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Hulk has a tumor

For this final project I wanted to explore more of the way sounds effect the viewers experience, I took pains to only make references that are already established in The Incredible Hulk’s and Marvel’s universe. Even the Doctor mentioned is a lesser know hero form the sixties and seventies. The Hospital is also a lesser known location in a few Spiderman comics.

My primary concern with this project was to make it sound as close to a real life hospital phone call as I could given the limitations of my hardware and software. The overall story was of my own invention. I thought it was an interesting idea to explore.

All sounds were downloaded from open source and used in accordance with the varied term and conditions of the varied sites I used.

5 Ways to upset a Wookie

In this project my roommate and I only had access to a rather cheap camera and virtually no lighting. I am actually very proud and I like to imagine what I might have been able to accomplish with quality camera and lighting equipment. I am happy I was able to illicit my roommates help while making this video.

Also on a different note I’m thankful that the good people at Lucasfilms made the music and sound effects available for free download to their fans, that proved to be invaluable to making the project really come to life.

And lest I forget to thank myself foresight in purchasing a fully licensed Chewbacca costume.

I hope you enjoy viewing the video as much as I enjoyed making it.

Rouges Gallery

In this project I chose to take a snap shot of a life that seems so far away, almost a lifetime ago. I tried to capture the feeling of a night out with your friends, and I hope in small way I was able to present it in such a way to make it seem at least interesting.

The overall story is true but it is not taken from one event. It chronicles perhaps not a year in of my life but more the place I felt I was in.  My need to escape and my need to push my own experience.

I think it all stems from something my mother told me, she said “No mater what make good stories.”

Kevin Smith gives me hope

Although he has not updated his blog in a while as he is currently filming his newest film Yoga Hosers Kevin Smith gives me the inspiration to keep moving forward in film.

Silent Bob Speaks 

A guy from the middle of nowhere New Jersey who loves comic books and movies moved on to make movies that people love, why can’t I. His work may not be the most polished but he does what he loves; and sure his last movie Tusk was a little out there you can really tell he is putting his heart and soul into his work.

That’s why I say Kevin Smith gives me hope.


Just Some Scavenger Hunting

Teresa’s door
There was a class so I couldn’t go inside
Equipment checkout counter
Art Gallery
The Art-O-Mat
Me and the silver sculpture
Inside the silver sculpture
Mary jo’s office
Waiting for the bus
Christina’s office
Indy lab
Just some flags
Construction site

This Scavenger hunt ended up being a little harder than I thought it would be. I had a lot of fun trying to get some good shots. The hard part came when my computer was giving me issues, but with a fair bit of patience and even larger amount of swear words I think I got it all buttoned up. I only wish it had been a bit warmer while walking around.

A little about me.

Hi everyone I’m Jon; I’ve lived in Eugene for almost a year now. I originally hail from Tampa Florida and after being in the Air Force for four years and after having lived in South Korea and Japan I didn’t really want to move back to Florida. It was in Japan that I picked up my current hobby of collecting vintage game consoles and video games. In my spare time I enjoy reading especially comic books and graphic novels, my favorite being Superman comics but really anything is fun. I’m trying to get into film making so I hope the multi media program can offer me a good stepping stone.