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Roller derby is so much more than throwing elbows and wearing fishnets. Within a derby team there is so much community and passion. Through this video I had hoped to demonstrate that very notion. Getting ahold of the Emerald City Rollers was super easy, yet I never actually expected a reply. Within a day after contacting them through Facebook I was able to get in touch with their social media gal. She informed be days, times, and locations I could get some good filming. That very Saturday I was able to go out and film a bout (a game). I was there for a good two hours, and sadly because of my poor filming had very little useable footage. I showed up with two Gopros, a T5i, and no tripod. I thought I was recording the whole thing on the Gopro, and didn’t realize I wasn’t until I brought it to class, and I only had a few two second videos. I didn’t use a tripod so footage on the T5i was incredibly shaky and unusable. In the end the majority of my video is footage from the very last day of shooting. I filmed and interviewed the Emerald City’s recreational team (T-rec) at one of their last practices of the season. It was super awesome to actually interact with the players and hear some of their stories.

I came into this project with too high of expectations and I let myself down. I think my message and overall idea was in the right place for an interesting project. I just don’t think I carried it out fully how I wanted to. My participants were so awesome and gave me such great content. I just don’t feel like I gave them justice.  At the bout I was only a spectator and couldn’t really interact with players. I wouldn’t want to take their focus out of the game anyways. It was the same kind of feeling at their practice. I didn’t want to impose or distract or make anyone uncomfortable with the camera. Because of my shyness and the feeling of being an inconvenience I feel as if my project came out flat. Almost every clip in my video was from the same spot. I wish I could have been more creative with my shots without distracting the players. In a year or so when I am on the team I’d like to try this project over again with more creative and dynamic shots. hopefully next time I will be a participant and not a spectator.

In the end I am happy I constructed my project from a topic close to my heart. I’m happy  I ended up footage to work with, and I’m excited to have made the contact with this team and get to join up with them in January.

Five Summer Adventures

My original Idea was a far better project than what I ended up doing. This project was nothing but a last minute scramble to just get it done. I know how to use Premiere Pro and actually enjoy ending, but when it comes to sound and using audition I fall very short. Because I had to work from home I was unable to use Premier and resulted to iMovie. Nothing but plug and play for the simplicity of my project. This summer I was supposed to go to Thailand for a trip, and ended up not going due to lack of funding. Before my trip was canceled I was gifted a GoPro. I used it a lot less than I wanted to by the end of the summer, but I still got a few good videos and some decent pictures from my iphone. I love to explore beautiful places and it’s an easy thing to do when you live in oregon. This video project is a completion of my top five adventures this summer. One of my favorites from the summer when my family and I went on the jet boat trip through Hellgate Canyon, and I assure you no matter how unhappy my grandmother looked she really did have fun.


F17-X4 Info Interview/Professional Practices

Some way some how I was able to get in touch with a Hollywood producer. After a few emails back and forth I was able to interview David Scharf. He has been in the industry for 18 years and still going strong. The most famous movie he’s worked on as a producer was the Princess Diaries and the Princess Diaries 2; Royal Engagement. Most recently he has contributed to movies like Keeping Up With The Stines, Magic Camp (a Disney Movie), Raising Helen with Kate Hudson, and Barefoot. Not only is he a producer he is very versatile in post production. More recently his work revolves around the post production supervision of the movies in contrast of what he’s done in his later work. He expressed to me that after 18 years of working in Hollywood he’s starting to enjoy the post production side of film more and more. Scharf never went to film school. He attended UCF and received a business degree although he knew film was where he wanted to be. He never had an in with anyone in Hollywood when he first got out there. After many phone calls and a whole lot of hustle he finally got an internship with Garry Marshall (the producer of Pretty Woman).

“In this industry you have to have thick skin”, said Scharf. He explain to me how much rejection everyone in the film industry must go through to eventually get the green light. No matter if you are an actor, writer, producer, or anything in between I was told that you must be resilient. Scharf also referenced the metaphor, “jack of all trades is a master of none.” I expressed to him that I choose multimedia because I was unsure of what I wanted to really do in this industry and what I was really good at. He advised to to dabble in everything, yet find something I do really well and run with it. The industry will look past me if i am just average at everything. To hire you for a job they want something to really jump out at them. Something that tells them your good, and your skill asset can really contribute to the project in some way or another.

I find it hilarious that in my first year of classes all our teachers are telling us Premiere Pro is the new industry standard for editing and post production. After talking to David I have come to be inform that that is not necessarily true. Although he said Adobe After effects is great and is highly used, the program Avid is actually the industry standard. Although after the release of adobe premiere Avid had to drop their prices. Nine out of ten times he said long time editors will always use Avid over Premiere. That worried me considering I am paying for classes teaching solely adobe programs. He assured me that it would be fine, to learn what I could, and if and when, or even at all I choose to go down the path of postproduction the switch over wouldn’t be to hard with a few online tutorials on the Avid interface.

All and all the thirty five minute phone interview with David Scharf was incredibly exciting and helpful. He was such a humble guy and so willing to help a girl out with her project. Depending what happens in the next two years of my education David offered to remain a contact for when I might be ready for an internship.

Blog Search

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 6.54.28 PM.png This ‘Beautiful Oregon’ blog is the work of Tim Giraudier. A nature photographer who captures many of Oregon’s most beautiful sights through the lens of his camera. I mean it’s not hard to find beautiful places here in Oregon, but his photography brings me so much more pride and joy to be able to call this beautiful state my home. This blog includes 10 plus galleries of our state’s wonders. It’s a very easy site to get around and explore. Although I wish it was more sleek and clean; as I believe the more simple things are, the easier it is to focus on the big picture. Throughout this site Giraudier keeps little journal excerpts paired with images to keep us visually connected. It is a well kept and up to date site. The latest post was the 10th of this month on a almost clear night over the south Willamette National Forest of a very clear and detailed photo of an almost fullish moon. Not only does he provide journal entries, but upcoming events. Featured now on his blog is the Eugene saturday market.  I’m assuming he sells his prints there.  I’d recommend this site to anyone reading this. We all live in oregon don’t we? Support your local photographers. 




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I walk past this office two days a week, and I still had to ask someone where it was.

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Profile of Judy Gates’s office.


The indy lab. Ive only been twice.


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The end of the line (sidewalk).


All About MElia

wordpressphotoGreetings! My Name is Melia and I grew up being told my name is a Hawaiian word for, ‘calm waters before the storm’ . Now at 18 through some Googling I think it’s just a flower and a hotel chain. I moved to Eugene maybe a month ago from Grants Pass Oregon. It’s about two hours south of here. Being new to town I don’t get out much, and still have yet to find a job. With that being said if anyone out there could fill me in on who’s hiring that would be great. I enjoy working and having a schedule it makes me really appreciate my down time. In my downtime I paint, roller skate, and or binge watch varies tv shows. I was once on a roller derby team called The Rogue Skate Cartel. When I find the time I’d throughly enjoy to get back into it. I love attending live shows, music, and art festivals. It’s part of what made me want to join the media arts program. I hope to one day be among the crowds or on stage as a videographer. I hope that this path will connect me to travel and far more experiences than any nine to five office job could ever offer.