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Intro to Media Arts Final Project


This project wasn’t nearly as rushed as “Five Pointless Pleasures for the Scatterbrained.”

I kind of owe this getting done in time to Jacob, the man in the chair up above this description. And not only for this, but my final for MUL 105 as well. I basically texted him to see if he had any advice, and admittedly to complain a bit. I thought he hadn’t even gotten the text until he showed up on campus ready to film an hour later!


I’m not gonna lie, this class was stressful for me. I had absolutely no idea as to how a Mac works when I walked in the first day. Honestly, I’m not sure i really do now, but I’m closer than I was back then. I definitely learned that I do not make a good director, save for simple directions. I’m not assertive enough, I guess. I always feel bad telling someone they did something wrong and I don’t know why.


Before the video project (Project 4, I think?) and the final (See above) I had never really embraced the sillier side of me at all. It was interesting, but if I can help it, I think I’ll stick to more serious things from now on.


Have a nice spring break.

Theresa, thank you for putting up with me for ten weeks. I’ll be the first person to admit I’m a difficult student at best.

W16 P4 Audio: “Depression”

For my P4 Audio Project, I did a reading of a poem i wrote back in the earlier days of high school, simply titled “Depression.” As you may have guessed, that is exactly what it is about; the feeling of bleak monotony, boredom and ennui that is depression. I had written it to try to describe to people what the feeling was, since talking to people face-to-face, especially as a kid, they try to write it off as just being sad, or worse, medicate it out of you. All anyone I showed it to got from it was that I stayed out too late and was too lazy to clean. But i digress. I did not want to use my own voice for this project; I feel that my voice is far too warm for the tone and message I was trying to convey in my writing.


And as a footnote, vaguely related to the class, I have owned the copyright to this poem for some time, and in no way, in turning this in for the class, hand over those rights. I do not mind this work’s use, and give full permission to show it, BUT I OWN THIS. I will fight for this in court if I have to. Nobody, NOBODY is going to get ownership or credit for this when they had nothing to do with it. PERIOD.


-Riley Clayton-Sanders


Scavenger Project

First and foremost, I would like to admit that this was rushed, while also asserting that it is done to the best of my ability given the time I had, which was limited by deadline and further limited by poorly timed illness. These photos are not the most creative, I will readily admit, but I am pretty happy that I was able to get this done at all.


The Media Arts equipment checkout counter. Unremarkable, but it has every piece of hardware a media arts student might need, and the man behind the counter is pleasant.



The blue-wall studio in the Media Arts building, just around the corner from where the last pic was taken. It surprised me when I first saw it, as one wouldn’t ordinarily expect such a large and expensive piece of equipment to be at a community college’s disposal. I took several versions of this picture, and the lighting wasn’t satisfactory in any of them, I apologize for the glare.



The Center for Student Engagement in the center building. I’ve yet to spend more than ten seconds inside myself, so I don’t have anything valid to say about it except “it exists.”



The Main Art Gallery! My favorite area on campus. I visit it every time a new piece goes up. I’m not exactly an art lover, but I am a very meditative person, so things like browsing art galleries, museums and aquariums are very enjoyable for me.



The Art-O-Mat. While I find the idea and design of the machine amusing and whimsical, I never liked vending machines of any sort much. Too many stolen quarters as a kid ruined them for me.



The Reference Counter in the Library on the second floor of the center building. I can see it from where I am sitting right now, actually. I never needed to call on this resource in particular, so I don’t have a lot to say on this one.



The silver sculpture outside of the Health and Wellness building. As my previous exposition about the art gallery may suggest, i enjoy the sculpture art placed throughout campus, and this streamline structure is no exception. I am told it sits upon a time capsule, though I’m unsure if this is true.



Mary Jo Kreindal’s office. I had run across her before since her office is in the main art gallery, but interestingly I had no idea that her office was there until now. I’ll chalk that one up to my poor memory.



The Media Creation Lab. That is where I am typing, or from your perspective, had typed this post. Without it I would not have gotten this finished in time, so I’m very grateful that it is here.



Judy Gates’ office. This was a pain in my flank to find. Nobody I asked seemed to have any clue where it might be, so this one took the longest to get a picture of.



The Commons area in the Media Arts building. On days I have classes i generally spend two to three hours in here between Multimedia 101 and Multimedia 105. There’s always someone pleasant or helpful to talk to around, so it is so far my favorite place to just unwind after nine hours on campus, and maybe get some stuff done as well.



The flags inside the “Students First” building, better known as Building 1. I forgot this one and had to sprint up there to get this picture.



The construction shot. My time on campus the day this was posted was limited, and I could not seem to find even a single turkey or any construction besides this sign on a staircase. I couldn’t get a decent shot of the construction itself, so I hope a sign on said construction will do.



If I forgot anything on this assignment, I sincerely apologize. Circumstance forced me to do this very last minute, and to my knowledge it is complete. I hope the quality of the images is satisfactory, as I don’t see much blur or noise in them. To be frank I am hoping my language skills will help make up for the lack of creativity in these pictures. If you have read this far, thank you for taking a few minutes to learn something about me and how I see my surroundings.

-Written and posted by Riley Clayton-Sanders on January 20th, 2016 via WordPress.

Intersog Company Blog

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 3.28.16 PM


After reviewing several blogs based around the concept of game design, I settled on as the professional blog to review for my Multimedia 101 assignment. The blog is for a company called Intersog, which helps people through the game design process from the beginning of development all the way through to the advertising.

Both the website and the blog are fantastically designed, but the assignment is to focus on the blog, so here goes the pros and cons.

Pros: The blog is community driven, the people who post to it take the subject and goal of the site seriously, and most if not all of the posts are on topic, informative and helpful. A beautiful compliment to the well laid-out website, the blog is intuitively laid out, with many neatly organized links that pertain to the purpose of the blog and many other links that lead the viewer to other sources of information about the company and what it does. Professional, simple, and well done.

Cons: Being community driven, the articles and posts are written in a variety of unique writing styles, leeching away the sense of unity between them after reading a few. A minor hiccup inherent to the style of the site.

The blog articles themselves cover various global events and developments pertaining to the game development industry and the technology that shapes it. There are posts stretching back further than would even be pertinent to the modern industry, and yet has posts as early as three days prior to this post, concerning the newer developments in the industry.

-Posted by Riley Clayton-Sanders on January 19th of 2016

About Me

I like to think of myself as a man of opposites. I love talking about interests I share with people, but overall I prefer not to talk to people that often. Friends often come to me for carefully thought-out advice, yet in all other things I’m impatient and easily frustrated.

As far as the interests I mentioned earlier, I’m definitely part of the nerd crowd. I play a certain magic-themed card game I will not name here in case of copyrights, and have a lifelong passion for all things video game. I am currently attending Lane Community College, and my major is Multimedia Design. My goal is to build foundational skills to lead me into the artistic aspects of gaming.


Written by Riley Clayton Sanders on January 12, 2016