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Sleep & Play All Day


I kinda sorta like dogs. So, I decided to make the subject of my final one of my friends dogs. My friend is Chloe, and she takes care of the Star Winnipeg. We call her winni for short. Winni is seven years old, or 49 in dog years. I was thinking about “a day in the life of Winni”, but decided to make it a little bit more simple. My ultimate goal with this video is to make people feel good. Sleeping and playing is basically what winni does all day. I titled the video that, because those are winni’s favorite things to do. She is a very funny, happy dog to be around. She has arthritis, which makes it kind of tough for her to move, but it doesn’t dim her bright attitude she still acts like a puppy when she plays. To create the video I used iMovie, and this time around I was able to adjust the sound a bit more precisely than the other video. The video with my dogs was monotone, at that time I was unsure on how to adjust the sound like I do know. In this video I was able to quiet it down while she was napping or resting, and bring the volume back up while it was a photo of her playing or being active. Overall, I feel pretty good about this video.



By: Nieman T. Adams-Jackson

W17-P5 Image Editing

What does five mean to me? This was a challenging question for me to answer. At first I was thinking about doing the five days of the week and incorporating 5 feelings somehow, but I decided to do five things that my dogs Ziggy and Sky do in their day to day life. I have been able to take many photos of each of them though. While they are doing just about anything. So, I decided to use some pictures that I had taken in the past, to make a timeline of their two years here on earth. I have had Ziggy since he were a puppy, but Sky use to live with a family member. Around when they became one, Sky came to live with Ziggy and I. I have had both of them ever since then. They just recently turned two on the 22nd of February. This was  a really fun project to put together, I enjoyed it! I didn’t realize I have had them almost two years, Time flies when you’re having fun!

By: Nieman Adams-Jackson

W17-X4 Professional Practictices

Tallmadge Doyle left, Susan Lowdermilk right Discussing the process of Printmaking


I went for the Professional Practices for this assignment. I attended an event here at Lane. The event was titled Print makers of the Northwest. I have no experience in printmaking. so I thought to myself this would be an interesting talk to hear and maybe learn something from. I believe we have all heard of printmaking but I was unaware of the process or perks of doing printmaking. The talk was lead by Susan Lowdermilk and Tallmadge Doyle, they are both very experienced in printmaking. Both artists have been doing this work for years. Susan and Tallmadge have taught many classes and workshops about the process of printmaking and how you can use printmaking for many things. Susan is an instructor here at Lane, she teaches a printmaking class that you can make pop-up books in. Tallmadge use to be an instructor here at Lane and at UO.  They each explained their favorite techniques on how they liked to make prints, and they discussed the many other ways prints can be created. Susan and Tallmadge I believe do most of their work on woodblock, where they use different tools to carve out their piece. They discussed how each print maker like many other art forms use a special technique that forms an individual image for themselves. It is quite a process, and they explained it as almost being mysterious being able to lift up the paper you printed on and seeing the final product. First, you have to gather the materials you need. Prints are kind of like stamps, I think of printmaking as similar to stamps. You make grooves or etch into a platform. Your platform could be a piece of plexiglass, piece of rubber, a copper plate, or a block of wood. After you think you are finished you fill the grooves with ink and then you lay a piece of paper over whatever platform you are using and the paper soaks in the ink from the grooves. It is all done by hand too, you can incorporate different art forms into one piece like drawing to etch out your platform, or painting for the color mixing. We were surrounded by prints, at the event. Every direction you looked there was a print hanging next to a print that was made using a totally different technique. Some prints were mixed media, that used watercolor and the process of printmaking. Others blended colors in a way I couldn’t understand, until Susan and Tallmadge explained. The prints that were being shown were part of the Non Profit organization One thing that really caught my attention about printmaking was the fact that you can create multiple originals. Multiple originals that are handmade, Its not very common in the many different types of art. Susan had told us that she probably had at least one print if not more of each of the prints she has ever created. To be able to keep an original copy of each of your works kind of intrigued me. I wish I could have been able to have a original of almost every piece of my own artwork.


By: Nieman Adams-Jackson



W17-P4 Audio

I had no idea what I would do for this project when it was assigned. For one, I strongly dislike how my voice sounds recorded. Second, I had never worked with an audio editing software. It was fun to play around with the software to figure out how I was going to do the project. So, I read one of Aesop’s Fables for my audio project. The fable I recorded onto Audacity was titled “The Frogs and the Well.” The Moral of this fable is look before you leap. I chose to read this one because I feel like I don’t do that enough. Maybe creating a project around a story that’s so purpose is to educate and guide will help me look before I leap. The audio I chose is has a slow tempo, and kind of makes me think of the Lemony Snicket movies. I imagine theses two frogs living in a lush algae filled marsh. Until one day, their green home just vanishes. As they look for their new home, contemplating locations to settle I feel like the tune in the background  I incorporates a mysterious vibe to the story. My ultimate goal was that, to add some mystery and whimsicality to a kind of point-blank story. Thank you for listening.



By: Nieman T. Adams-Jackson

A blog that helps…

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 12.05.31 AM.png


Photography is one of those things that everyone has a different opinion on what looks “right”. For some people a crisp clear shot is the way to go. Some might not see it that way. A hazy out of focus, underexposed shot. Which I thought many of the images from this blog could be categorized into nature or architecture photography. I believe those are areas of interest for me. My best photos would fall under these categories as well. I think that’s why this blog caught my eye. Other than the big red bar at the bottom of the screen, red is one of my favorite colors.

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-12-22-20-pm         One good resource I found on this blog was under the Photography Tutorials tab.Under this tab you will find videos explaining some general techniques covering almost everything from taking your shot, to retouching it and creating your final piece. Like many other photography blogs, he also includes a list of software and equipment that he uses. This can be useful to find more information on the equipment and software that you could best utilize to create your projects. The Blog is being produced in a useful and entertaining way. It’s useful for beginners as it gives you some tips on setting up your shot. It can also be a entertaining blog for the seasoned photographers by giving them a look into someone else’s view of photography.

By: Nieman Adams-Jackson

Who knows what it’ll be?


Hello All,

My name is Nieman Adams-Jackson, I am 21 years old. I was born in Central Oregon, out in the middle nowhere (Small town hospital). I spent most of my adolescence in Central Oregon. Although, I spent a good amount of time in Portland dur

Left to Right: Ziggy, Me, Sky

ing my childhood.  I moved to Eugene in February of 2014 to begin school here at Lane Community College. I hope to transfer into University of Oregon. My goal while at UO is to obtain a four year degree in advertising or something else that sparks my interest. I am not completely decided on what I would like to major in quite yet. I enjoy Nature and being outside. In my free time, I like to go hiking, camping, and swimming. I enjoy being inside though just as much as I do being outside.  At home, I have two toy Australian Shepherds named Ziggy and Sky. I really enjoy taking them with me everywhere.  They will turn two on on the 22nd of next month. If you see me outside of school, there is a good chance that you would spot these two right behind me. After completing the Media Arts program I would like to be headed down a road that keeps me intrigued. Who knows what it’ll be?

By: Nieman Adams-Jackson