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Project 6 Monster hunter

Ok ill admit I did not enjoy working on this project but for all the things that went wrong i’m still happy with the final product even if it’s not at all what I originally intended. I had originally planned to make a video using game footage but the playstation would not let me transfer video I took onto my computer. This in turn made me switch to a slideshow for my project rather than actual footage. In either case I planned to show either footage or videos showcasing what made the two monsters unique with my commentary layered over some music I found.

I came here the day it was due with all my assets ready including my commentary I had perfected for my project. But when trying to add my commentary to the video I found out that it wasn’t compatible with premiere  for some reason. I really had no Idea what to do so I just worked with what did work within premiere. so in the end my project is just a slideshow with some music. My inexperience in this field really showed within this project.

I suppose I will just write what I was meant to say in the commentary so you at least know what the pictures represent. The first Monster in the video is Nergigante he is a powerful dragon with the unique ability to grow spikes all over his body. The second image of him is of his three states the first were spikes have just begun to form. the second of fully formed spikes and the third is of his spikes once fully hardened which makes him nearly invulnerable. The final picture of him is when he is about to use his dive bomb attack. this attack breaks off all of his spikes leaving him vulnerable again but is almost impossible to survive without completely dodging the attack.

The second Monster is the Zombie dragon Vaal Hazak. the first two images are of his general body shape and the icon that represents him within the game. The next two however are designed to show his primary abilities. He naturally controls a type of bacteria known as Effluvium that nearly always surrounds him in a white cloud like a gas. anything that comes into contact with effluvium is broken down and rotted by the bacteria. His primary forms of attack are biting and scratching along with the effluvium cloud surrounding him that slowly poisons a player. his greatest attacks however are when he breathes in the cloud around him before spraying it from his mouth as a much more concentrated weapon. These attacks will cut a players max health by half for several minutes and still cause the damage overtime that it causes when not used this way.

5 project

I wasn’t entirely certain what I wanted to do with this project at first. Eventually I decided to do a list of my five favorite monsters From my Favorite game at the moment. I had intended to put the respective roar for each monster as the audio in this project but I couldn’t find Audio files of those. so I settled with music that was fitting to the tone of the game. I only realized that I hadn’t actually stated it in the video until I had already uploaded it here but. the video is in ascending order from my least favorite of them to my favorite. which goes Black Diablos, Radobaan, Anjanath, Uragaan and last Is the elder Dragon Vaal Hazak. The thing that took the longest for me was figuring out how to get the text into the video itself but once i had gotten that done trying to find audio of each monster took quite some time but couldn’t find those so I settled for this music.

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Story Audio

If I am to be completely honest this project was not overly enjoyable to me. I had a very hard time to get the voice recorded smoothly and and sounding good. I recorded the voice several times all of them having their own issues this final one was the most well done of them. It has the clearest voice Audio out of all the attempts I made. The next step was adding in the background sounds which took me awhile to figure out the right timing for each different background sound.

The lions growl when the wolf meets him was overpowering the voice at first so I tried my best to scale back the volume to and I personally think it worked quite well. The sound of the wolf running to a safe distance was fairly easy I just needed to trim away some of the excess sounds I used to make it. On the actual voice track my dog had barked while I was recording and scared me so I restarted from there and cut out the bark. The end product sounds like a slight stutter that I couldn’t quite Iron out. Despite that I believe this was the best of my multiple recordings because I have a hard time reading aloud without freezing. In the end however I don’t think Audio production is for me because it frustrated me more than I enjoyed it.


Game Reviews

Blog Name: That VideoGame Blog



I Chose this site primarily because I really enjoy many aspects of the gaming community and I felt this site would represent me very well. For this post I’m going to mainly focus on the article discussing New Content within Monster Hunter World because of how significant this game is to my friend group. In it he talks about the brand new monster and game mode One of the first things in this article is a trailer for the new game mode. In my opinion the site is extremely well organized especially within each individual article with the text interspersed with pictures and even videos to punctuate the objective of each Paragraph. The Article about Monster Hunter was very in depth and looked at all the details of the new mode. I’ve played this new game mode since launch and I can personally assure the accuracy of this article and I’m looking forward to more monsters being added to this game mode in the future. Especially more monster as Large as Kulve Taroth herself. It not only goes over the new mode but also gets into the new items available through this large update most of which are related to the new quest with a few exceptions.

Media Locations At Lane

I’ll be honest and admit that I only decided to take this class to mark off one of the requirements for my degree. Being mostly a science student I never really thought I would enjoy this class as much as I have so far. I didn’t particularly enjoy the photography aspect of this assignment but I did enjoy exploring the campus to find all of these locations.

Media Checkout

This was probably the easiest for me to find on campus being only a short walk from the Intro to media Classroom. Though I had never been in this building before this desk was easy to find being front and center in the building.


I didn’t manage to get a picture of the blue cyc wall on campus mainly because every time I went to building 18 the doors to the production studios were always locked. I knew for a fact it was in one of them because I looked through every other room in building 18. Not being a part of the media program I didn’t know whether you had to ask staff to gain access or if there were scheduled times that they were open to students.

Center For Student Engagement.

This wasn’t very difficult to find either within the center building because there were many signs pointing to this office. though I did walk by this many times while looking for another location but I’ll discuss that later in this post.

Main Gallery

I already Knew where the main art gallery was because I had walked through it many times making my way to a Drawing class in my first semester here.


I had a great deal of trouble finding this small machine I searched all the art buildings multiple times trying to find this particular object. Once I did finally find It I feel a bit embarrassed to admit that I had past it nearly 100 times during my time attending lane and had never paid it a second glance. It just goes to show how unfamiliar people can be with their own surroundings.

Library reference counter.

This was also a good place that I could find fairly easily already having prior knowledge of the libraries whereabouts. Surprisingly their was an odd lack of people at the time I took the picture most of the library staff seemed to be in a meeting of some kind.

The Statue.

This was probably one of the harder locations to find mainly because I had no idea which building was health and wellness. I eventually gave up and pulled a map up on my phone so I could find the building but the frustration of that particular search lingered for quite sometime due to how large the location was.

Mary Office.

I knew where the main art buildings were prior to this and made my way over to them to begin skimming through all the offices. Coincidentally this was the very first office I saw in the building.

Creation Lab

This was probably the most difficult room for me to find of all these areas I knew it was in the center building due to the assignment, but I looked through every room on every floor of the center building. On more than one occasion in fact. I eventually had to ask someone where it was because there were no signs pointing to it in the building. Once they pointed me in the right direction I realized why I had missed the room because it was situated in the front left corner of the library and I had written it off as another group study room.

Judy Gates Office.

I actually had to come back to get this picture several times because she was in the office the first few times and I was to anxious about the situation to ask her if I could take the picture. So this picture was the result of several very awkward conversations for me with someone I didn’t know at all.

Mel’s Office.

I had to search the entirety of building 18 to find this particular office mainly because I hadn’t expected the office to be shared by two people but I found it fairly easy after looking at the names in more detail.


I found this building easily enough having been here to discuss schedules and finances before. I will say that I always liked the design of this building especially this room.

Dirt Turkey.

This was probably my favorite part of my trip. After my second time exploring building 18 I came outside to see several Turkey’s wandering the sidewalk and the grass one even bold enough to come right up to me.  This one in the image however stood out because it wasn’t wandering with the rest of the group but rather laying in the dirt away from them. It would consistently rub the top of its head in the dirt and even flipped over to rub its back in the dirt once as well. I wanted to try and capture it doing this action because I found it funny and even a little cute. Whenever I got close enough for a clear picture though it would stop and look at me so I eventually settled with the image above.

This is Me


There are a lot of things that people may find either interesting or different about me from the normal. I don’t enjoy spending time in crowds or anywhere out in public for that matter I have always preferred to read in public or stay at home if that is an option. Rather than going out and meeting new people. I enjoy playing video games watching movies reading and spending time with animals. In fact I probably prefer interacting with animals over people the exceptions being very close friends or certain parts of my family. I have two pets at home my dog Katie who i’ve had for more than half my life (she’s A Miniature Schnauzer), and a cat named Buddy that my sister got 3 years ago. Though he doesn’t like me very much for some reason.

I’ve always preferred to have a small group of very close friends as opposed to a large group of friends. Last year my two closest friends moved to OSU for college and I have yet to find anyone that I can be as open with as them. I have very severe anxiety issues and as a result I rely on people coming to me to make friends. which makes it harder for me to find people of similar interests.  I can say for certain that outside of family I have never been closer to anyone in my life. The funny part about that is that they see me in the same light despite our separation and that they are both much more outgoing than I am. That loyalty is what I value most in a friendship and I imagine they feel the same. I have known them long enough that my family Katie included trusts both of them as one of our own.-By: Taylor Phillips