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Summer Work in Digital Design Tools

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First time using Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign. The first project was learning illustrator and creating our own “robot animals” for a fake video game company, The photo shop project was a composite using at least 6 different layers to bring together one piece, the Indesign project was two layout designs of the same magazine article one version meant for mature audience the other meant for teens.

My Story: “Behind The Life of an Artist & Design Student I Present to You My Struggle & My Victories”:



Audio Production Final

All original sound was stripped out and rebuilt from doing my own ADR in studio (Automated Dialog Recording) foley work, field recording and using domain free sounds and music from various websites.

Pleased with this final cut.

Thank you to my voice actors:

Violet Gott- Genie

Melanie Sansom- Jasmine

Tyler Sansom- Aladdin

Billy Dyball- Rajah (Tiger)

Flowers & Ice Photography


These Flowers consist of 2 different project events I did at home strategically picking certain flowers and bringing them home to freeze, and photograph them using a macro lens. I now have an inventory totaling over 1000 working images, and have created a video that is timed with a music composition (can be viewed below).

Final Project for Concepts of Visual Literacy Winter Term 2017


This was a wonderful project that was a team creation! I learned so much in this class (Concepts of Visual Literacy) and each one of my team mates taught me something valuable! It was a great term.

A product of “Fainting Goat Productions”

Fiona Harlan

Kira Jones

Ryan Miller

Sarah Andrews

Flowers & Ice


I was originally going to do a cute cartoon about my toddler, I worked on that for about two weeks and decided to set it aside until I have more time to learn other creative cloud programs. So instead I got an idea from someone showing me a metric montage of varying clips of a t.v show and it gave me the idea to use a collection of photos I had made for an image communications final, called “Ice Flowers”. I took around 872 photographs of flowers that I had selected, purchased, and froze into big ice cubes, using an assortment of different sized containers. I shot at different times of day and also in the dark using only a small LED light. I learned a lot from doing this experiment and cut 3 different versions of this video, each a little better than the last, overall I am very happy with the entire experience. I enjoyed doing the entire photography project so much that I am doing it again this weekend one last time before the term is over and I have no access to camera equipment, I already have new flowers waiting in the freezer.. woohoo.

By: Sarah Andrews


5 Things I did for my kids this weekend.


This was hard for me. I struggled with Adobe Premier, and the time that it took to figure out how to use it. Overall it was a cute and fun video to watch. The audio was easy to create using LMMS I just made up a tune and added a beat with a kick, snare, and a clap. What I enjoy most about it is how the lion roar and the kiss matches up with my toddlers lip movement. Also it is a realistic peek at what it is like to be a parent for me anyway.