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Project 6 – Krista Ortiz

For this assignment, I wanted to focus on educating and informing the audience of the video about suicide prevention. When I thought about this assignment, I initially wanted to do voice audio over the video. I planned my videos out and I had intended to get a lot more people involved in this video. However, because of strained time I did what I could. I decided, since I didn’t have as much film as I thought, to do text over the words. I feel like this was more effective in getting my message across.

I thought I would have this video be purely informational, but I decided to take it in a informational and inspirational route. I wanted to create a video that was informative to those who don’t know a lot about suicide, but also comforting to those who are struggling with their own mental battles. Overall, I feel like my video skills could be improved to create a better quality film, but I am learning. This assignment definitely challenged me to go outside my comfort zone and do a project that I normally wouldn’t have done.

When I had to find the right audio, I had a difficult time finding something that was solemn and inspirational. I decided to find two different songs and fade from one to the next. I feel like this worked to deliver the effect that I wanted. The video was a bit complicated, once I got into post-production, I realized that some of my videos were grainy and that’s because I had the ISO up too high. Trying to fix the exposure didn’t help much at al, but it allowed me to get the same look for each video clip. The other mechanical aspect that I struggled with was doing transitions for all of my pieces. One thing fades into this, which fades into this, etc. I know how to use cue points, so once I figured out that, it was smooth sailing from there.

This assignment had its ups and downs. There are definitely some things that I would’ve changed or refilmed if I had the chance. However, I feel like for my first ever project in Premiere and my first ever information film, it turned out better than I expected. I enjoyed filming something that I am passionate about and I think I finally understand why filmmakers enjoy their craft so much!

By: Krista Ortiz

Counting Fives – P5

For this assignment, I wanted to do a light-hearted view on people who obsessively count numbers. I wanted to show that counting, for some people, is an everyday struggle and it takes a lot of effort to do. I stuck with a storyline that could kind of coincide with what people see as a ‘normal’ morning.

When I did the filming for this assignment, I had my boyfriend be an actor in this (he agreed, stubbornly). I had never directed anything like this before, so figuring out how to tell people what to do was a bit of a challenge. It was a lot of trial and error. Another thing that I learned while completing this project is how easily camera shake is seen in video. I had no idea that filming was so difficult so props to those who do this professionally! I understand now why big studios use carts that have the camera on it so they can get a smooth pan. It was also easy for me to achieve the one-minute requirement for this assignment!

During post production, I discovered that piecing together the video clips was easy because I already had a story that I wrote. After finding music that is royalty free, I found that it was difficult to time the video clip transitions and the music. I think I did a pretty okay job for this being my first film production! The last thing that was a pain for me to figure out was getting text on my video. Since I used iMovie, there was limited options of text overlays. I tried to import my video to Premiere, but my lack of knowledge with that program stopped me from figuring out how to insert animated text. I ended up using a text title from iMovie that did the job.
I would like to learn how to use Premiere more throughout my time here at Lane. I had a lot of fun creating a care-free video that isn’t too serious. I’ve definitely gained a better understanding of film because of this project!


Professional Practices: Portfolio Workshop

The activity that I attended was on February 8, 2018. It was the portfolio workshop and we had four professionals from the industry to show us their portfolios and give us advice. This workshop will have two other sections that will prepare us students to get jobs in the industry. The first guest was Tom Madison and I feel like he gave me the most useful information of all the people. The few things he told us about making portfolios is to keep things simple, keep things about the media, tell a story, and the public has no patience for you. The last point is the strongest one of them all. It let me know that if you don’t have what a company wants, they won’t hire you. Look for the next one. Another big thing that he mentioned was to have consistent typography throughout the portfolio. It needs to be easy for the viewer to read and not have any distracting type that might take away from the work itself. He also told everyone a good way to set up the pages in a portfolio. Leave white space to introduce a section, then have more photos in the next page and more information. This helps to make your portfolio more fluid. The other presenters were professionals in the industry and former students who are successful in the industry. It was nice to see how I can apply my studies to the ‘real world’ and it also lets me know that I am still learning and that it’s okay to not be 100% at what I do yet.

The other presenter that I found interesting was Esli Becerra.
He used to be a former student and now works for a larger company. Hearing his day
to day life is fun because I can see how my studies now could be applied to a
job later. Since Becerra is a part of the younger generation that includes
myself, it is refreshing to see that my values and ideals are needed in this
industry. He showed his portfolio which was on Tumblr. I found this
interesting, but the execution is good and serves the purpose that its
intended. All the portfolios gave me a good idea of the diversity of
portfolios. I always believed that portfolios were meant to be one way and one
way only. However, after this workshop I realize that portfolios are like canvases
that an artist uses to present their best work.

In a way, I am very stressed about creating a portfolio because
I do not have a lot of work to show. However, I know that I am still in the learning
process of this field and I have a long way to go. I am really enjoying this
program and I am very excited to create work that will be portfolio worthy. It
is amazing that I have found something that I have fun doing that can be
applied into the workplace. I will definitely be attending the next two portfolio
workshops so I can get advice and feedback on my own portfolio.

The Day My Life Changed – P4 Audio Project

For this assignment, I originally had a different idea that was a very boring and uninteresting story. However, right when I went to record, I decided to change my entire project. I wanted to convey a message that is more thoughtful and meaningful.

Over the winter break, I lost my best friend and, basically, sister-in-law. She committed suicide on December 16th and this audio assignment is a recap of the day that I found out. There is a lot missing from this story because it is hard to say everything that I was feeling in that moment and the moments after. There is not really a conclusion, or resolution, to this story. It doesn’t really end. It just stops.

That is what I wanted to show everyone. When this happens to someone you love, the hurt never actually goes away and you just have to learn a new normal. There is not resolution to this story because I have to live with it everyday and I wanted to show you all that. So many people out there have to live without their loved ones and I just wanted to give a glimpse into what it’s like to find out you lost someone you love.

-Krista Ortiz

Blog Search: The Jellyfish Act

The Blog that I found is dedicated to motion graphics and animation. The blog is called “The Jellyfish Act: Motion Graphics Blog” and the URL/website is below.

I chose this blog site because I am very interested in motion graphics. I think that other students who are interested in this should take a look because you can see people exploring different types of animation. This blog has professionals who work for companies and it also has a few freelance artists. I like that this blog included both so students can see how motion graphics can be applied in the workplace.

One of the professional artists that is showcased is Vincent Schwenk. He is an animator based in Hamburg. The art that is in this blog shows Schwenk exploring texture in animation. It is really fascinating to see the clarity and quality of the short videos. Definitely worth a look!

This blog site is organized well and is easy to navigate. This helps the viewer to focus more on the art rather then trying to find the pieces of the site. All of the images and videos on this site are high quality and easy to see.

This blog site is interesting and exciting to look through. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes animation and wants to see a diverse repertoire of art.

by: Krista Ortiz

The Adventures of Toon Link at LCC

1. Equipment Checkout

As a new media arts student at LCC, Toon Link had to get the proper tools from equipment checkout.

2. The “Blue Cyc Wall”

Toon link found the big blue wall and is excited to learn what it is used for.

3. Center for Student Engagement

“Never be afraid to get involved at your school!” – Toon Link (probably)

4. Art Gallery on Campus

Toon Link loves art and seeing the different art exhibits that Lane CC has to offer!

5. Art-o-Mat

Supporting student work is a great investment! Toon Link had no idea something like Art-o-Mat existed.

6. Reference Center

Toon Link makes sure to utilize campus resources, like the library!

7. Health & Wellness Building

Toon Link had a hard time finding the health and wellness building, but he is glad to know where it is now!

8. Ingram’s office

Ingram seemed busy when Toon Link visited.

9. Media Creation Lab

Toon Link was happy to find out that more computers in the library have access to the Adobe Creative Suite–not just this lab!

10. Judy Gate’s Office

Toon Link always makes sure to check in with his academic advisor every term! He also made some friends in Judy’s office.

11. Teresa’s Office

Teresa wasn’t in her office when Toon Link came by.

12. The Student’s First Building

Toon Link knew where this building was because this is where he started his journey at Lane!

13. Stuck in Transit

After a long day of school, Toon Link is excited to get home. He just has to make sure he takes the right bus!

About Me – Krista Ortiz

Hi, my name is Krista Ortiz and I am a 20-year-old multimedia student here are Lane. I have attended college previously for 2 years and began my studies at Lane in Fall 2018. I am very passionate about music and I have been playing music since I was 9 years old. I mainly play bass guitar, but I also play many other instruments. Music in my life has been a defining factor in my personal development.

Another passion of mine is art. Most of my artistic life, I have only experimented with analog art such as painting and drawing. I absolutely love painting with all of my heart. Some other activities that I do is attend music festivals. They are my favorite form of art and music together. After attending shows for over a year, I started to become more curious about the way the art is made. If some people don’t know, festivals mainly use motion graphics that are projected onto a screen. This fascinated me, which led me to get into the multimedia program here at Lane.

The past two years of my life have been about searching and discovering who I am. If someone isn’t comfortable with themselves or their life, then how will they figure out what they want to do? We are always told to do something “practical” and because of that, people like me spend years studying something that doesn’t make them happy. I feel that I have found the right career path for me that has the possibility to involve my two passions: art and music.