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W16 Final Project “Air”

I have such a love/hate for this project, it was a lot of fun to push myself to drawing out everything. I really wanted to just make an animation because that is what I wanted to do with my life, and so making it was fun and probable one of the least stressful project I had for any of my classes, but only in the way that I really wanted to work on it . If I had more time i would fix all the little stutters in that animation and clean it up more. Make all the girl look exactly alike, add more to it give it voices and create a full story from it, but for the time I had for it I feel like it speaks to the thoughts in my head if only as a first rough draft. There were glitches and mess up, and I even had time where I just sat there and asked myself why I would take this project on, but I stuck with it and I am Proud of that fact.

“Air” represents the struggles I had to go through with anxiety and depression. It is not easy to move forward when you feel lost and alone, but  the world outside of that sad box you built around yourself is so beautiful and amazing. life is worth fighting for.

The Revolution

Zahara has no real friends, an estranged family,  she’s a complete and utter outsider, and if that wasn’t enough, she had been hearing voices since she was 6. One day while Zahara was fighting with her inner demon, rightfully named Hel, she bumps into a hacker named Tyler. Tyler pulls her into a group named “Faceless”.  It’s a whirlwind of new friends and excitement, but things start to get out of hand when she realizes that Tyler and “Faceless” are not as kind as they seem. Hit with the reality of what has come to pass; Zahara turns to the one “person” that she tried to forget. Can Zahara right the wrongs she had helped to create before it is too late?

Zahara & Hel


When I first heard of this project, my script came to my mind immediately. My story reminded me a lot of the book trailers I watch, so that’s how I thought of it. I created the story in my head to help bring my characters to life with more meaning and emotion. I would ask questions of my characters such as “Why was she so upset?”, “Who was the voice in her head”, and “How did a girl get in to such a terrible situation in the first place?”. That’s where Zahara came from, and what better to terrorize her than a demon named Hel. After I made the sound clip I thought it needed some back story to it.  I thought the best way to tell my story was to write it like the synopsis on the back of a book, just to fit my weird theme/thoughts.


Made by Brittany

Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane


1. The Equipment checkout counter where Media Arts students checkout gear – bldg 17



2. The Studio with the “Blue Cyc Wall” – bldg 17


3. Center for Student Engagement in the Center building


4. The main Art Gallery on campus


5. The Art-O-Mat


6. The Reference counter in the Library or other “identifier” in the Library.


7. The large silver sculpture that sits outside of the Health & Wellness building


8. Mary Jo Kreindel’s office (The Arts division Office Specialist)


9. Media Creation Lab in the Center buildingimg_0821

10. Judy Gates or Christina Salter’s office (They are your advisors for Media Arts)


11. “The Commons” area or the Indy lab on the 2nd floor – bldg 17

12. The flags or other “identifier” inside of The Students First building


13. A Construction shot or a “turkey shot


By: Brittany P


It’s Brittany …

They all scream ” notice me senpai” and I whisper “no”.
I am a Nerd, a Fan-Girl, a book-dragon, and even Otaku, but most of all I am me.ipod 419.jpg

Lust Cosplay From FullMetal Alchemist brotherhood

Raised in a small town in Oregon, I spent most of my time playing
Pokemon and Digimon with my sister, watching cartoons or watching my
dad play video games. Growing up in that way was the perfect recipe
for an artsy person like me. Now I’m here trying to get my multimedia
arts degree at Lane, and hopefully get an internship at Disney
Animation Studios. I dream of living in Japan for a few years,
then London, and to finally settle down in Canada or the West Coast.

Here are a some icebreaker facts about me:

  • I can quack like a duck, I had ducks when I was young, and it just became a thing.
  • My favorite video game is BioShock Infinite, (Playstation all the way!)
  • I love to collect movies and books, I love a great story.
  • I hated reading until I graduated high school, picking up a book was like torture to me.
  • I love “SuperWhoLock”. If you want to talk about any of the golden trio, I am more than happy to talk about it.
  • I have dyed my hair over 100 times.
  • I went to San Diego Comic Con last year, and it was the best moment of my life.
  • I love to cosplay, my cosplay project right now is Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul.