me Crazy.

I wish I could say I was inspired by something or someone but, I guess I did this video because I was feeling really annoyed by the mess in my house.  I’m usually the only one doing chores, so I wanted to express my frustration. So then I started to think about all the things that drive me crazy and started snapping pictures. Also my three year old son hardly ever listens to me so I definitely wanted to emphasize that. I didn’t want to use my voice because its starting to fade from getting sick, and I don’t like the sound of my voice. I just tried to find some real dramatic music to go with it because everything usually feels like its a dramatic struggle. Instead of putting lettering on my images, I just decided to put pages in between to give a brief glance at what was coming next. I tried to use some transitions in between also to help it flow better. I actually was going to change some things and make it longer, but I had to start over because I went from a previous version of Premiere to a newer one. I could of did more, but I did what I could for the time I had. I think this was a great experience for me. I’m interested into doing more of these projects.


P5: Fivie McFiverton Finds the Fives!

For this project, I wanted to have a little fun. My idea was to go around town and film someone commenting on varoius things that are related to five, but with a sense of humor! I called up my friends Maxfield and Emily to act for me, and we were off! We didn’t really have much of a script, instead just filmed whatever came to mind. I really like how Maxfield’s character ended up turning out. The whole video sort of evolved to be a parody of those YouTube “Vlogs,” complete with a somewhat cringy character, the mandatory “like, comment and subscribe” line and of course a dubstep animated intro! Making that intro animation was pretty fun, but also time-consuming. I ended up with more footage than I needed, but it’s always better to have more rather than less! Editing took approximately six hours (too bad it wasn’t five!), and all went pretty smoothly. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed editing. I had lots of fun reviewing all the clips and making them fit together into a fast-paced Vlog-style video! I also really liked making the “error” effect that cuts in whenever Maxfield encounters something that isn’t five-related.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video!

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018


Bleep Sound:

Special thanks to my actors!

Fivie McFiverton: Maxfield

Cheese Lady/Movie Shopper/5th Street Market Bystander: Emily

Directed, filmed and edited by me, Colin Gruener