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Although I was interested in maybe collaborating or coming up with a different idea than what I did in P5, it seemed that fixing up what I did in P5 would not only be satisfactory in seeing more of what I intended originally as well as quicker. I meant to have all these images lined and colored, but clearly time was not on my side for coloring. In the end I did my best to make sure the P6 version’s lines were as nice as I could manage before heading onto the audio to fix how quiet the music was on the P5 version. most of the files I was working with did not save properly, but since I have the root elements such as the sound files for the music and voice I could re-work what I had done previously. Which luckily posed no major challenge having already been familiar with Youtube Movie Maker and Audacity. This project really makes me appreciate all the videos people make with animation or still images with all the effort and time it can take.

Ideas for Videos Spurred by Conversation

When I decided to take on this project, it was partially just to avoid having to use a camera and/or actual people for subjects. Neither was I ready to fully dive into video taking and editing. So in a halfway, but nevertheless effort filled attempt at making things difficult for myself I decided to draw my own images. I tried to keep everything I learned in Visual Literacy in mind as I constructed the thumbnails, made referances for the characters, and eventually started making the actual images for the video.
This project in truth became quite simple once I got down to it, but it was the effort in the images and getting the videomaker and me to get along that caused me trouble, besides getting sick.

Shinyanigans With Audio Parodies

Nyan Cat Nyantart

For the first couple of days I could not think of a single thing I’d want to blabber on about in order to even start the project to begin with, but I was lucky I talk to my brother often, especially when we go to school together. In a random comment nyan cat spurred into thought and my brain purred with the idea and concept of a parody commercial involving this almighty meme of 2011. With the brainstorming over I could finally get back on track on my goal of accomplishing the assignment. To be honest I might as well have felt like I was goofing off while drafting up the script, I might have been, but the major work was planned to be done in the midst of the night at home. When no one could scurry or hassle or babble in the background. Which failed after my brother stayed up way to late and I ended up falling asleep on the couch where I was going over the script.

To counteract such discouraging results I woke up early and got right to work, easily finishing with enough time to eat ‘breakfast’ and head to school once again with my brother. All an all not a bad time, it was rather quite enjoyable once I was playing with all the audio in Audacity.

By: Olivia VanGorden

Scources: – Toaster sound – dissapointment sound – Nyan Cat music

What a World of Concepts

Concept Art World

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 5.22.51 PM

One of the great things about this site is all it’s sources for inspiration, training, news, artists, books, studios, and even gives a tab for contact. For such a case that the viewer is interested in asking a question, making a comment, or would even like to submit their own artwork. This site not only allows the curious artist to venture into the world of concept art, but also experience, learn, and participate in ways other sites might not let them.

The site looks slick and clean at a single glance, and some. I’m impressed with the simple and effective way they have things organized, as well as all the images they have plastered everywhere without said images taking over the site. The ads are neatly placed to the side and don’t jump out at you, which is rather polite if you ask me, but they’re also related to the site’s topic, Art. Art related subjects like books brought to life by concept art, websites dedicated to teaching art skills, schools to enroll into, or even a couple other blog sites like tumblr or pinterest where it is not uncommon for people to share their work.

They have images, quotes, and videos that varies from article to article, taking the time to take in what might not seem much at first can easily prove valuable if one is interested in these kind of things. Perhaps they might strive to write more in the couple of articles I saw, but they had plenty of the art in question and other things to convey the same information. Which in the end, should be just fine, but it sure is inconvenient if you want to know what an article is about without alerting anyone around you that you’re watching something.

I Got Lost Looking For Familiar Places


Here is our teacher in one of her natural habitats.


Laying on the floor is recommended for the fellow lazy person. lucky me that the angle is dynamic!


The angle makes me feel taller than I am.


I don’t think it wanted to be petted, but that’s against the rules anyway.


They ran out of sonic cows. :'(


I wonder what counts as looking photogenic when on the computer?


My friend wanted in on the pictures, and the inside of the statue is a lot less shiny than the outside. Still really cool though.


No photos of the celebrity, Mary, but I got the sign as proof of her being there!


Such a nice day to stand around waiting for the bus.


She wasn’t in at the time, but lucky me! The door was open enough to allow me to get a picture of something other than just the sign!


The traditional method of laying on the ground is nice for when I’m tired and need a interesting angle.


There are so many flags I had to settle on a few instead of trying to get them all in one shot.


The orange signs are like a cute picket fence . Too bad the yard beyond is still a work in progress.

Babbling about myself

Hello my name is Olivia Van Gorden, 19 years old, and still new to the college scene. A high school graduate of 2014 who is currently attending Lane Community College in order to explore my opportunities. Since high school at Winston Churchill I’ve only become more interested in such things like art and the many skills people employ in order to perfect their craft. I’ve also been readily interested in playing video games and computer games, but because of the game’s art and storytelling I have also gained interest in the possibility of contributing to such a form of art and stories.
I’m not an official multimedia major unfortunately, but only because I’ve just started college, and unsurprisingly I have yet to really plan out what I really want to do with my life. However, if things go well, I’ll have a goal to aim for with more certainty. Even if I’m at Lane Community College for more than two years in the future in order to get started. Currently I hope to have a part in a game company where I can hopefully contribute, enjoy sharing the ups and downs, and struggle with what I believe to be one of my possible passions.

By: Olivia Van Gorden

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