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Forest of Unease


This was a really fun project to work on. I had a ton of fun filming and editing it. I was aiming for a horror, eerie, feel at the beginning of the video, and then have it end with a comedic tone. My brother’s were very helpful with me and were enthusiastic about the video.

The Five Buck Lunch

This is my “five” video for this video project. I wanted to capture a story within two minutes, instead of just displaying the top fives, or something. As you can probably tell, it’s more of a comedy skit than anything else. This is how I pictured “five” might be. Story time!

The story is basically about Athen, the main protagonist, wakes up from his five hour nap, only to find that it’s five o clock and he’s hungry. He’s so hungry, that he jolts out of the house and goes in pursuit of some food. The quest takes him down I5 and into the fifth city known as Springfield. Five Guys was originally his first decision, but he later changes his mind about it.

After a while longer, he comes across the holy fifth restaurant known as Taco Bell. Here, he decides to get his five buck lunch, a big box, with his five sauces, and proceeds to go back home. Luckily, nothing interrupts him on his journey back.

Once he gets back to his fifth fortress, he is reunited with his fifth evil twin. They go for a friendly high five, but it all goes wrong. Soon, Athen’s five buck lunch goes plummeting down to the ground, as he could only watch in horror. He becomes devastated at his loss and can only hold on desperately.

All hope was not lost, however, as he recalled the “five second rule.” Desperately reaching down at his torn up food, he quickly grabs it up and proceeds to eat. He cheers loudly in victory. The end.

For this video, I was aiming for a more comedic approach. I wanted it to be simple, yet funny. I was originally planning on doing it over the weekend, but life happened. I didn’t have time. Also, I’m sorry about the audio. For some reason, the audio didn’t want to be perfect while I was out recording.

I had to shoot it quickly, since people were going to get busy again. This caused for pretty poor one takes and could have gone better with more planning. You always have to plan ahead and make sure everything gets done well.

Overall, this was a very fun project to do and I would like to make more of these in my spare time. I’m excited to show this video off to my classmates, family, and friends.


  • By Tyler Plummer

Ty’s Fun Audio Podcast

For this audio project, I wanted to create a podcast of some sort, but wasn’t sure of what to do.  I later decided to try to do a podcast where I reviewed a product, which was the new Prizm speakers, that was going to come out sometime later in the future.

I first saw and heard about it while I was browsing for new gadgets of 2016. CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, had a posting about all of the neat and interesting products that were displayed for the 2016 show. A lot of the products were ones I wanted to do, but I knew I had to pick one. I came across the speakers not too far into their slideshow, and since I love music so much, I decided to look into it. After finding out more about it, I wanted to talk about it and let people know.

Since I don’t like speaking that much, I decided to get my brother to help me and provide an extra voice. I also think this makes this project easier to do and makes the podcast more entertaining. I wanted a more relaxed approach when doing this podcast, so we both had fun with it. Finding the sounds and music for this podcast was fun as well.

The hardest part was probably trying not to laugh so much and getting my brother to help me. The fan noise from my computer got in the way too in the background. I felt more comfortable doing it at home, rather than doing it here on campus. I’m not the one who enjoys speaking publicly.

Overall, I twas a fun project to work on, even if I am embarrassed to show it off.

-By Tyler Plummer

Professional Audio Blog Search

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 4.19.53 PM

For my chosen professional blog post, I choose Splice blog. You can find it here at this link.

I choose this blog because it focusses mainly on music production and related news, which is what I might be interested in doing someday. The site features all kinds of production tools, tutorials and tips on how to do certain production techniques, as well as what they mean, news relating to music and music production, artist interviews, and some interesting videos. The site doesn’t have a whole lot of videos yet.

The website is very nicely laid out, making it easy to locate posts. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a search bar yet, so the user can’t lookup specific posts. The site seems to have been created in 2014, so I’d say it’s still fairly new. The website is also very clean looking and organized. Nothing seems too cluttered and the posting all seem well written out.

One really good resource I found from this site is the different kinds of tutorials you can find. Although there’s not a lot, the ones that are posted provide a ton of information to get one started. There 101 series for example. This post talks about what reverb is, all the different kinds of reverb, and the best reverb practices. Lots of information while still being short and sweet.

For me wanting to know and get into music production, this is a good starting blog to find out tads of information about the industry and the practices. Of course if someone wants to find out more, they are always free to check out other sites or various videos. This blog might not have all of the information one might hope for, but it’s still very good.


-By Tyler Plummer




Dangerous Scavenger Hunt for Media Students at Lane


The equipment Checkout where media students can try out fun stuff!


The Blye Cyc Wall is pretty cool I guess. I don’t know.


The Center for Student Engagement! I have yet to actually visit there.


This art piece was found dead in building 17 in the Art Gallery. That’s a warning.


The Art-O-Mat is right next to the Art Gallery.



Here is the library where people go to do work, yay!



This is a panorama view of the inside of the large silver sculpture outside of the Health and Wellness building.













This is the Division of the Arts offices, home to Mary Jo Kreindel.


This showcases what the Media Creation Lab is all about. It’s located in the library near the entrance. Not many students are in here, so it’s mostly quiet.


The media academic advisor, Judy Gates. She’s really nice and will be happy to help you figure out scheduling.


This is the Indy Lab located in the Commons Area, which is inside building 17 on the second floor. It’s a very cool hangout spot for media arts students. It is also home to the offices of many media arts instructors. There’s usually always someone to help.


These are the flags inside building 1.


These are the dreaded turkeys that roam across the campus. Be prepared to see them often and please respect them. They’re just trying to live their lives, like us.


Hey, It’s Me!

Hello! My name is Tyler Plummer and I’m a multimedia student at Lane Community College. This will be my second year here at Lane and I’ve had a ton of fun so far going through the program. I like everything that the program offers, from drawing to video production. I love being creative end expressing myself through my art. I want to share my work with others.

My primarily interests are photography, music production, and animation. I started to develop an interest in both photography and music production in high school and those interests have grown greatly since I first started going to Lane. My brother first introduced me to music production and I’ve loved the possibility of creating unique, expressive sounds ever since. The same could be said about photography too.  I aspire become a freelance photographer, or a music producer, artist, in the future. I also wish to get the music certificate at Lane once I’m finished with the multimedia program.

I’m a moderately shy person, but I’m really nice once you get to know me. Outside of creating multimedia work, I enjoy the simple things in life. Some of the things I enjoy to do are playing video games, watching basketball, watching anime and random videos, and being with friends. One other thing I’d like to mention Is that I love birds.

I hope to get along with everyone on this class.


By: Tyler PlummerPlummerTyler-Headshot-37