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F18-P6:The Rogue Cat Burglar


For my Final, I didn’t actually know what I wanted to do until I was given the idea to use what I had done for my audio project by a fellow classmate. As soon as the idea was thrown at me, the creative juices got flowing and I instantly knew exactly what I wanted to do!

Spare’s return!

For this project, I took the audio from my audio project and essentially created an animatic to go with it. My audio project was a narration from an event that happened to my Dnd character, Spare. Not only did we hear what Spare did, but now we can actually see him in action.

I knew right away because I was doing an animatic, that I could NOT procrastinate. I spent several hours drawing thumbnails and creating a very very rough storyboard before I could even start drawing the frames. At one point during the beginning, I got disheartened because of how many layers one little clip had (110 to be exact) and began to second guess myself. I knew I had a very strict timeline I needed to follow and there was a point where I didn’t think I’d get it done in time without sacrificing hours of sleep. Surprisingly, I was better at time managing myself then I thought. I was able to finish the animation and sync it to the audio with no problems.

I learned from doing this project the amount of work animators have to do to create a moving picture. It made me really think about if it’s a career I want to pursue. I found throughout the process the feeling of satisfaction and glee at seeing the scenes animate once I was done with a scene.  Overall it was a very tiring and time constraining experience, but I found I did enjoy doing it. Mostly because I was creating an animation about one of my own characters, that I think made it the most enjoyable. I was able to see them come to life, and I think that was the best and most rewarding experience for this project.

Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


How To Draw a Dinosaur in 5 Easy Steps


For this project, I wanted to go real simple so as to not overwhelm myself and bite off more then I could chew. I’ve always wanted to make a tutorial video and instantly thought this project would be perfect for one. But what to do a tutorial of? Well, that was also easy. I instantly thought of Dinosaurs of course! I’m constantly doodling dinosaurs in my free time, and thought I would share my knowledge in doodle dinos with everyone else!

The process I went through with this was actually quite easy despite having to reshoot my footage. Rather than going with the original plan of using actual paper and a sharpie, I knew I could save myself time by using the small white board I have and then spending the rest of my time in Premiere. I’ve used premiere enough to be considered an amateur and put some simple graphics in so it flowed nicely together. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and I like the music I found. The only thing I don’t like is the ending and how it abruptly goes to the end. I believe in my hurry, I forgot to take a picture at the end and thus the abrupt jump. But otherwise, I enjoy this little video and my Little Dino Steve.

Enjoy and Draw your own Dinosaurs!

By, MaKayla

Professional Practices: Karin Clarke Gallery, Featuring Margaret Coe.

I attended the First Friday Artwalk this last Friday for my professional practice. I had called the Lane Arts program that hosts the artwalk to see if there would be any artist at the artwalk talking about their work. Sure enough, there was! A very nice lady named Hilary informed me about the guided tour, where they speak with the artist and ask questions. Not wanting to miss this opportunity to hear from the artist, I attended.

The first stop was at the Karin Clarke Gallery on Willamette. The artist that was being showcased was an older woman by the name of Margaret Coe, who presented about twenty of her oil paintings. As the talk started, Margaret stated that her paintings were from her “Five weeks Inspirational trip to Italy.” The paintings were all of Venice. The Tour guide proceeded to ask her “Why Venice?” In turn, Margaret responded, “I wanted to spend time remembering Venice. They are currently experiencing a flood in the canals, and in my own opinion, I believe it’s the jewel of the city and the world.”

Margaret Coe is the woman in the Pink Blouse.

After seeing some of her paintings, I was beginning to believe she was right. Her use of value and composition created several breathtaking pieces. Margaret went on to say that she spent every day painting on location. 17 were painted on the spot, and she only finished three of them at home. An amazing feat in my opinion that she was able to paint a painting every day while she was in Venice. “I like to think this show as a love song to Venice.” She said. The tour guide asked her then, “Being in Venice, several of the masters have painted there, are there any masterworks that impact your work?”

Margaret gave it some thought and then proceeded to say that J.M.W Turner and John Singer-Sargent were two favorite painters of hers. She went on to explain how she’d seen their work in New York and noted their use of values and compositions, and then proceeded to say that they had also painted Venice. What amazed her, was the fact they changed the way they worked because of Venice, and how the city impacted their work in a way that made their style change. “How did Venice change the way you work?” The tour guide asked. Margaret explained she used really fine canvas for portraits while she was in Venice and that she kept thinking light. Everything is reflected in the canals, and the color is vibrant.



Margaret Coe, Venice #3

From where I was standing during the talk, I had a good few of several of her paintings, and I could see what she was talking about through those paintings. There was light in each of them, and being as I have never been to Venice, from seeing her paintings and hearing her talk about how bright and lit up Venice was, I believe what she says. As the talk drew to a close, Margret said she took reference photo’s to use for when she returned home to finish the three paintings that were incomplete and went on to explain one of her paintings actually has a tree in it that wasn’t actually there before.


Margret Coe View of San Giorgio


Overall I enjoyed her talk about her trip to Venice. Her paintings were really beautiful and breathtaking, and as a painter myself, I wish to one day have the same experience she did, and go to a city like Venice and paint it so I can bring it home with me and showcase the love I have for that city for others to see as well. The whole experience was enjoyable, and it was fun to see the different types of people that showed up as well. We all had something in common, and I think that was our love of art, and to hear someone talk about their own art and see their passion was a very amazing experience.

This was one of my favorite pieces of her Venice series. 


Audio: The Rogue

For this project, I really wanted to have fun with it and push myself creatively to see what I could come up with. My solution? Dungeons and Dragons of course. I decided to take an event that actually happened to my Dnd Character Spare, while in a campaign and alter it a bit in order to fit into the time frame. I’m actually quite pleased and proud of how well it turned out.

I had to quickly get over my fear of being embarrassed about sounding like a giant nerd, and that I, like many others, hate the way I sound recorded. However, once I actually started doing the project, I found I enjoyed it quite a lot. From start to finish I enjoyed piecing everything together.

I struggled with the 3 min. Timeframe, and was forced to actually cut several paragraphs from my original script. I made it work however and managed to make the story still make sense while not losing anything important. I was really excited about how it turned out, and hope you all enjoy it as much as I do, and for those of you wondering “Did Spare ever get caught?” I can proudly say no he has not.

-by MaKayla


Blog Search: AWN Blogs

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 12.30.18 PM.png

Because of my interest in animation, I decided to search the interwebs for a blog about it, and I stumbled upon this little treasure.

Animation World Network is a blog that has everything you would want to know about Animation. With some perusing I found it has news about whats going on in the animation world today, as well as articles from different animation sources. From Disney, Pixar, technology of animation, everything. It has links to other animation blogs that you can get easy access to, as well as shows, events, and even has job listings from people out there in the industry. LOTS of helpful things for students who want to immerse themselves in this industry.

I found the site very easy to navigate. It has a nifty home bar that spits everything into categories that you can see, and well as a hover menu (like shown in the above picture) that has even more info. I read of few articles that they had posted, and found them captivating and interesting enough. They have a comment section at the end of each of them that allows people to engage with each other and share ideas/thoughts which is neat!  What I found that was really cool and awesome was the Jobs link, that takes you to job listings of people out there in the industry and what they’re looking for.

I think the site is overall produced very nicely and professionally. It’s easy to use and is a great resource to keep up with the animation industry and to see what hot new things are happening within it, as well as finding out what future employers are looking for.

By, MaKayla


Scavenger Hunt Adventure!


Equipment Checkout in Building 18! Sadly they were closed ?


Blue Cyc Wall Studio in Building 18.


Center for Student Engagement on the 2nd floor of the Center building. 


Main Art Gallery in Building 11.


The Art-O-Mat! I believe…If you feed it money…You can get little pieces of art from it; in the possible form of stickers, or little cards.


Reference Counter in the Library, in the Center Building. 


Silver Sculpture in front of the Health and Wellness Building.


Ingrams Office, The Arts Division Specialist, In Building 11. 


Media Arts Creation Lab, located on floor 2 of the Center Building.


Judy wasn’t in, but here’s her office in Building 11. 


Teresa’s Office, Building 18. 


The Flags in The Students First Building.


A path I stumbled upon behind building 18, that will now be acting as the new shortcut to my car in the back parking lot.




I’m a bit introverted and shy,  but here’s the rundown on what you need to know!

I’m MaKayla! I’m 22 years old and although I was not born in Oregon, I’ve been here the majority of my life living in small-town Cottage Grove. I’m a returning student to LCC, and decided to come back to lane and pursue a multimedia degree. I’ve been fascinated with animation, cartoon/concept art, and the creation of stories; since I was young, and hope to go down the animation/storyboarding route. Possibly even delve into some photography.40330337_2133410520053565_2584967084035276800_n

I’m a traditional artist! I’ve been drawing and painting since I was about 13. I enjoy drawing people and painting landscapes. (Bob Ross is the painting Wizard and I will swear up and down about it) I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, hanging out with my three doggo’s, being an aunt to my adorable niece and nephew, playing video games, Dungeons & Dragons, watching Critical Role, and writing.

I’m very passionate about my art and can get quite ambitious with it, sometimes biting off more than I can chew, but I always make it work somehow. I enjoy trying out different mediums, and have recently expanded into video and photography. Writing with my friends is one of my favorite hobbies and pastimes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE coming up with different characters and writing short stories with my friends, and really fleshing those characters out. I especially enjoy drawing them and bringing them to life.

I’m a major nerd in many things, but especially dungeons and dragons. I love the challenges it brings, being able to hang out with my friends, seeing what shenanigans I can get away with, the quick thinking, and overall the story that can be created by playing.

I’m going to stop rambling before I bore you all to death! Thanks for reading! ?

By: MaKayla