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P6 Taiko – Reflections of Everyday Life


Working on P6 has been a load of fun to work on even though I had to start over twice. Through this project, I was trying to show something that I’m passionate about without having my voice or myself showing in it. It was a challenge because I’ve never really done anything like this before but it was worth it. Putting the video together was a struggle at first because of the two screens. I had to be really precise about the timing otherwise the soundtrack would be off. The most difficult part about working on the P6 project was looking for examples of the reflections in real life. I would say that was the first for me because I don’t really think about what it would look like in real life until I stop and think about it. Finding the right kind of music wasn’t that hard because I could hear inside my head what other drum beats would sound well with certain movements. I decided not to do any voice over and see if I could convey the meaning with music only. A lot of the drum beats, along with movements, tell a story and that’s what the whole point of the video was. I wanted to do a video with Taiko drumming because it’s something I’m very passionate about and it’s something I grew up doing and it has been a wonderful 13 years and counting years of fun. I loved how I was able to combine two of my favorite things at the same time.

• Copyright Free Music | Epic Taiko Drum |
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• Performance of the Cast net fishing @ Shimanto river, Kochi Prefecture in Japan!
• The Rapid City Wonder – Supercell time lapse
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F18 P5: 5 Interesting facts about the Vietnamese alphabet


This project was fun for me to do since I do projects like these all the time. The hardest part for me to do was the voice-over. Usually I just add music and titles to the projects and mute or turn the sound down. With this assignment, I had to time my voice and words while I watched the movie. It took me a good hour or so to get the timing just right. Modifying the images and video clips were fairly easy as well as adding the titles. I didn’t expect the project to take this long because I’ve done previous projects like these and it takes about a day to do it at most. This project took two evenings and a morning to do. I was a little taken back when I heard I was supposed to make something that included a number five in it and it had to be two minutes at maximum. I was used to making things really long without a maximum or minimum deadline. When I first started out making this movie I thought it would be a breeze. I stand corrected. I ended up changing and re-planning my whole entire movie. There were a lot of details I had to end up cutting out, but I chose the images and movie clips that I thought were most interesting and would capture the audience’s attention. What I was trying to accomplish through this project was giving people a glimpse of what they would have to learn if they had an interest in learning the Vietnamese language. The first thing most people study is the alphabet. There’s more to the alphabet than what got shown in the video clip, but at least I got to touch base on something I’m very passionate about and it also ties into the culture I grew up in.

Ex4 – Informational Interview


On November 2nd, I interviewed Don Haugen who works at the company Inseego Corporation and has been the creative director for six and half years. He also manages the team of web development. Before he worked at Inseego Corp, Mr. Haugen was a freelance photographer and owned his own business for ten years. When I told him that I am a student at Lane he mentioned he went there as well.

Mr. Haugen’s job has required him to learn how to work with Adobe Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere, MicroSoft Office, and Powerpoint for all his web design. His least favorite program to work with is Powerpoint and he doesn’t use it often. He says for him personally, it isn’t that engaging and it’s also hard for him to put a slideshow together because he would have to be changing it often. Mr. Haugen shared with me that one of the frustrating things about working with so many programs is that once you learn all the shortcuts for a certain program, you’ll want to retain that information. He said he once knew all the shortcuts for Premiere, but then forgot all of them in six months and had to relearn them when some of his projects required Premiere. The characteristics Mr. Haugen looks for in future employees are people who are willing to learn and to keep up with the “ever-so-changing” technology in the business.

On a regular daily basis, Mr. Haugen checks his e-mails, goes to meetings, and makes sure he prioritizes projects for his team. The most challenging part of his job is keeping up with everything. He mentioned the part he dreads most is attending meetings throughout the day, but what he enjoys most about working at Inseego Corp. is designing client websites. He works on creating what the website will look like and then his co-worker, who I was going to follow-up with before his illness, takes care of the programming side of it. Designing a website is Mr. Haugen’s passion and it allows him to get creative. He loves to solve problems and if something doesn’t look right on the website he will redesign it.

Something surprising about working in this department is just how short deadlines can be, and how disorganized some people can be at times. Mr. Haugen gave an example of each saying that there was a time when his boss came to him with a project and his deadline was that very day. Mr. Haugen had to stay late to work on it and get it approved. He said not all deadlines are that short, however. Some projects are due in several days, others have deadlines in a couple of weeks. It all depends on what needs to get done and what the project requires. He admitted that he is sometimes disorganized himself, not in his work necessarily, but in managing his family and daily life on the weekends. From this interview, I got a sense of how challenging and important deadlines can be, and I was excited to find out I’m already learning the tools Mr. Haugen mentioned he uses for his multimedia design job.

F18 P4 Audio


I was trying to accomplish this story by turning a simple story into something more interesting than just a voice. I’ve heard audio books where it was just a voice reading but it was always more fun listening to an audio book that was full cast. I had a blast making this audio. The sound effects were a little hard to find, but once I found them it was a matter of placing them in the right spot. The music I chose for this soundtrack was easy to find because the website I sent to had the music categorized into themes. I found two tracks, one that had suspense and one that seemed like it would go well with rivalry. I’ve never really played with Audicity before so this was the first for me. I’ve done projects like this one before in GarageBand where I record myself reading a story and then adding music and sound effects at the end. Using Audicity wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Once I got started and learned the basics it was pretty much straightforward. The only one difficulty I had was trying to match the sound effects up with the story. Audicity wasn’t as precise with matching the effects up with the soundtrack but besides that, everything else was in time.

Blog Search

I chose to use the site “Music Industry How To” as a web resource because even though I am not a musician myself, I like the idea of creating my own website with something I’m passionate about and also being the owner of it like Shaun Letang. Others might find this website interesting because one of the projects in this class involves students working with Audacity. Music Industry How To has tips and tricks to help people start a music related project from scratch and what it’s like to work in the music industry.

One of the good examples that caught my eye was the link that said “The Best Things I’ve Done For My Music Career That You Can Replicate.” This link takes you to a page where the author Liam Duncan talks about how “for most of us, music career is a grind. It’s hard.” In his blog, Liam goes over five things he has done that really helped that “grind” become more rewarding. This resource looked very interesting and may help other folks who have a hard time looking at their career like it’s a chore and to focus more on the positive things about that career.

I think this site is very well produced. At the top of the page there are links you can click on for example, the home page and it’ll lead you to different kinds of resources where you can learn more about what it’s like to have your own music career and offers interesting ideas if you like the sound of having your own website but don’t know where to start. This website is easy to navigate around and is very intriguing to those who are into music careers.

The information in this blog is extremely helpful. There are questions and answers that I have have asked myself and the answers were right there along with other questions I haven’t thought of before, for example, I asked myself, “I wonder what guitars are new this year?” and when I went to the blog there was a link called “What Types of Guitars Are There In 2018?” I clicked on it and there were the names of the newest guitars and each on had a little description about it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 10.47.14 PM

Lane Resources for Media Arts Students

1 Equipment Checkout_ 1055
Equipment Checkout counter.

The Equipment checkout place is in Building 18 where students usually rent camera gear.


2 Blue Cyc Wall_1141
Blue Cyc Wall

The Blue Cyc Wall is also in Building 18 and is in lab room A.


3 Student Engagement Center_1100
Student Engagement Center

The Student Engagement Center is in the center building and located on the second floor.


4 Art Gallery_1063
Art Gallery

Building 11 is the main Art Gallery.


5 Art-O-Mat_1120

The Art-O-Mat is found inside the Art Gallery is is to the right of Mr. Ingram’s office.


6 Library_1061

The Library is on the second floor of the Center Building and is on the left if you take the elevator.

7 Silver Sculpture_1071
Silver Sculpture

The big silver sculpture is right outside of Building 31. The silver sculpture is neat to look at up close because there are little engravings on it that almost look like the Japanese alphabet.


8 Ingram's Office_1124
Ingram’s office

Ingram’s office is located in Building 11 and he was just leaving his office so I didn’t get a picture of him in his office.

9 Media Lab_1126
Media Creation Lab

The Media Creation Lab is on the second floor in the Center building in the library.


10 Judy Gates Office_1068
Judy Gate’s office

Judy Gate’s office is found in Building 11.


11 Teresa's Office_1129
Teresa’s office

Ms. Teresa’s office is in Building 2 and is decorated with little trinkets on the outside.


12 Flags_1103

I took a picture of the flags in Building 1.

13 Turkey_1110

I was fortunate to find a baby turkey along with an adult one up close!


Hello Everybody!

I am almost done with my transfer degree and I am starting a one year certificate in Multimedia Design. When I’m done with my degree I would like to find a job where my media skills can be used. I’m still figuring out what kind of job I’d like to have, so instead of transferring to a four year college, I am exploring options in multimedia here at LCC. One thing I like about multimedia is the flexibility I might be able to have working from home some day. In the summer I took a writing class and one of my assignments was to turn my final essay into a multi-modal project. All I had was an iPad with an iMovie app and I was surprised how much I enjoyed translating the written essay into a visual and musical project.

I have been part of a Japanese Taiko drumming troupe for thirteen years now. I started out as a student and as I got more experienced I took on teaching responsibilities such as helping teach the younger team members and choreographing routines. I really enjoy performing with my other college-age team mates because it’s challenging. I also create drumming tutorial videos for the team website. I look forward to doing this more effectively.

By H.L.

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