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Digital Drawing Club

My first suggestion is to watch my video at 1080p. Unfortunately, the auto 360p kinda annihilates the quality of the video.

Anyways, I decided to make a promotional video for the Digital Drawing Club here at Lane! The title of the club is pretty self explanatory of what they do. Students come together to draw digitally and learn new techniques from each other. Not only that, they have guest speakers come in and different workshops. They just recently had a portfolio workshop. So, they always have something new to offer Students.

For Winter Term, their current meet up time is Fridays from 12pm-2pm. The location for the club is in Building 17, 2nd floor next to the indie lab.  Everyone is welcome.

As for the filming experience, it went pretty smoothly except the first part of Mac’s interview was kinda soft. Not only that, a couple of my shots in the video are shaky. Normally I have the camera on the tripod, but for those two shaky shots I was in a rush to turn on the camera and start filming since one of the people in the shot was about to leave. I didn’t really have time to attach the t5i to the tripod. Sometimes, you just don’t have control and have to roll with it.

Overall, I think I might work on this a little more after finals and give it to the Digital Drawing Club to use as an ad on OrgSync or something.

I hope you like it! And remember, feel free to stop by the Digital Drawing Club.

5 cute things cats do

Honestly, I just wanted to do something fun and laid back. So I thought, why not add another cat video to the internet and make it a project?

My cat  Moe mostly inspired me for this project because he’s always posing for attention at home. He constantly rolls onto his back and tries to act cute. It’s his best defense when he’s in trouble because he knows it’ll diffuse the tension from him. Or maybe not. Maybe he just likes to act adorable all the time.

Although he is cute, filming cats comes with challenges. You can’t really tell them what to do on camera like people or give them a script. I just followed Moe around the house and hoped for the best. I was able to work with him on getting an eating shot because all I had to was give him a can of cat food for it to work.

That’s is always one way to a cats heart. Food.

Overall, I just wanted to make an easygoing toned video.I think the music really helped set the mood along with my lazy cat. One thing I do wish is for some shots to be sharper. Definitely next time.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the video.

P.s; if you ever want to book Moe for a performance, just let me know.


Basilisks Evil Eye (Book AD)

With this project, I decided to do a radio book ad where it gives a brief synopsis of what the story is. The story is not real and was just a quick summary I made up on the spot. I honestly regret choosing the mythological creature, the basilisk. That word set me back quite a bit. I had a hard time saying it when I was recording for some reason. I did about 5 or 6 takes of just saying the word basilisk alone.

Note to self: Never say the word basilisk for a recording again. It’s more trouble than it’s worth. Next time, use yeti or dragon!

Overall, I am pretty happy with my project. I think the music suits the fantasy theme of the book ad. The sound effects I think stayed pretty true to the theme as well. Maybe the evil laugh was a little bit cheesy but to be fair, there was not very many evil laughs that didn’t sound a little corny. This was the best one I could find. I also think the writing isn’t too bad  for something I wrote on the spot. I think it goes along with the traditional cheesy fantasy quest plot.

As far as my voice, I’m not too happy with it. Audiobooks or radio ads are definitely not my calling. Luckily, my voice isn’t recognizable.  How? Well fun fact, when I showed the recording to my partner Elliot, it took them two listens to even believe it was me. Elliot thought it was someone completely different. Hopefully others think the same.

Lastly, here’s my written synopsis if you would like to read it again:

An old threat rises in the land of Orlon when a mysterious and powerful warlock resurrects the basilisk once defeated from the ancient legends. Volos, the warlock is using the basilisks evil eye as a way of controlling individuals in his army. Its gaze can control, petrify, and even kill. Everyday the army grows larger as innocent creatures,humanoids, and people are being taken into the Tower of Ladon to be converted or some are willingly joining. The Tower of Ladon was dominated by Volos and is used as his base.It was once a monument to the heroes who sacrificed themselves in the older tales. His goal is to take over all of Orlon through fear and domination. The surrounding kingdoms are each sending one champion to all unite on a quest to ambush and defeat  Volos in secret while the rest if the  kingdoms come together to prepare for war.

Thanks for reading!

Yvonne Mazzotta Interview

I currently work as a Lab Assistant in the Media Arts Department. Cierra McGee is one of my amazing supervisors who got me connected with a editor and designer named Yvonne Mazzotta for this interview.

Cierra knows Yvonne through interning at Enjoy Magazine as a college student. Since that time, Cierra still works as a feelance designer and contributes editorial designs on a per-issue basis each month for the magazine. She recommended I speak with Yvonne because she has many years of experience in the media industry, small business ownership, and graphic design.  

After her recommendation, I emailed Yvonne. She generously agreed and gave me some wonderful information about her and the company, as well as inspirational advice. Not only that, she provided a couple of lovely designs from the magazine to share with the class.

SV FEB 17 Cover.jpgncl-feb-17-cover

Anyways, here’s how the interview went:
What can you tell me about yourself and your company?
“I am a wife and a mom of three boys (4 including my husband), a nineteen year old college student and fourteen year old twins. I love going to my sons soccer and basketball games and I love beautiful captivating design. Our company stems from a real need in our community. We started out as a marketing agency then added the Enjoy Northern California Lifestyle publication. We launched our magazine in 2008 when our community was in a housing deficit. We all came from a large hair care manufacturer who had sold to a Japanese corporation. We wanted to sink ourselves into our community and bring them together with positive stories and beautiful photography.

What does your daily workflow look like?

It changes all the time and we all wear many hats. I email advertisers for the upcoming issue. I also design and create branding campaigns. I also design events for one of our local Hospitals and work with a local producer of events at the Redding Civic Auditorium. I do allot of research on trends to make sure our advertisers stay current and are sending the right message.
How did you get involved with Enjoy Magazine?

We were all working for KMS haircare in Redding and they sold the company. We started a marketing company and continued to work on the KMS account. We developed the magazine because my Mother in Law was in a lifestyle publication and she sent it to us. My husband said, we should really have something like this in Redding. “
What inspired you to be apart of the design industry?I was a fashion designer and graphic designer when I graduated from college. I love all things design from fashion to architecture. Font choice is my favorite. I love research and finding out how things are done. I believe design takes some real ingenuity and I love the process.”

What advice would you give for aspiring graphic designers?

Do as much work as you can to build your portfolio. Like any skill, you get better as you work more. Get out and meet people, share your work on social media, go to events… people want to work with who they know.
How does someone prepare for the creative/design field?

College, internships and creating a great social media presence to share your work.”

What is your favorite thing about working at Enjoy magazine?
I work with and get to meet inspiring people all the time. I get to make beautiful things that make people happy, everyday!
We found so many local producers or beautiful craftsmanship and agricultural producers that we opened a local retail shop called “Enjoy the Store” and now we have 2 additional locations.We have another enjoy magazine in Visalia California along with a store. We also have Movies in the Park where we show movies for free every friday night in different park locations. 

I appreciate the time Yvonne took the time to do this. I learned a lot about connections with people and presence online.

Lastly, I think you all might enjoy taking a look at some of the other work Yvonne and Enjoy magazine does. Here’s their website:

Typostrate: A world of Typography!

Typostrate is a professional typography blog.  I think the site design is chic and clean. I enjoy the use of black and white. Although a simple design, it is rather effective with easy navigation. The easy navigation is provided from the drop down menus and a search bar at the top of the website. Each drop down menu is linked to a category that leads to things from useful information to inspiring images and tips. Each category has at least 5 or more different sections to explore. For example, the resources tab has the sections of free fonts, book reviews, templates, videos, guides, pens of choice, and design deals.

One of my favorite pages from this blog is the Guides section under Resources. This section is just one of the many useful pages filled with quality information from Typography to even a Brush Pen Guide.

This site has so much  to offer readers with rich tutorials, quotes, and more! I also noticed this blog is frequently updated which keeps more people involved with great content.

Overall, I think Typostrate is a unique website that explores typography in a well rounded way. People seem to forget Typography is not something minuscule but something important that can make or break a piece. I think Typostrate knows that and seeks to share and educate people in the ways of this art form. I can see this through their mission statement on their about us page.

The mission since the begining of typostrate, was to create a site which shows the passion and power of typography to the world. Typostrate tries to reach as much people as possible on the planet and show them that typography is not only a niche product or a sublevel of graphic design. Typography is an own world and we take you on the journey through this adventure. Enjoy our site and spread the love for typography to your friends and family.”

Here’s a preview of their website.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 6.42.54 PM.png

You can visit Typostrate here:

Thanks for reading!



Quest for Student Resources

Equipment Checkout

Behind the counter ft. Cierra McGee!

Blue Sync Wall

Building 17 finally gets new lights that aren’t from the 1950s!

Center for Student Engagement 

Where will you go?


A lovely art piece from the gallery.


I wonder what’s in the mystery slot.

Library Counter

The counter was such a cooperative model!

Silver Sculpture

Reach for the sky!

Mary Jo’s Office

Mary Jo’s office ft. her desk and door.

Creation Lab


I don’t know where I would be without this lab during my first year.

Judy Gate’s Office

I wonder where her next office will be.

The Commons

The commons ft. Mac and Josh! Hopefully we’ll get a futon there soon.

First Building

The slogan of Lane.

Other Shot

This picture is from the Ed Aust talk.


I really liked this extra shot and decided to add it!

About Me


Hi there!

My name is Misty and sometimes I go by Maxx. Either or is fine. I’m currently finishing Multimedia Design as my minor this term. I’m getting the one year certificate and then I’m moving into the Graphic Design program. I also work as a Lab Assistant in the Indie Lab at Lane. Not only that, I freelance online by doing digital art commissions!

When I finish the Multimedia Design certificate and the Graphic Design program, I hope to have a job possibly in eugene as a graphic designer.

Outside of work and school, I’m a sleep, animal, art, and computer enthusiast.

I have 3 cute animals. I have a cat named Moe, a corn snake named Pinky, and a blue tongue skink lizard named Silky.

I really enjoy  gardening, baking, hiking, literature, ceramics, illustration, films, and music.

A few of my hobbies consist of drawing, digital art, photography,video games, watching tv shows, reading, writing, and a few other things. Almost anything artsy, I will love. I also love stars and learning about space. Space is just super awesome.

I also try to play guitar and ukulele but I’m not very good at either hahah. I’m still learning.

Some shows I really like: In the Flesh, Orphan Black, Stranger Things, Sense8, Carmilla, Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Steven Universe, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc.

Some video games I really like: Dragon Age: Origins-Dragon Age: Inquisition, Left 4 Dead -Left 4 Dead 2, Half Life 2, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, etc.

Thanks for reading.