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Save a tree!

This project and I did not get along at first. We had a lot of ups and downs but in the end it all came together. This is probably my favorite project of them all because we had a lot of free reign to do what we wanted. I choose to do clear cutting because it is something that I feel is becoming a problem. Oregon is one of the smallest states with the largest logging production. There are places all around I used to hike/bike that were surrounded by trees and now there is nothing but stumps. The sad fact about this is the timber being cut down it’s not even for locals, it is being hauled to China because apparently it’s cheaper that way.

This project was truly a lot of fun in the beginning I thought I was never going to get it done. Problem after problem kept coming up and I was certain I was doomed. For starters if you’re going to hike up a mountain to take pictures don’t leave your keys in your car and proceed to lock it….with the camera inside. If you are going to interview someone, always make sure you have a back-up, just in case the first one cancels…last minute. Even with all the problems and I just want to quit moments it really was a lot of fun, nearly froze to death on a mountain, but fun:)

Interview with an advocate for Advocare

We have all seen or heard of diet plans that tell you they are the best. I have always been skeptical because these get fit quit nonsense never work. But is there a product that can get you to lose weight in 24 days? Where you can have a big support group that helps motivate you, pull you through the tough cravings, and the “I just want to quit” moments. Can such a product exist? I personally am still a skeptic but I figured I would take this opportunity to learn more.

I did my interview with Tracy Griffith who not only sells the product but uses it as well. We sat down at the local Starbucks to discuss the interview. I treated myself to a large Mocha while she ordered a small Chai tea with no sugar or cream. I already don’t like this diet, no coffee, not good. Once we picked where to sit she began to speak before I could even start my first question. Tracy stated that Advocare is among the best diet programs out there she doesn’t have any set hours, the more you work every week the more you make. Well that took care of a few of questions; I sipped my coffee and began the interview.

Tracy started Advocare in January 2014, after the 24 day challenge she signed on to sell it herself. As stated above there are no set hours, you work as much as you want. The more you put into it the more you get out of it. There is no limit on how much product you can sell; if you don’t sell anything then obviously you do not make anything. There are meetings/mixers that are local and regional where people discuss their own personal success and you learn new ways to attract customers. After a certain amount of sales you will get a personal discount of 40% on any purchase. Any product you are able to sell you get 40% of that order, which is your income. Tracy uses social media as her main tool for getting the product out there, at this time she helping 2 people. She supports them, answers any questions they may have, struggles they are facing. She gets a huge amount of joy when they thank her; when they have their own success stories, and she encourages them in to encourage others. She stated I get to work from home, I make my own hours, and I help get people healthy. You get to hear stories that break your heart and then in a few months you see the transformation. You see that person smiling all the time, sending you pictures of dressing rooms wearing clothes they never thought they would fit into. This job is so full filling in so many ways. Whether you chose to sell the product or if you are just looking to try it out there is such a huge support group of people saying “we got your back.”

I am still a skeptic, but after I wrapped up this interview I was greatly intrigued to try this product.

My Love

This video was actually not my original idea. But I don’t know if anyone has every tried to do a photo shoot with their animals, they don’t cooperate very often. So I went with my next best idea. I have been in a relationship for 5 year, we all have partners that have little things that may drive us nuts. Then there are things that we absolutly love about that person. To incorporate 5 I listed obviously the 5 things i love and dislike about her… Also if you’re paying attention in each picture and video there are things in 5. Can you spot them?        That voice sounds awfully like a Gnat I used know:)

The Gnat and the Lion

I had a lot of fun doing this project. My roommate did the Gnat voice for me, which took a long time because we both could not stop laughing. Adding sound was difficult, not because it was hard to do but because finding a sound that could be my Gnat. Sadly I was unable to find one so I settled for some bees buzzing around. If you want to read the fable you can go to I enjoyed do this project and accomplished everything I set out to do with it. Audacity is a program I will probably be messing with for a long time, because once you learn how to use there are a lot of awesome things you can do.

I Spy


During this Scavenger Hunt I discovered how many places I didn’t know existed. I’ve been going here for 3 years, one would like I knew where everything was. The Art-O-Mat, I probably walked passed that a dozen times before I realized it was what I was looking for. Trying to find different ways to take a picture so it wasn’t plain was difficult.Some of mine are just pictures of a door. That was one thing I struggled with how do I make this door look interesting?

A blog about a blog

The name of the blog I discovered is “Horror’s Not Dead”

This blog is a big mash-up of ideas, but not in a bad way. For instance, it has reviews on several different horror movies new and old. They give opinions on reviews on their “top ten” goriest, scariest, most gut wrenching horrifying films out there in the world. It’s also discussed on why some movies make people laugh in the face of horror, while their friends are chewing off their finger nails and trying not to wet themselves in their seat. I recommend reading the post by Seth Hall called  “From the Shadows: Disney’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’”, if the idea of horror films is truly lost on you.

About Me

Hello! My name is Brianna but I prefer to be called Bree. I am a 3rd year student at Lane Community College trying to get my Media Arts degree. Once I accomplish that goal I would love to film/create horror films for a living. People always ask me why horror? I’ve had nightmares every night sense I was about 10 years old. Slowly I started to watch horror films and became obsessed, my friends say “your curse became your muse”, which is actually completely true. Once I establish a career in that field I would love to own and operate a film studio. Those are pretty much my goals at the moment.