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P6 Final Project

By Laura Hale

I really wanted to capture the aspect of storytelling with this project, which was actually much harder with the narration than I thought it would be. I had to cut out a lot of sentences and adjust timing  and cut even further down to make the three minutes. I also had to make sure I had to keep enough information inside the story to keep its beginning middle and end as clear as I could. If I had to redo this entire project I would use a different program to record my drawings and make them more detailed. Again, it comes down to the program and what it allows you to do and what you can figure out for its abilities. Audio levels were also very important, both in timing and how loud they were coming in for, they couldn’t overwhelm the narration for the most part nor each other. Image quality wasn’t too much of an issue with this project as all of the image were digital or at least digitized through filters. Lessons learned, know certain programs a bit better and keep up to date with them.


Laura Hale

X4 Assignment

November 2014

I attended the talk of Mr. Erik Bishoff and his work in architecture. He started off his speech with a general overview of who he was and what he did as a photographer. It was made very clear that although he was inspired to do photography on architecture that only half of his business was in that field. It seems that depending on the subject of photography you want to pursue, it comes down to location, location, location. Eugene is not a prime place to photograph architecture. Mr. Bishoff makes up for this fact by photographing other things i.e. weddings, profiles etc etc. Like most jobs it seems the key is flexibility and patience. Not only in where you’re willing to work, but how you’re willing to work and to always have a back up plan if the client wants something but won’t allow you to work the best route to the goal.

He also mentioned that if you have flexibility with your client to take advantage of it as much as you can, for example a client wanted a specific time for their home to be photographed, however he scouted the area out at different times of the day to see how it looked in the different lights and brought forth a product that the client was much happier with. However you also get people that only want things done a certain way but are not aesthetically appealing. Mr. Bishoff stated that having a bank of pictures to perhaps edit in (ie the sky) and skills in the editing program of your choice are crucial for these kinds of shots. This is also where HDR comes in handy if you are not allowed to shoot at the time of day that you want. Mostly because it takes three different aspects of pictures with different information.

Another skill he mentioned and showed was that of stitching. You can take a photo and have it be beautiful but then it doesn’t work in a magazine because it’s set landscape instead of portrait or vice versa. Being able to stitch your photos into different variations offers flexibility and therefore more photos bought by potential clients.

If you’re interested in shooting architecture apparently it’s in your best interest to get yourself a tilt-shift lens as it makes the view of a massive building more accurate to the eye as opposed to the curved lens the regular cameras have. You can also really change the focus up if you need the camera to make emphasis on one thing as opposed to another.

Mr. Bishoff’s work was very impressive and his inside knowledge the most helpful on how to deal with different types of people in the business. I found that to be more useful than his talk about the relatively rare tilt-shift lens. Most of the technical things he spoke of had already been gone over in class and he was just putting it all into a one-hour crash course.

P5 Image Editing

By Laura Hale

Here is my concept of five for this project, I originally intended for there to be a bit more of a story with this video but due to time constraints I had to cut all of my footage down to the stars shining moments. Filming with animals, especially multiple kinds is difficult and requires a lot of patience especially if you want something specific from them. So the best thing I can learn from this project is to plan out things ahead of time and a lot more carefully, perhaps choose what a single animal can do as far as the number five instead of five different animals in very different locations. Otherwise, filming and editing was a tremendous amount of fun even though it was a short video, I’d wanted more special affects like speech bubbles but a file had gotten corrupted that had that affect unfortunately. Lessoned learned: check your affects before planning to use them.

P4 Audio

By Laura Hale

I was trying to accomplish the drama of a full story within one paragraph, as most of Aesop’s fables. A more difficult task than I thought it would be but I decided that since the tale was so short, I’d keep the sound as simple as possible just like the story was. I had to sort out the files that were comparable with my tools as well as good quality with as little background noise as possible unless it added to the scene itself. I felt that the focus of this short piece was to paint a picture in the listener’s mind, to do that I had to find very familiar sounds. Sound quality from third parties and levels of the different sounds also are important, it guides the listener’s focus throughout the story.

Professional Blog

Professional Blog Search by Laura Hale

My research into a professional blog uncovered a disturbing lack of them at least in the fields I’ve been interested in. I discovered that it really depends on the field that the professional is in for there to even be a blog. Most of them use a website instead to present their profile, or use a combination of both.

For example, Robert Atkins Art

Robert Atkins

He presents his work as apart of the website as well as talking about events that he’s been to, people he’s worked with, and eventually yes you get to his blog so it is not specialized as a blog it’s also a portfolio.

A more focused web site would be Peggy Iileen’s photography site


Instead of words she allows the pictures to speak for themselves, so while it’s labeled as a blog, it’s more of a picture presentation while giving information about her business.

Josh Burcham’s portfolio


Now this is strictly a portfolio, there’s only a little bit about the artist himself, small announcements about events he’s going to participate in, but for the most part he’s presenting his skills as an artist.

For artists it seems that a picture based ‘blog’ as it were, speaks louder words than if they were to write, they have to keep their art up to date to ensure that they are still practicing and even improving on their skills.

Personal Blog – About Me

Hello! My name is Laura Hale and I’m a student here at LCC. I’m studying to get my associates in Multimedia. My interests include writing, audio production, film and voice acting. I actually began this degree about four years ago but decided that I did not want to start pulling out loans when the economy in Oregon crashed especially for young people straight out of high school. So I decided to obtain a scholarship and life experience through the United States Air Force. While in the Air Force, I learned to work as a team with other people striving for a goal. I was even given opportunity to lead my peers as my skills increased and my confidence became more apparent. I am happy to put these new experiences to good use in the field of media once I graduate in a couple of years.

My main goal is to become apart of a movie or TV production team, or a sound engineer for cartoons. I believe in learning the what makes a machine tick or in this case, the production of images and video. My absolute dream is to be a voice actor for a children’s cartoon some day, I recall my childhood heroes that pulled me through troubled times and I decided somewhere along the way, I wanted to be one of those heroes. I look forward to expanding my skills with the teachers and other students, also learning more about the media world. Story telling has been my joy since I was able to hold a pen.