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P6 – Final Project

This is my final project video “The Meet”. I was going for a mob themed short video, probably from watching too much Sopranos. This was only my 2nd video I’ve shot, the first being the P5 video. I started with trying to think up ideas and just started drawing out a story board, slowly adding frame after frame of what I wanted to happen next. I drew the storyboard up to the meeting and thought, “what if it’s not really what you think?”

The planning process was a big part of the video’s success. I had to find a time when I could get enough of my friends to fill all of the parts. One of my friends in the video lives in Portland, and the other two U of O students, so the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend was the only time I could get us all together. I used my suits for the costumes and had to get cigars and liquor for props.

Another thing was finding a place to film, a place that would be okay to smoke a cigar indoors. I ended up using a friend of one of the actor’s place. Luckily he wasn’t working that day and I used his garage as the meet setting. He was playing video games in the same garage with somebody and we had to keep asking them to be quiet without being bossy.

Another difficulty encountered was the outside lighting. I wanted to film the outdoor scenes at a dusk-like setting. Only once it started to get dark, it started to get dark really fast. I had to hurry up doing outdoor scenes and it ended up getting too dark for me to film the piano transaction scene. I had to go back to the same place the next day during while the guy who lives there was home on a work break. I hadn’t filmed the scenes of putting the keyboard in the trunk and driving away and wanted the location to be the same. I finished the drive away scene and then the same problem from the day before happened. It got dark really fast.

We started the piano transaction scene and decided to film it in the house’s driveway. It was getting dark and only one light above the front of the garage worked. I had my friend back his car into the driveway for him to open the hatch in the video and had my other friend face his car toward the garage with its lights on for more light. It wasn’t as bright as I thought it would be, but it was enough to just see what was going on. I guess they were in a dark alley or something. As soon as I finished filming the last scene I needed, I was going to suggest maybe trying it one more time when the car whose lights we were using died. We had to jump the car while it was freezing cold and dark outside while trying to hurry to get the person who lived there back to work. We got the car running, loaded up all the props in the car and were on our separate ways.

Even with all the difficulties encountered and the overall stress experienced through the process of planning and production, I had a really good time making this video from beginning to end. Its really cool to see just an idea of mine actually manifest into something that I can enjoy watching. It also helped that I filmed with people I’ve known for a long time. I am looking forward to making future videos and hope I can just get better each time.

X4 Boo Bomb!

I attended a concert in Portland on 10-24-14. It was put on by radio station Jam’n 107.5 and they called it the “Boo Bomb”. It was a hip hop showcase featuring multiple well established and oldschool artists. It took place at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum right next to the Trailblazers Moda Center.

The opener to the show was Sir Mix-a-Lot, best known for his song Baby Got Back. I was not looking forward to seeing him ever since hearing he was part of the show. When I got to the event I could already hear someone was performing. Going through the doors I could see it was Sir Mix-A-Lot. I went back through the doors and used this time to get some water.

Once hydrated and ready to see the show, I entered the main part of the coliseum. Seats were assigned and mine was close to the stage, only six rows back. Great close view and center stage. Not long after I found my spot, they announced the next artist to perform, New Orleans rapper Juvenile, was about to get on stage. Juvenile has been one of my favorite hip hop artists and it was good news to hear I was just in time, perfect way to start the show.

Juvenile’s performance was great. He performed many classic songs from his multiplatinum album 400 Degreez. He also did hit songs like “Slow Motion” and “Set It Off”. He talked to the crowd saying things like Trailblazer Damian Lillard is his favorite basketball player, and he would have been there with him if he wasn’t playing a game in the building next door.

Next was LA rapper DJ Quik. He was a big name in the 90’s, but he has still been steadily making music since. He performed old classic songs, some of which I knew, others I didn’t. Overall, he was good. After him was E-40, a big name from the Bay. His set was a mix of old and new songs. Some of his songs were high energy and at times people around me were going “hyphy”. Overall, I thought he was good.

The next artist to perform was Ja Rule. He was a big name in hip hop and pop culture in general in the early 2000s. The radio personality announcing him commented on how they haven’t seen him perform in years. When Ja got on stage people around me went crazy. People knew all the songs, and his unique style of mixing rapping with singing had parts for both the guys and girls to enjoy. Even he looked surprised everyone still knew all of his songs and said to the crowd, “You know these songs are like 10 years old, right?”

Next to perform was Bong Thugs-n-Harmony, a highly successful group from Cleveland. They are known for their style of mixing fast rapping with harmonic elements. I have seen them perform two times prior, both times in Eugene. Seeing them perform in smaller venues like the WOW Hall vs seeing them in a large coliseum had a slightly different feel. I think they performed better and were more on point during this event. The biggest difference than the prior shows was the lacking of one member. It was a little strange with him not there, as the group would either have to rap his parts for him or stop the song when it cam to his part. Even had already seeing them before I thought their performance was great.

Last to hit the stage was T.I. He has been around the music scene since the early 2000s, but recently has grown to celebrity status, even getting his own reality show on VH1. With this current popularity, the show organized him sort of like a headliner. A lot of people were waiting to see him and the place immediately got louder when they announced he was about to perform. He got on stage and performed a few older songs, which I liked. He also talked to the crowd a little saying don’t believe all the bad talk about him and that he’s a real stand up dude. Then he started to perform some of his newer songs which most of the crowd enjoyed. I didn’t care for his new songs too much, but still thought his performance was good. He was very active, constantly moving around the stage while he performed, giving a high energy feel to the crowd. The entire show overall was solid and by the time in ended I was satisfied. My legs were just started to get tired and I thought the length of the show was just right.

I am pleased to say the show was a very positive experience. I got to see some of my favorite hip hop artists perform live. It is always interesting to hear how a live version differs from the recording. No two performances of a song are exactly the same, so each new performance is a new listening experience. I also observed and took in a few things like performing skills such as moving around and ways of interacting with the crowd. Also seeing what songs connected best with the crowd. I also observed technical things like lighting, microphone levels and voice clarity, bass levels, speaker placement, and more. This was the first Boo Bash to take place, but they made it sound like it was the first of more to come. I hope so as I would definitely go to another show like this.

P5 – Image Editing

Here is my video I made for Project 5. The given subject was 5, so I thought of having the actual number 5 appear throughout the video without meaning anything too specific. I thought of how the number 5 is present in my everyday life. Time and speed soon came to my mind as things often segmented into increments of 5s. Sports and music are also present in my life and can include 5s as well.

Overall, I am happy with how it turned out. I don’t have too much experience with shooting video, but things went pretty smooth while filming. I ended up shooting a lot of the scenes at night which made some things hard to see while filming without the proper lighting. I think the dim lighting ended up working well for the car and street scenes to highlight just the 5s. It also fit in with the 5 a.m. setting. I thought about having a few more transition scenes like from the house to the car, but I didn’t see any way to put a new 5 in there, so I kept it straight forward going one five to the next.

P4 – Audio

This was my first recording with the program Audacity, so I recorded my general thoughts about the program. I am familiar with other audio programs such as Digital Performer, Garage Band, and my personal favorite, Protools. I found Audacity to be ok in the basic needs and features of audio recording, but there were some things I did not care for. It was simple to record, just push the record button and it began recording, but I did not like how it would record to a new track each time. Maybe you can change this somehow, but I haven’t found out yet. I will probably mess around with Audacity some more to find out its full potential and all its capabilities. The facts its a free program makes up for its limitations. You can still do basic audio recording and editing, so I would recommend checking it out.

P1 Scavenger Hunt

Here are some resources at Lane that could be handy for media students.


Ms. Teresa Hughe’s office in building 17, room 106.


The Blue Cyc Wall downstairs in building 17.


The student equipment checkout in building 17.


The main art gallery in building 11.

DSC_0017The Art-O-Mart in building 11.


The reference desk & research help in the library.


The health & wellness building.


Media arts books in the library.


The Arts division office specialist, Mary Jo Kreindel’s office.

Building 11, room 101 A.


The LCC bus station.


Media arts advisor, Christina Salter’s office.

Building 1, room 103 G.


The commons area & indie lab in building 17 second floor.


Building 1.

Professional Blog Search

During my blog search I came across the blog

The blog calls itself Pirate Bay for the Hood and has a list of hip hop mixtapes (promotional tapes) for download. Because they are promotional tapes and not retail albums, they are free to download. I don’t listen to all the artists listed on the blog, but I did find some tapes I have not heard before that I liked. Many of these tapes are underground and/or older tapes that can be hard to find. Sites like these are important to the hip hop community because they are a way to distribute content that might not be accessible or promoted in certain areas.


Personal Blog

Hi, I’m Phillip. I am a student at LCC in the multi-media program. I have an interest in music and got my audio engineering certificate earlier this year. I also have interest in other aspects of media like video and art design as well. I am not sure exactly what my job plans are, but probably something involving music on the technical side. I am always open to learn new things in the program that I can use in my future work.