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F17-X4 Info Interview/Professional Practices by Jesse Williams


Reading A Wave is a body of work inspired by Italo Calvino’s novella Mr. Palomar as simply said as Laura herself states on her website. It began with a film and described the impossibility of isolation. If you want to watch the film you can find that as well on her website above. After the film there was a dance performance with extended smooth movement such as a wave is. In the background there is also an art piece that hangs in Building 10, Art Project Area 105. The free exhibit event was held on Friday, November 10, 2017, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Now let’s dive deeper into experiencing this body of work. I personally found it intriguing because I definitely haven’t seen anything else like it before. But as an overall experience, I would give it B. I feel like this kind of work has a super hard target audience because of the different medias she uses. Even though her piece included a film, dancing routine, and gallery art I think it went well together and achieved their purpose in the exhibit. This isn’t the artist’s fault but at the event it was a different kind of seating arrangement and some people had to stand. Now I know what you’re thinking, you think that I’m about to say that I was glad to get a seat because I went a few minute early. This is where I let you know that I sadly didn’t get a seat and had to stand for the entire performance. I feel that a larger gallery with more room for seating might be a better fit for this kind of exhibit but I don’t want to complain about a free event.

I am glad to let you know that the event wasn’t all negative. In fact, most of it was positive and everyone around me seemed to be enjoying their time. After the dance performance was finished people were allowed to roam the gallery and talk with others with a food table. This is the part where you are thinking that I enjoyed some food and talk with other people. To your dismay, I had eaten dinner before going to the event but I did in fact see a few faces that I recognized. This is where this sort of exhibit is positive, it allows you to think and socialize with others around you. It creates a sense of community and trust in others.

This body of work did impact me in the end with inspiration; that is the inspiration to do what you enjoy doing and to be able to share it with others. Because when it comes down to the end of it all that moment of isolation is the birth of a new idea that inspires new ideas. Laura became inspired by a writing and she has inspired me to inspire others. I could tell Laura had put everything she could into her body of work because that is what she enjoys to do. And this is the sort of thing I like to see around me. It is like moral that keeps giving you the motivation to do something. If you asked me if going to an event like this is a good idea my answer would be yes. Here’s why, you should never be afraid to try and experience something new and different because you never know what may inspire you in the end to do what you enjoy in life.


F17-P5 Image Editing – Top Undefeated College Football Teams of 2017

When we were first introduced to this assignment I had a few ideas. My first one was to record myself doing five random things in a long-lived MMO called Runescape. I wanted to do this as a joke to my friends online but I never came to push myself to play the game and record footage. Instead, to keep it simpler, I decided to show the last five teams that are still undefeated in this year’s college football season. If you are around me enough you will come to notice how excited and hyped I am about not only college sports but sports in general. This year I am especially filled with hype and excitement because my favorite team, Wisconsin Badgers, are one of the five teams that are still undefeated. As a kid who grew up in Wisconsin I can never betray my home team and this year I believe they have the potential to go to the Rose Bowl. Predicting the bowl games are still risky and inaccurate at this moment but I still have a lot of hope in my team. If the Badgers make it to the Rose Bowl game you can expect to see me there. Go Badgers!!!!

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I found this assignment very fun and interesting. My goal was to try and make it seem as if a radio host was announcing a ticket giveaway during a show. Since Halloween is coming up it only seemed perfect for this to be some kind of Halloween concert. For those of you wondering, there is actually no concert and no free tickets. I used a program called Logic Pro which is super similar to Garage Band but it is made for the more professional end of producing music and recording. I also used a program like Adobe Illustrator called GravitDesigner to design the artwork for the sound file on Soundcloud. Sadly, I didn’t use a mic but instead just the standard mic inside my MacBook Pro. So when I tried to record this I had to setup some blankets around me and just hoped no background noise would be recorded. After doing this assignment it really makes me want to record some kind of music video. Anyways I hope you enjoy my little being a radio host for fifteen seconds.




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FormFiftyFive is a blog about design and allows designers to showcase their creative work. It does not only consist of graphic design but photography, movies and videos, technology and music as well. I have chosen this site because the first thing someone will see is ten tabs with different labels which makes it easier on a newcomer to find what they are looking for. The second label is “Showcase” and it is exactly that. The blog isn’t afraid to showcase other’s work and this allows viewers to easily find inspiration. The blog’s main purpose is for people to find inspiration through showcased work. After personally being on the site, I can confirm that it runs smoothly and isn’t difficult to find anything.  When you find an artist or piece of creative it isn’t difficult to find more information. FormFiftyFive provides links to the artists’ website where, for example, you can look deeper into someone’s portfolio. After being on the site it is easy to understand their emphasis on finding inspiration and is like that because it is put together well and runs smoothly. Everything about this blog is to help bring inspiration to others and show people new pieces of creative work to explore and learn from.


Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane

This is where you can get a lot of cool tech to use.
Anyone down to play Jenga?
Welcome to the Library!
One of the art pieces in the art gallery in Building 13.
The fantastic knobs of the Art-O-Mat.
Two construction workers sitting on top of the new Media Arts building.
Looking through the letters on the inside of the silver statue.
Some of the many flags inside Building 1.
Judy Gates’ office.
Richard Lubben’s and Mary Jo Kreindel’s office.
The Blue Cyc Wall located inside building 17.

F17-P1 About Me

My name is Jesse Williams, I’m 20 and recently I moved from California to Eugene in June. An interesting thing to know about me is that I’m actually an identical twin. If you are wondering who is older, it is me and yes I do hold that against my twin. I am and always have been interested in art and music. I can’t remember when I started drawing because it seems like I’ve been drawing my entire life. I find drawing and music to be very therapeutic and relaxing. I find a lot of my inspiration through music while I draw which is why I really enjoy really listening to music when I work on projects. Here at Lane my major is Multimedia Design but it wasn’t my original plan and I kind of shifted to it from graphic design. I’m excited to begin working in Multimedia Design and meet new and great people with great ideas.IMG_1231

Another major important thing to know about me is that I do enjoy gaming and sports. Basketball, football, and track & field are my three favorite sports. In high school I was 4-year all varsity in track & field as a sprinter/hurdler. I ran the 100m, 200m, 300m hurdles, and my personal favorite was the 4x200m relay because relays were always the most exciting races in track & field. As you can see I am a competitive person which is why you’ll find me “casually” playing competitive video games such as League of Legends.

I hope all of you have a great day and peace, love, and positivity!