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This video is inspired by a time that I went to go play basketball. Sometimes, the urge to go play basketball and get outside is so strong that I have forgotten to even bring a basketball. Then, my only hope is to hope that someone is already there playing so I can use theirs.

Ironically, that is the thesis for this video. I wanted to make something that I relate to while also making something that is a little weird and funny and odd.

To walk to a basketball court without a basketball is quite obviously not the best move, but to get to the basketball court and by chance find a ball of any kind, you are most likely to make do with what you have at hand at the time.

I decided to use my friend Jacob for this role because he also knows the feeling of wanting to play basketball while simultaneously not having all the resources, and making do with what he can find on a given court.

A sense I would strive to give a viewer through this video is relatibility, as well as a sense of can-do and make-do attitude.

My personal favorite part of this video is my post-production and continuity of the edits.


Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.00.33 AM.pngThis blog is called “Who is Andy Warhol”  (

This blog is interesting for the same reason Andy Warhol is interesting; he pushed the boundaries and more importantly made people look at things they look at everyday differently. A resource that really has helped me as well as my inspiration process is the video about “Pop Art.” This can help you searching for inspiration by looking at something differently than the normal way most people usually do. I think this site is produced moderately well. Although it is a basic layout, it is concise and well organized. I think that this is the most important aspect of the layout and I admire it. The overall quality of information is also strong. It gives specific examples of Andy Warhol’s work while also leaving captions to review the concepts of popular art that he is the master of. Overall, I think this website can help anyone that is seeking some inspiration as well as trying to look at things we look at everyday differently. Andy Warhol’s work surely has helped my mind look at things we look at every day differently such as advertisements, commercials, labels, and even the specific products themselves.


Hello, My name is James Blake Irwin and I am a student in Intro to Media 101 Fall of 2017.
unnamed     I enjoy listening to music, most recently the 2015 remastered Beatles album 1. One of my favorite albums is The College Dropout by Kanye West. I enjoy the album mostly because it inspires a feeling of freeness in his search for what he cares about. The album recreates his journey from doing something that he is not passionate about and feels trapped from to doing what he loves and feels free and happy doing; creating music. My favorite song(s) from The College Dropout is “All Falls Down” or the outro of the album; “Last Call.” All Falls Down is one of my two favorite because it documents the downfall of the situation that he does not any longer want to be apart of, which is confrontational. Last Call is also one of my two favorites because Kanye literally tells the story of how his career in music production got started.

I massively enjoy snowboarding in the winter. My regular snowboarding spot is Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon. I mostly enjoy backcountry snowboarding versus park setting.

When I finish the media arts program my goal is to be an effective storyteller through media and be able to change the way people think about a certain topic through a piece of content.