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About Me


15253614_10205914985472189_9120909321566913665_nMy name is Zori, I’m 19 years old and this is my first ever blog post! I’ve lived in Salem, Oregon my whole life but recently I moved up here to the Eugene area so I can attend Lane Community College. I came across this program entirely by accident. I worked and procrastinated so much during the summer that I forgot about class registration, and I didn’t apply for classes until the second-to-last day. All of my planned classes were taken, so I was scrambling through the Lane catalog when I found this program–Multi-Media Design–and questioned how I never noticed it before, because it looked like it had everything I wanted. I knew for sure that all of the program’s classes would be taken, but I gave it a shot anyways; and to my surprise, they were available! This taught me a valuable lesson, to never procrastinate again; at least not as much.

When it comes to hobbies, I’m a pretty boring person. YouTube is my go-to time waster–It’s my ‘Netflix’. I always find myself watching videos of Gordon Ramsay yelling at people, “You Laugh, You Lose” compilations, and cat videos. I try not to watch too many cat videos however, because then I get homesick about my cats that I had to leave with my family back in Salem. I never thought I’d be a ‘crazy cat lady’, but when I found myself Face-Timing with my cats, it hit me. Whenever I actually leave my house, I find myself taking pictures of anything and everything; as long as it looks interesting to me.

Once I finish the media arts program here at LCC, I’d like to find myself in either photography work, post-production work, or web design. I haven’t quite pinned one down specifically, but at least I have it somewhat narrowed down. From what I always hear about college students changing their majors like underwear, this may change as time goes on. This concludes my giant post of narcissism; Congratulations for making it through to the end!

Just Another Day In Paradise

Oh hello there! Sorry I didn’t see you I was distracted by some dog trying to push me off my couch! My name is Tyler Nichols and I’m from Junction City, OR! Although I was born and raised in Springfield, OR I do enjoy how quiet and small Junction City is. Well except for the train tracks that run right next to my house, those suck. Anyway I’m 20 years old, have four tattoos, and two dogs! I guess I just kind of fell into the Media Arts Program here at Lane. It’s always been a field I tinker with but never actually did anything about so I thought I’d give it a try!

On any given day I’m probably busy! Between school four days a week, work three other days, and trying to help take care of my parent’s two labs it can be a handful! In my down time I like to chill out by playing on my computer. Typically I’d be playing Overwatch or just streaming some movies. I’m a big fan of comic books, especially Marvel, and even more especially Captain America and Deadpool comics! And of course Mickey Mouse has a very special place in my heart!

That’s pretty much the gist of what makes me, well, me! If you ever want to know more just feel free to ask! I like to think i’m a pretty open book!




By: Tyler Nichols

Who am I?

To start with, I’m Tevin. If you don’t know how to pronounce it just think of “Kevin” but with a “T”. One of the big things that


I do is Boy Scouts. I’m an adult leader in one unit and I’m a youth participant in three others. For the past three summers I’ve worked as a summer camp staffer. Boy Scouts is a big part of my life, however, it is not my whole life.

I enjoy making stop motion videos using things such as legos or action figures. I remember when I was either eight or nine my grandma (I live with my grandparents. I’m only 18 so it must be okay, right?) helped me make my first stop motion video. And by help I really mean I helped her because she ended up doing most of the work. Since then whenever I’ve done a stop motion I’ve done most of the work. Unfortunately all of them are unfinished. Some I’ve gotten to the point of only needing to do the audio but I never seem to have the time to work on them. Just yesterday I found a flood of pictures from a stop motion I attempted many years ago. Stop motion animation is something I am interested in pursuing after I finish the Media Arts program here at Lane.

In addition to stop motion I’m interested in learning about and possibly pursuing 3D modeling for use in the video game industry. I’ve never done any kind of 3D modeling before but it looks cool to me. I like the idea of being able to create something, no matter how out there it might be (like a space ship or a crazy unrealistic sword) and being able to see it being used a lot, even if it is only used virtually.

Well, there you have it. A small glimpse into who I am.

By: Tevin Goddard


About the big dog. (Clifford service)

picHey there! my name is Clifford. (cliff, cliffo, is fine) Born somewhere in the South Pacific, I’ve been living in Eugene since I was six and have really embraced the culture. :P. I’m a multimedia production student at lcc.

I really enjoy media in general.  I love movie’s, music, its hard to choose a favorite movie, band, show etc. with all that’s out there I like to  find out what you might previously enjoyed and recommend from there (which im happy to do or talk about at anytime). I love to collaborate on projects, when I finish the media arts program I would like to continue to find like minded artist and bring them together for  brainstorming/colabrative work. I love nature and sight seeing and have a big todo list but seem to fill up my time with basic day job and responsibility stuff yada yada etc.

I love to collect books but I am really falling behind on reading my ever-growing collection and I don’t know how to handle this compulsion.

making people laugh and working in a team are my strong points…. most days. looking forward to learning and sharing.  hmmmmmmm. yup! that’s all! see ya later!

About Me | Derek Panter


My name is Derek, I’m 25, and have spent most of my life in the Eugene area. I grew up in Thurston, and graduated from Thurston High School in 2010. After High School I attended Oregon State University to study mechanical engineering, but after a year in Corvallis, I realized that this was not my true passion, and instead discovered my love for creating music.

After 5 years of pursuing a career with my music project “Disco Lemonade”, and performing at various shows and large scale festivals, I decided to go back to school to obtain a degree in Multimedia Design to broaden my skillsets and opportunities for my future. I plan to continue pursuing even more success with my music project, but have found that i thoroughly enjoy the creativity involved in multimedia design, and it will be interesting to see where it takes me in parallel to music.

I am currently about 2/3 of the way through the Multimedia Design program here at Lane, and plan to be completely done my Fall Term of 2018. I spend a majority of my free time outside of class working at my day job, doing freelance design work for numerous clients, and producing music/preparing sets for upcoming shows!

I hope to continue cultivating and formulating new and innovative ideas within the design program here at LCC, which will hopefully put me at the top of the list for potential jobs, internships, and Co-Ops.

Thank for reading about my busy life!