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My Journey

My Odyssey  in learning to make this film.  Shipwrecked on the Island of word press I spent many hours trying  to learn the natives language.  Unable to pay the ransom of the up grade I was forced to struggle. I found tutorials that showed great promise and hoped I could see blue sky and maybe the fog would lift, but at last; all I found were geeks making tutorials for geeks. The moral of the story is beware  of geeks bearing gifts. I am not very good at speaking geek either. Even my wife grew weary of my moans, burst of anger, and unspoken four letter words.  To be fare I can’t say it was the tutorials or the blogs  soft ware that was the problem I hate to say it but it really is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  So I think that what it is “old dog syndrome”.  Maybe it is caused by spending 27 years in a particle board mill.  Breathing enough famalgahyde to preserve this body for the next hundred years after I dead and gone.  But that is another  story .These two films I made was the fun part of the class.  My animation of my pet rock was a lot of work. I must have moved that rock 100 times, and only used about five seconds of the footage.  My advice to other people planning a project  use some thing like paper mashae. I had fun listening to peoples oppinions about community.



P6 Final Project

My journey in making this film was much easier than my first time.  The difficulty in interviewing people is that you do not have absolute control over what people are going to say and do. It is much easier to work with some sort of script.  My first ever person I  interviewed was Che from Korea.  It was difficult with our language barrier, but his response to the questions were so good I didn’t want to edit him out.  I was filming with a Ipad hooked onto a microphone stand.  The weight of the Ipad kept making it slip down so I had to hold it with one hand while interviewing him.  Aseme is from Saudi Arabia he also had some good responses.  Marty is my neighbor, and Thomas was a homeless person.  Mat is right we all are looking for a tribe.  Weather became a problem and some of it had to be shot between rain showers.

The subject of Community is one of most passionate things I care about.  I believe it is possible but it does take a long time to effect any change.  Hannah is right it takes a person, even if it is behind the scene, to organize a space, a time and make sure people have something to eat or drink.  It is often over looked but it is essential.  My delight was that most of the people I met had an opinion about the subject.  I am looking forward to my next project as a way of sharping my skills in film  making.




Informational Interview X4


Ron Smith Multimedia Designer My informational interview was with David Vanderhafen a multimedia designer in the Eugene area. David said his company did not currently have a name due to complications. We went on site to a nightclub to make a promotional video. We met one half hour early at the Jazz Station to set up before any one else arrived. The sound person arrived to and we chatted a bit before the owner came and unlocked the door. David arrived caring all loaded down with all kinds of equipment I helped him carry it and he returned to his car for another load. The equipment he brought for the job was microphone stands, a Cannon HFM 500 camera, a go cam, amplifiers, and studio lighting equipment. I asked him how he ended up doing this kind of work. He began as a Rock Musician in the 60’s and 70’s. Later he went to Lane Community College were he studied electronic engineering. Later he mastered the media design program. I wanted to know what kind of person could make it in this industry so I began firing questions at him. He replied that employers are looking for the kind of people who can interact successfully with a variety of people, and who also have an understanding of music and video production. You also need an attitude of being both humble and outgoing. Its is also essential that you be a self-starter. I asked him if there was a surplus or shortage of workers. He said, ”there is always room for great artist and great managers”. Multimedia appears to me to be in such a transitional state of flux, and I wanted to know what sort of things was affecting the industry. David said, that the Internet had changed everything about video production. People who are located on different continents can now divide projects. Skype has made it in expensive to personally communicate and collaborate with people in different countries. One of the economic factors that affect him the most is the availability of money. Art becomes one of the first expenses to be cut, when money gets tight. So I asked him, ”What is the outlook for the future for this job”? The future of video Production wide open, and can only grow and expand in the future. I wanted to know how people in this industry advance. His reply was that because he was Self employed, it is important to continue to learn and increase one’s skill level in order to obtain more advanced job opportunities. To find business opportunities you have to be diversified. One day you could be working with a musician, the next creating of commercials, or a documentary. Sometimes travel is necessary but most of the work can be done on line. Other skills that may be useful are a “Sound Mixer,” or a Photographer. Some of the greatest challenges that Video Editors face include meeting deadlines, getting good video footage, finding projects that pay well, and finding the right people to collaborate with. I feel the interview went very well and I learned a lot about the multimedia industry. David was very candid and helpful. The next interview I want to take more time to stay and get to know the Artist.


P3 Personal Blog3

IMG_0412I’m usually not that good about talking about myself but I think this a good time to talk about things that I have thought about for some time.  I would also like to introduce you to my art.  It has been influenced by many things.  I have been doing art for about forty years,  But I have only being doing it serious for about  15 years.

My journey started in 1974, when  I was a business major and finishing up a degree at Clackamas Community College.  I had to take an elective so I decided to take Chinese Water Color.  The instructor had just came from Peking and was not able to communicate very well in English.  His painting however was magical.  It sort of stuck as an art form because it was so spontaneous.   Later when my children were in kindergarten they needed someone to help with art.  I taught them the Chinese technique.  So every year after that I went into their classes and taught art until they were in High School.  After my son graduated from A3, the teacher asked me to come back and teach the class.

One of the things that happened through the journey was, I found that kids did what I consider pretty good art until middle school.  It was then I began to hear excuses oh I am not an artist.  This has formed my opinion that the identity of being an artist is not as important as expressing yourself through art.

P2 Professional Blog Search


I liked this blog because they are bring together many cultures to celebrate and enjoy art.  It is very diversified with many exhibits around the world.  New york ,Venice, Bilbao as well as many international exhibitions.  I believe art is universal part of all of us.  I loved the picture of the Guggenheim Museum.  What an amazing example of light in architecture.

The Guggenheim Museum in Balboa had a collection they were showing in September.  There was a great exhibit which featured one of my favorite artist Marc Chagall.  The painting was titled through the window.  What a balanced use of bright colors with a quality of mystery.  The painting was made in  1913 an oil on canvas.  Chagall’s life and early childhood experiences influenced many of his paintings.

The New York Museum is very active in connecting communities.  One such outreach was called under the same sun.  It was a great out reach to the Latin American community.  Children were encouraged to paint their impressions of what they saw on their visit.

In all they have many programs including literary performing arts and featured artist integrating education and technology. I picked this site  because It is what I want to do with my art bringing people together.  I want to teach children to express themselves in an artistic way.  I have seen many children produce what I consider great art.  Some of them  lose that ability when they grow up .  So this is my mission to help people recapture the wonder of art.