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Final Project

For my final project I wanted to do another stop motion. This time, though, I was determined to get the green screen to work. In addition to that I was to stray away from the idea of using a green screen and to create an actual set for the scene. I also wanted to play around with some other things that would be new to me.

As far as the green screen goes, I think I had a success. This time around I had a broader knowledge about lighting and I had more lights to work with. That, mixed with a new technique I came up with made the green screen work out. The technique was that I glued together two small cardboard boxes and also glued green paper to it. This acted as a stand for the spaceships in order to raise them from the ground. This meant there would be less shadows in the shot. All in all the green screen worked great. There were definitely times where some shadows appeared that I didn’t expect or even see until editing. The same goes for green reflections onto white figures.

The scene with five clone troopers is actually six different sources all composited together. The background was one source. One of the other ones was the green clone trooper. The four was just one action figure that I used over and over again to make it look like four different people. That whole technique was very fun to put together. Going into the project I had never thought that I would have done that.

For my actual set that I had I used VHS tapes as the walls on floor. I printed off a backdrop of the inside the ship they were on. I cut out the windows and glued green paper to the back. I ended up using some green screen here even though I intended to not do so. I just wanted it to feel more accurate, so I made the windows show outer space.

In this project I created all of my sound effects. I used a snowball mic. For the last project I used creative commons sound effects. This was the first time I created my own. That was interesting. For instance, the ship sounds is just my trucks engine running. The music I did use was from a creative commons source.

The last new thing I tried was having voice talents. In total there were four voice actors. I was one of them. This was my first time having to direct someone other than myself to get what I wanted. That was a really neat experience to see how they thought about things compared to how I did. There were definitely some minor last minutes script changes that were suggestions to me that overall made the video better.


By: Tevin Goddard

Interview with a Drupal Developer from Freeflow Digital

I interviewed Lisa Godare from Freeflow Digital. She is a Drupal Developer. More specifically she is essentially a lead developer. She works with their clients to find out what it is the client is looking for and then sets up estimates on how long the project will take for them. She then assigns work to team members.

Lisa told me of how when she was in the process of being hired she likely would not have been hired due to a lack of experience in what they were looking for. What caught Freeflow Digital’s eye is that she had a specific certification. She had the Acquia certified Drupal developer certification. That is something that is really hard to obtain unless you know what it is you are doing. I asked her how important that certification is. She first said that it used to not be important because it used to not even be a thing. At the time of her acquiring the certification it had only existed for about six months. The person going through the resumes knew how hard it is for someone to obtain the certification. All because of that he went to the CTO and said that they needed to interview her. She got hired because of a skill she just happened to learn along the way of her career.

Lisa says that individual technology skills can be, and usually are, better than an actual degree. It helps to have a degree. It ties all the skills you might have together. She also says that it can be a big help to have a degree when you don’t have any real experience. Lisa then goes on to note that when she was my age there weren’t any degree’s out there in her field and everyone had to learn on their own.

Freeflow Digital exclusively takes clients that are non-profit organizations. Sometimes they take on government agencies. Often times their websites are developed towards fundraising. However, their sole focus is not building sites for fundraising. No matter who their client ends up being they always make sure that they agree with their cause. In addition to that, when choosing a client they make sure that the client would even be able to afford their services. The work that Freeflow Digital does is really expensive.

Lisa never specifically said this, but I have inferred that as you get your name out there you really get to pick and choose your clients. You have the ability to only take on clients that you want to take on. That is something to look forward to as a beginning artist.

A lot of the websites that Lisa has worked on has been building them from the ground up. As far as designing them the client often already has an old site with design ideas they want to keep. Lisa and her co-workers are then tasked with building a new site using their tools to build something similar and more to their liking. Many of their clients are what she calls retainer clients. They have already come to Freeflow Digital and have already gotten a new site from them. The retainer clients are the websites that get updated from what Freeflow Digital already created.

One of the pieces of advice that Lisa gives is to make sure you are in a company culture that you like. For her and many of her co-workers, they get to work from home 100% of the time, and they love that. She loves the environment that her and her co-workers have created.

Another piece of advice that Lisa gives is to get a GitHub account and to post code samples there. That shows that you can do the job even if you don’t have any professional experiences. Being able to show that you can do the job is hands down the most important thing when searching for a job. As far as web programming goes GitHub is the best way to do that. Fill it up with stuff that you’ve done even if it doesn’t seem relevant. She goes on to say that this is important for any job in the media world. Have a portfolio that employers can look at.

Lisa’s final piece of advice is to network with people. For her specific Drupal certification there are Drupal meetups that happen frequently in most big cities. Networking is a great way to learn new things about the field you are in. For her job networking is really important and she goes on to say that it can even be more important than having a nice resume.


By: Tevin Goddard

Image Editing Stop Motion

I had a lot of things that I was trying to accomplish with this project. To start with, I used this opportunity to make my first big stop motion. I researched many techniques on how to make the stop motion look decent. I went out and bought sticky tack so I could stick things to the surface I was using. I learned that using a mirror could help expand the amount of light that I had. I only had one desk lamp. I actually used storyboards for the first time. Even after I finished shooting the project I learned some techniques that would have helped during the project. For instance, I had a big problem with shadows. If I would have been able to raise my models I could have reduces the amount of shadows that I had. Also having a better and more even light sources would have helped a lot.

I planned on trying to figure out how to use a green screen. And in fact, it actually did work a lot of the time. Unfortunately, because of too many shadows, there were some scenes that the green screen did not work out too well. Also, many of my subjects would reflect green off them, causing the green screen effect to take place on the subject and not just the background. In the end I decided that I did not want to have some parts green screened and some not. Especially since I shot the whole thing with a green screen. So I decided that I would use the green screen as a neutral background and that at a later time (when I have more time) I would come back and see what I could do with the green screen effect.


Example of a successful green screen effect. As you can see on the clone troopers helmet there is a green reflection that luckily was not picked up by the effect.

I used the project to further expand my knowledge on using Audacity and editing audio. I had a lot of fun with that for our last project. All of the voices in this are done by me, including the beeps and boops from the droids. All of the rest of the sounds I got from numerous different free sources. The YouTube video link has the sources in the description.

I used Premiere Pro CC to edit the video together. Now that was a process. When I first started editing I was out in the woods with no internet access. That meant I couldn’t google something when I had a problem. That didn’t go so well. I ended up waiting until Sunday night to actually begin the editing process (also when I did the audio). After lots of google tutorials I was able to figure out how to bring all the pictures together and mash them with the different video clips I had to create the final product.


By: Tevin Goddard

Androcles Fable

I have never done any kind of audio work before. Audacity was a completely new thing for me. I started with recording my voice. Well, that was weird. Hearing your voice and nothing but your voice (and externally for that matter) isn’t something that happens all the time. Then I went to and started gathering some sound effects that felt right for the story that I was telling. With some googling and watching YouTube videos I was able to work my way through Audacity and finish the project.

I knew right away that I wanted to do my project using a fable. I am a person who loves stories. Stories with a meaning to them are just a plus. I read tons of the Aesops Fables. I went through so many before I decided on one. The fable simply titled “Androcles Fable” just spoke out to me. I really enjoyed it. So, it was then decided that I would use that for my project. While this story s short there are still sad moments, happy moments, and exciting moments. I wanted to try and accomplish to capture all of these moments using sound. I used sounds that followed the lion (a character in the story) and his experience with Androcles (another character). I also chose a music track that (found on the same website as all of the sound effects) sounded like it followed the changing moods of the story.

Overall I think my audio project turned out good. Working with audio was a fun experience and I am excited to delve further into the world of audio.


By: Tevin Goddard

Blog Search

Okay, so first off I would like to say that I did a lot of searching for a “professional” blog in this field of work. There are tons of blogs out there but not many are very professional. However, during my searches I would always be brought back to this one. It’s called “Stopmotion Explosion Blog“. Every blog post is both fun to read and very educational. Each post is accompanied with videos to visually explain what they are talking

Most of the blog posts I’ve clicked on and read over have helped me learn something new about the stop motion world. They’re all packed with information. For instance, I clicked on a post titled “Feature: Moleskine – Game of Thrones Intro”. In the beginning of the post it talks about how paper can be used as a tool for stop motion animation. Immediately following that is a YouTube video of the work that is being talked about. It is a stop motion version of the Game of Thrones (T.V. show) intro scene. After showing the stop motion they show the original to compare the two. The paragraph following the two videos talks about how they used different lighting and colors to achieve the look they were working towards. At the end of the post they leave us with a video made by the creators of the the stop motion titled “Moleskine – Game of Thrones – Making Of”. That video physically shows us how they built each piece of the stop motion.

In another post, this one titled “Is The LEGO Movie Stop Motion or CGI?”, the author gives us all a question that he intends on answering. Throughout the blog post the author presents their research and makes comments on their findings.research




By the end of the post we are given a clear and detailed answer of the initial question.

This blog does not have a traditional comment interaction feature as most blogs have. Instead you are able to use Twitter to communicate with the blog author. As well as Twitter, most of the linked YouTube videos can be commented on and have interactions with the content creators in that way. This blog gives reader numerous different insights into the world of stop motion animation.


By: Tevin Goddard

Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane


It is at this very door where I can checkout a fantastic camera to play around with (for class obviously).



I must say, that blue wall looks a lot better while on the other side of the door.



The Center for Student Engagement is very welcoming with their door wide open.



It was weird walking into an art gallery with my camera out ready to take pictures… ” NO PICTURES”.



I couldn’t really tell what this what but I get the feeling that it could be older than me. It sure looks like it.



This sure was the quietest library I’ve ever been in.



They say that when the light is just right this sculpture makes cool reflections.



I was hoping to meet Mary for the first time but she wasn’t in her office.



This sure looks like a place where one could stay for quite some time to finish up their Media Arts homework



I have yet to talk to Judy. Maybe I should change that since I’m in a Media Arts program here.



I just have this feeling that a good chunk of time will be spent here



My first time in this building I must not have ever looked up…



In my old high school these things are a dime a dozen. Yet here at Lane I have only ever seen one pencil sharpener.


By: Tevin Goddard

Who am I?

To start with, I’m Tevin. If you don’t know how to pronounce it just think of “Kevin” but with a “T”. One of the big things that


I do is Boy Scouts. I’m an adult leader in one unit and I’m a youth participant in three others. For the past three summers I’ve worked as a summer camp staffer. Boy Scouts is a big part of my life, however, it is not my whole life.

I enjoy making stop motion videos using things such as legos or action figures. I remember when I was either eight or nine my grandma (I live with my grandparents. I’m only 18 so it must be okay, right?) helped me make my first stop motion video. And by help I really mean I helped her because she ended up doing most of the work. Since then whenever I’ve done a stop motion I’ve done most of the work. Unfortunately all of them are unfinished. Some I’ve gotten to the point of only needing to do the audio but I never seem to have the time to work on them. Just yesterday I found a flood of pictures from a stop motion I attempted many years ago. Stop motion animation is something I am interested in pursuing after I finish the Media Arts program here at Lane.

In addition to stop motion I’m interested in learning about and possibly pursuing 3D modeling for use in the video game industry. I’ve never done any kind of 3D modeling before but it looks cool to me. I like the idea of being able to create something, no matter how out there it might be (like a space ship or a crazy unrealistic sword) and being able to see it being used a lot, even if it is only used virtually.

Well, there you have it. A small glimpse into who I am.

By: Tevin Goddard