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Resources for People and Stuff

No one was around so I just took a picture of the sign.
Big ol’ blue wall
People were there and I did not want “student engagement” at the time.
Chose to take a picture of a sign to avoid taking a picture of peoples work inside, and also to avoid people.
No idea what this actually does, neither did the guy observing the art gallery…
The inside of the center sculpture is real neat
No one was home so the sign it was.
I hope you notice a theme about now about people being at the location and my lack of want for human interaction.
Again, no one was around so here’s another sign.
Hey, guess what people were around and I didn’t want to be that guy with a camera and so the sign it was.
Flags, roof, multiculturalism
Had a more up close shot with this turkey but it was to blurry so here’s a more distanced shot.

About me… That one loser

Greetings and salutations,

Tis I that one consistently late person whose name is Justin Radillo. I began the media arts program mainly because I am an indecisive piece of work who couldn’t decide on whether media arts or graphic design (still haven’t decided). I am a rather shy person with horrible time management skills and very nonexistent social skills. My free time is mostly consists of reading a plethora of different books, drawing a ton of abstract and strange things for my art classes, or video games with my high school friends, but there is one more neat’o burrito thing to know about me and that is I work at a Fred Meyer’s, yeah at that good old soul crushing emporium chain of goods and people pissed off that the bottle return is down do to the fact that those machines pre date the ancient Grecians. Alas I digress, anywho the main reason I went into the media arts program is because I have had a huge fascination with animation ever since I was little and I saw that it was in this program of study, and as the years have gone on I also grew a vague interest in video editing. My goal while I am in this program is to just do everything so I have a basic idea of what I do well with and what I am horrible at.