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Guaranteed you probably had no idea.

“David Dassey is one of the healthiest men in Los Angeles. At 62, he can still run a sub-four marathon. Last April he competed in Boston for the fourth time and almost made it to the finish—just past the 25-mile mark—when the bombs exploded. Many of his fellow runners sprinted to the nearest blood donation centers, fearing the worst. Dassey, a doctor who works for the county’s public health department, didn’t join them. “I’ve known for 30 years that I can’t donate,” he says. “It doesn’t even go through my head anymore” Men’s Health Magazine, Banned for Life, 2013.)

My personal experience stems not so much from a dramatic experience as David’s, but, I was denied donation not even knowing it was a law to begin with. I prepped myself physically and mentally for weeks making sure everything was perfect for the local blood drive. I showed up, filled out the questionnaire, waited, and was denied right then and there in person. It was incredibly awkward standing there listening to them try and explain why they were denying me the right to give my blood. Looking at my doctors records and knowing there was nothing wrong with my blood, they still turned me away resulting in a lifetime ban. At this point its completely inaccurate scientifically because the blood can be tested. Its one thing for society to be upset about gay marriage and the heated debate of equality and its another to deny someone life by denying healthy blood. Like David Dassey, he witnessed the bombing at Boston and knew he could do nothing. To force someone to walk away from saving a life is inhumane and as corrupt as it gets to me.

I personally cant change the law. I can only spread awareness regarding the issue and hope that my words and creativity can help change hearts and breathe life into people.


So in P5, we had to make a video correlating with what 5 meant to you. The only thing that came to mind was things that I have noticed Oregon residents do differently than California residents. I thought it would be funny to film what I had noticed and possibly show the differences. But with the time cap @ 2:00 I realized this wasn’t going to all fit. SOOO….I just took the original footage of doing Oregon fun stuff and just made the video instead! As far as older videos before this class, I never took into account the whole “music copyright” thing because I didn’t think my videos were of that caliber to be noticed or get in trouble for. With that, I had to make my own music/loop for the video which was challenging/fun/frustrating/rewarding.

SPOILER ALERT: The music only consisted of 5 loops.


I find your lack of Silence disturbing…

Had a really tough time coming up with an idea but thanks to a quick viewing of Empire Strikes Back over the weekend, I found some good inspiration! I had a hard time trying to work with Audacity as I couldn’t get it to open on the iMac in class and also couldn’t get it to open on my own computer at home. So I went with my old roots and created a mix in Garageband. I found all my sound clips at media as well as

Really wish I could’ve found a voice generator that was actually legit enough to use but had no luck. Hope you enjoyed!


Inspired by a M.D.

I had a somewhat difficult time trying to find a professional blog to try and research and analyze. It made me stop and think of what I wanted to discover. Was it something that I was familiar with or something that I wanted as inspiration? When all else fails in my world, lean towards photography for inspiration/motivation.

Photography, whether professional or as a hobby, is a perfect example of how others see the world through their eyes. Its a state of capturing his/hers idea and expressing it in a creative and imaginative aspect to open peoples minds. The phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is a concrete statement in that a single shot can move someone in the moment or even a lifetime.

I chose to follow and research a photographer on WordPress by the name of Jonas Dyhr Rask. I knew nothing about Jonas prior to this project and as a result he has opened my eyes to my own personal experience with photography and has enhanced it. I was somewhat shocked to learn that Jonas is a Doctor. His photography is indeed a hobby. Its not a Batman/Bruce Wayne shocker moment but it definitely hit me because you can tell his style and creativity takes time and is intuitive….and being a Doctor doesn’t seem like he has all the time in the world he may want. His sole reason for shooting is to catch and grab the human connection. Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 2.31.56 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 2.31.20 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 2.31.05 PM

The picture above is so simple to me. When under his “My356″ tab, he has categories of his series of shots taken. This category spoke volumes to me. Its easy. Its simple. It captures life. Its tells a story.

Creativity is so rich in how it tells a story and Jonas really opened my eyes to how I continue to explore photography.

// Travis //

Scavenger Madness


Teresa’s Office


Blue Cyc Room20150120_141335

Equipment Checkout


Main Art Gallery



Reference Desk in Library


Large Silver Sculpture Building 4

20150120_142028Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office


The Bus Stop


Christina Salter’s Office


Commons Area


Flags Building 1

20150120_143851Construction Shot

Definitely had a fun time with this project. Never really had a grasp on Building 17 and was fun to explore.

// Travis //

Enter Desired Information Here.

Gamer. 28 yrs old. Full time college student. Full time graveyard baker. Yeah….that last part….

If you’re taking time to read this then let me fill you in on a little bit about my life! I was born and raised in Clovis CA and moved up to Eugene in 2012. I had desires to get my transfer degree at Lane and attend the University of Oregon but things have changed in the last few years. I originally wanted to go for Family Human Services but of course like any college student, I have decided to change majors and go with my passion: Media Arts.

I worked on staff at a local church in CA for several years and ran their Media Department. I made anything from flyers, videos, promotional videos, small production, moderate graphic design, and beyond. It all started with being sat down at a Mac that I knew nothing about and was asked to make a video with given footage. Knew nothing about the program let alone how to navigate anywhere on the comp. And I’m here today fully confident in creating projects and working in the media arts realm. Bring on the Multimedia Major! Not entirely sure what specific area or what I want out of the program but hoping to find something along the way.

Hobbies: Hiking, Photography, Music, Movies, Gaming, Settlers of Catan.

I also have an almost 1 year old Pug named LP (short for Little Pimp) and a boyfriend of almost 3 years.


Thanks for stopping by!

// Travis //