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Scavenger Hunt

Equipment Checkout
Most likely a top favorite resource
i think this was the chromakey room but i didn’t get to look
Center for Student Engagement, nice folk
Main art gallery
The Reference counter, think I missed the actual counter
Inside the silver sculpture
The Arts division Offices
Media Lab
Judy Gates’s office
Teresa’s office
First building flags
I really like this walkway

Blog search: The Needle Drop

Needledrop cap.The Needle drop is a professional music blogger with a popular youtube channel. He has a lot of titles across the internet, but he calls himself the “Busiest music nerd”. The reason i like this blog is because it gives a fresh perspective to music and the processes around producing music, but also he is a internet meme. He covers all sorts of music related stuff like, the latest music drama, Singles, albums, Random thoughts, and alot more. Anthony (real name) makes a lot of music related content, so his main role in his blog is being a music critic. I think this blog is helpful to understand an audience, because you see how Anthony responds to questions the people ask him and it creates this resource that could be valuable when jumping into music and wanting to understand music from a production/Critic point of view. Keeping this in mind, he is still just giving his opinion and asking for other people’s opinions. These topics vary from having a statement be put in front of him, to covering music related news. Anthony is a pretty funny guy and he is always pumping out new content for his fans, keeping his place as the busiest music nerd.  

The Needle Drop: /

The Thrill Of The Hunt

My idea with this project was creating environmental ambiance with a story the was up to the viewer’s interpretation. I really liked the idea of only using 5 video clips and trying to make a meaningful message with completely unrelated clips. Everything i used was free and was put together using premiere. When looking for clips to use seeing foggy landscapes and animals really grabbed my attention. The music was free loops that seemed to fit together, so i did some light mixing and automation to make this creepy but relaxing ambient sound. The message is left to interpretation, but to me it means “letting yourself be possessed by the energies around you”, let me elaborate. Do you ever get this feeling that you are making the right decisions to reach a goal? That you don’t need to think real hard about something because you “feel” it? Instinct is what this is typically referred to, but that’s not very descriptive. I Always feel like i’m on fire when i feel my instincts kicking in, it’s such a rush that it helps me with so many things in life and keeps my mind in shape. What stands out to you when you start feeling this thrill? Are you in love with the hunt as much as me? Creating something that makes the viewer feel anything might not sound hard, but your audience really matters, but since this is video is up to your interpretation i want to know what you felt if anything at all. What could i have done to make this feeling clear? Not everyone likes the thrill of the hunt, but it what keeps me making those juicy decisions to reach my goal in life.

P4 Audio:Lost A Penny

The idea with this project was to create a instrumental track with a mix of sounds and rhythms. My theme for this was something broken, so then the rhythm will fall apart and build itself up again. I used a software called Ableton 10 which has an abundant of tools at my despoil, but also i can download assets and plugins (mini software that has a special the sound is manipulated) from the internet. I also used hardware, this mini keyboard with eight pads and a joystick to apply effects during a recording or just a jamming session. The hardest part with this project was sticking with it, so many times i wanted to completely change my direction i wanted the project to go in, especially since i got my mini keyboard two thirds into the project. Keeping with and idea will improve the depth of an audio project and your own voice within the work.

Now think about how it could be better, are there any sounds or drums/keyboard that should be mixed in a more organic or isolated way? How does the sounds that are there make you feel? Do any images come up in your mind? What’s the overall emotions you feel coming from this project?

Becoming Me.

I have been into media production my whole life and aim to a lead director of a video game development company or have my own company that both develops and produces video games. I plan to climb my way through that field though animation, art design, and narrative writing. I have an insanely strong imagination, so much that i can easily get lost in thought because i basically change all of my surroundings in my head. I used to struggle with focusing because, but i have taught myself to let my thoughts and Shapes (images) flow through me and not hold onto anything that comes into my mind for too long. I chose to take Multimedia design because i knew i could learn multiple skills to help my bring those ideas that my imagination fabricates into reality. I also like making music within an program called Ableton 10, it’s a has lots of tools and effects i can use and also i can download software and purchase physical MIDI equipment online. I started using Ableton ever since a friend of mine introduced me to his method and process when creating music with samples and a keyboard, i have just fell in love with it ever since.