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Super Awesome Mushroom Man


hello everybody, its been a while sense I last posted anything. today I have a special video for you all to watch it’s a 41 second video of a mushroom dancing. Fun fact I myself animated it “as well as helped sing the song”. This animation has 68 different frames yes thats right, i drew this mushroom 68 different times, it took almost 9 hours to animate (:}). I wanted to test my capability of actually being able to animate something seeing as thats what i want to do as a job.

i had originally decided on doing a short animation with a story. The story was about this mushroom deciding he wanted to ride a wagon, down a steep hill, and failing miserably, only to be saved by his mushroom mom. But! i don’t got the time for that shiz-niz so i decided to just do the opening scene of him dancing. I’m happy with my choice to do so, because this took me more time and effort then i was suspecting. It was challenging to me to push my skills, and time management  but it wasn’t a impossible task.

I decided to to keep the background a simple bright color to show the playfulness of the scene. The mushroom is 3 different colors magenta, tan, and pale pink with brown outlines to make him soft and friendly looking “even though he has large fangs”. I chose to keep him simple as to not have any consistency errors. as for the background color it was between this yellow and baby blue I decided to keep everything warm to keep everything soft and not have any clashing colors. anyways i have now excepted my new undead life as a animator and will be seeing you guys some time into the future. MAC OUT!

Princess Pom Pom

With this project i was in charge of coming up with a idea for a video and actually tape it. I decided to make a anime inspired piece with all the cheesy stereotypes of a sailor moon cartoon. I had the cute heroine in her pink costume played by my friend Britney. I had an evil villain named Bob, who is the digital drawing group mascot. Bob was voiced by Allen Thomson. Allen also helped with lighting and some camera work, so that was awesome of him. then we have the cute future child of our two characters Bob Jr. Who came back from 5×3 years in the future voiced by me. This project was a lot of work but in the end it was really fun. I got to test out my lighting skills though it was on the spot. There are some places that i would have liked to change. I’m actually really happy with the product even if there are mistakes. I kept a pink light on Princess pompom the whole time to give a kind of magical essences about her. I changed the lighting on Bob a lot to show his different emotions much like in a manga. I hope you guys loved the cheesy story guys tell next time MAC OUT!

The Pickle Story

For this assignment I wanted to tell one of those stories that kids tell around a camp fire, or at a sleepover. This is the one and only creepy story that I know, so I thought it would be a good story for this assignment “also I wanted to draw a dog in a pickle jar”. This story is based on a true event from the early 2000. The true story was, that a woman from the south had diabetes. during the night her dog chewed off one of her toe’s because the tissue had died, much like with frost bite. The dog had probably just assumed it was a strange edible meat treat lie a steak bone. Proving that when you die your pets will eat you. My dad told me about the story, and I embellished it to gross out my friends. What I wanted to accomplish with this project? I wanted to get the same kinda mischievous feeling, that I would get when I was a kid at sleepovers telling these kinds of stories.

I found being the voice for this project pretty interesting. I had to record over, and over to get the right kind of mode for the story; and to get a take where i didn’t mess up. I, myself think I did a good job. Though I didn’t realize tell listening to the recording how much I sounded like a kid.

Finding all of the sound affects from the student library was a lot of fun too. there were hundreds of sounds to go throw,  I know I spent most of my time listening to, a good majority of them, trying to find the right sounds. hopefully the sound affects added a bit of humor to the story and didn’t sound strange, or distract from it.

This project was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the grunt work of writing the story, doing the voice work, and finding the sound affects. I hope you guys liked my story too. tell next time MAC OUT!

pickle dog2

heres the whole pickle dog picture.


Mac’s Blog search

Hello my Peers today i will be giving you all a special treat, for i am going to show you this awesome concept art blog i found its called (Draw Maeve, draw) you can find this blog at

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.39.01 PM

This blog focuses on visual development and concept art in a video game style. i find this blog is inspirational and visually pleasing for some one who draws more graphically like me. This blog follows Maeve as she produces absolutely stunning concept art, of sets or props in a isometric view “this is the made up perspective some video games use” i find her concepts to be visually fun and adorable.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.39.18 PM

Maeves dose a good job explaining posts, what she is doing, and shares content to help people draw and come up with good ideas. In one post she talks about some things that most people don’t know about photoshop; like how to make lines smother or how to adjust color.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.56.54 PM.png

For a artest this is extremely helpful too because if your only going of of your knowledge, or the knowledge of a class, they might not have been teaching the tools in that way, and you may not be able to figure that out on your own. i also want to point out again that mauves focuses primarily on sets and and props. Sets and props are a completely under appreciated skill that most people don’t think about because they get lost in there character design.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.54.05 PM

Maeves shows her progression as well which lets you see things go from a idea to a product instead of just being like she waves a magical won and theres a picture. as a artist and, someone who draws concept art who has been known to accidentally only care about the characters this is refreshing and inspirational I highly recommend it

tell next time mac Out.


by Mackenzie Bohlman

Mac’s Scavenger Hunt for Student Resources

Mac was sent on a treacherous journey to find some rooms on the campus heres what she found.


First is the equipment check out, where a wizard sometimes opens up a hatch and rents out magical tools like cameras, and microphones.


this is the “Blue Cyc” wall as you can see Jeffrey  is making the dangerous climb to get a cynic picture of its glorious blue wall.


this is the student engagement center “it’s used a lot”.


we’re in for a treat the majestic art gallery is in full boom right now.


in the art gallery there lives a fierce creature called the ART-O-MAT look at its grouse teeth!


and here is the mighty, all powerful, layer of knowledge the library.


after weeks of searching i finally found the elusive metal sculpture i couldn’t get to close for i might’ve scared it off.


here is the cave of the amazing genie Mary Jo, it’s placed in a little nook in the Art gallery.



here is a long forgotten base the media lab in the center building so dead, so cold.


here is the legendary Judy Gate’s Gate it lives above the art gallery.


Here is my home away from home, my base of operations, and a good place to meet some coolio people, the indie lab.


here are the flags in the center building to show all the different countries that helped me on my journey.


and here is THE MOST DANGEROUS CREATURE ON CAMPUS THE TURKEY! i almost didn’t make it back alive do to theses grouse creatures.


what you need to know about Mac


howdy im Mac (MacKenzie Bohlman) as you can see i dress like a full grown adult that lives in a anime/cartoon/comic book/movie type Deal-E-O. i like to watch animated movies and draw and sew. i am competent in adobe photoshop, flash, maya, illustrator, and other forms of digital media. i hope to be an animator someday.

spaceadventureevning_mornings_by_blindtrackteam-d8u0ghz pokemon2_by_blindtrackteam-d9dc3oq black_jack_title_1_by_blindtrackteam-d9dc3u4

here are some of my works. as you can see i also like to draw. and i draw in a graphic style. my expertise is in color.i love working with color at one point i was fighting one of my art teaches to let me use color my favorite medium’s  are markers, water colors, and drawing software “insert MS Paint Joke Here”. i don’t have any animations right now but I’m working on them. I’m also a big superhero nerd i love batman and the X-men. i have a huge comic book collection and if its the right character i can literally talk about them for hours like there inner relationship of the robins “yes there is more then one” or the powers of the x-men and how they never get a brake or comics in general. i can’t wait to post more interesting things an work. tell next time this is mac.


Varous inter-workings and relationships of the X-Men

Hello and howdy there today i would like to talk about the various inter-workings of the X-Men and there relationships with one another. please not this is all my opinion so if you don’t agree make your own blog and talk about your opinions there. any ways back to the subject oh here we will be talking about riveting subjects like why is Scott Summers “Cyclops” such a dick head, did professor-X make him that way or was he just born that way? Is Jubilee the most useless member on the team or the most bad-ass? is Mystic a class a B&$%h or dose she have justification for her actions? well first we’re going to talk about one of my favorite characters Remy LeBeau aka Gambit is he a good guy is he a bad guy or dose he fall more into the workings of anti hero. first off we have to look at the teams he’s worked for which ranges from helping Mr Sinister massacre the morlocks to joining the x-men and becoming the sex-ed teacher. now when Gambit was working for Mr Sinister this was more of a working off a dept situation after Mr.Sinister bot removed and put back a piece of Gambits brain stem to help him control the enormous amount of power he had. gambit was actual unknowing of the plan to kill the morlocks thinking he was just settling a turf war between another group of mutants and once realizing the fact saved the only one he could a little girl who will be latter known as marrow. that’s it for this post to find out all and more on the various inter-workings of the X-Men check us out next week.