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The Real 3 Sisters Review

Well I’m glad the turn in date finally got here because I have been working on this for weeks and it still felt like crunch time at the end. I sat and edited audio until 11 am which I told myself was my deadline and had to export. I had a lot of fun shooting this with my daughters. The staff at Mama Mayra’s Kitchen were so nice and friendly and helpful. There was a slight language gap but they worked with us and we got it done without disturbing the other customers. I filmed all of the girls shots in one afternoon. They were all starving when we finally got in because it took over an hour to get everything setup and the outside shots done before it was to dark or started to rain. I had to go back 2 other times in in order to get all the shots I wanted after I started editing and putting it together. I did another filming at home to get the interviews because I didn’t want to try and do it in the restaurant. I recorded the audio in the mic directly on to my computer and did the filming on my camera but when I started trying to match the 2 in all the different cuts I realized that the way I was doing couldn’t be the way. So, I ended up just using the audio from the camera and made it work. I can’t wait to learn how to put it all together.

F17-X4 Neil Hollander


Neil Hollander is a U.S. born independent filmmaker who moved to France as young boy. He was born in New York but has found the sea to be his home. He has lived in numerous places but loves his home in France. Neil spent 3 years on the water sailing around to different ports experiencing different cultures who still live on the water. He found a love to explore different cultures and telling their stories in an honest and respectful manner. 

On October 20th 2017 Neil Hollander and his producer Barry visited Lane Community College for an artist talk and to preview their new movie. They gave a 2 hour presentation where they told stories of the trials and tribulations of being an independent filmmaker. The ins and outs of large movie companies and how they try to conform you to what the sponsors want instead of telling the real story. Neil was a bit of a conspiracy theorist as far as that went. He lead off the presentation asking for a show of hands for people in the audience who wanted to do independent films and joked that you shouldn’t want to do it. He was just getting us ready for the door being shut in our faces and being told no and that we need to change what we want. It was a little discouraging but I also found it as a challenge because I would much rather be told that it’s to hard to be done so that way I know what to expect.

At the end of the presentation Neil and Barry answered questions and were very knowledgeable about the movie industry as a whole. The ways that different ideas would be dealt with and the different networks and what they looked for as far as content. He had a huge problem with social media and the internet, which coming from his time I completely understand because your work was yours and you protected it with everything. I don’t believe you can totally hate modern technology and be able to move forward. I believe the key is to figure out how to use tech to further your cause and get what you want done. Neil was very good at doing what he needed in order to accomplish an idea but in this one major area I believe he is tying himself up for no reason

Im very glad I went to this event. I learned a lot and got a good sense as to what it’s like in the travel and film industry. I’m looking forward to the challenge of getting in places and getting the shot. I’m a thrill junkie and a truth gatherer so this is going to be perfect.


little 5


I had a lot of fun learning premiere. I started out a little slow but after a few youtube tutorials I figured out how to stop fighting the program and learned how it really does work for you. I wanted to do something with my girls since they were going to be around and I had this project to work on…….and I have a 5 year old princess! This is by no means perfect but I definitely know what its like to have to bribe a kid to do what you need and the joy of siblings. The end of the video and the project are when my daughter holds up 5, the rest was just fun and I wanted to do as many things as I could to try out the program. so the B role stuff ran 2 more minutes. I was just having fun. I can’t wait to dive into the more technical video work that premiere can do. We tried a few different ideas but this one seemed to stick. I filmed it over 2 hours and filmed around 10 minutes of footage that I cut down to the final 2 minute edit. I thought I would have plenty and it was close to not enough. Definitely film extra takes. Video production to go along with music and lyrics are something I’ve wanted to learn for a while and I’m glad to finally have done it……a little. Hopefully you enjoy and have a nice day!

You Crazy Monkey


I love audio production, this was a very fun assignment. I do complex vocal tracks mixing music and vocals all the time. Every project I work on becomes multiple tracks with layers of effects and overlaid sounds. I never do simple clean voice only projects where clean simple sound is the end product. With large complex projects you can alter and change small imperfections and hide them. This was more challenging in a way because with neat clean recording every aspect had to work together very organically to make the mix be clean and not confusing. It was hard for me to not add lots of sound effects and layers. I wanted to do something musical but that’s what I always do. Then I wanted to do a fable reading but that seemed to straight forward so then it hit me to do a funny storytelling read. My idea was to try to read it in the voice of an audio book without much hint that its meant to be a funny story. I was going for a dry read with a funny punchy ending that you didn’t see coming. I laid down 8 tracks of me reading the story in small pieces so I could focus on clean readings without worrying about errors. Next I found some nice audio and put a simple effect on it and adjusted the volume. Finally I hit play and laid down a single background and silly sound effects track. This was a fun and interesting project and I liked the simple voice reading. I hope you enjoy it and get a nice laugh. Have a great day!


ARTISTS NETWORK connecting artists with ideas, inspiration and instruction

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.31.48 AM

This is an amazing blog for artists. From what I can tell anyone can post to this blog and it categorizes them in different types of arts and mediums. I like how interactive and categorized it is for each artist and most of them you can link to the artists page and leave comments and interact with them. They are constantly updating and adding new content and artists. I haven’t used it outside of class but out of all of them that looked at this seemed to have the most unique content because anyone can post and comment. I have spent some time looking around this site and don’t feel like I’ve scratched the surface. Check it out and definitely think about posting something on it…..I am!

MOHTOWN’s guide of the Resources for Art Students at Lane

1. Equipment checkout
2. Blue Cyc Wall
3. Center for Student Engagement
4. Main Art Gallery
5. Art-O-Mat
6. Reference Counter in Library
7. Large Silver Statue outside Health and Wellness Building
8. Mary Jo Kreindel’s office
9. Media Creation Lab in Library
10. Thumbs up from Judy Gates office
11. “the commons”
12. Flags in the Students First Building
13. Construction on Campus

F17-P1 About Me……Michael Holt


Michael O Holt (mohtown productions)


My name is Michael and I prefer to be called Michael. When I was a kid I would get annoyed when my mom would correct people when they called me Mike. She would always say that my name is Michael, her mechanics name was Mike (he was!) But now its just one of those things that stuck. I am so excited to be starting this multimedia program and being able to start a new career to go with my new life. I had a stroke a year ago and almost died. I’ve spent the last year in recovery and have lost almost 100 pounds! My health has improved dramatically through hard work and dedication to living a cleaner and more productive life. My goal is to keep learning and expanding my love of making music and collaborating with other artists. I’m looking to expand my photo and video making abilities to be a more well rounded audio and multimedia producer. Feel free to contact me about any ideas or just to talk. I love meeting and talking to new people, that’s the best way to learn and expand. I have a mostly complete but ever evolving home digital music studio and I’m looking to do start doing more full audio/video productions. I love being both in front and behind the camera and would love to work with others who do the same.

Thanks and have a great day!

Michael O Holt