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For my final project in Intro to Media Arts, I decided to follow up on the last project I did. Using my light board and art supplies I created a stop motion short film. The film was made using transfer paper, pens, pencils, and erasers. I started my project with the idea of having a girl ironing a shirt. Her cat walks up and meows, but she ignores her. The cat jumps onto the ironing board, the girl tells her to get down, then bends down to the floor. The cat then jumps down and walks between her legs and boops her nose. I struggled so much with the proportions of an ironing table and when I was done with my thumbnails, I realized it was way too long. I got rid of most of the project, and just did the end scene. Though I love drawing, Repeating the process can be a bit tiring, and repetitive. I also am not used to drawing cartoon animals so my cat drawing was a bit funky.

One of my favorite parts about this project was finalizing it. After the meticulous drawings were finished, I shot images, credits, and the Title. Setting up the camera and quickly taking shots is very fun for me. When I imported them into premiere, I found myself extremely bored again editing the timing of the images. As soon as I was done I added some music and felt rather content with my project.

Ive always wanted to record my art and have it be shown in a fun way. Im excited so say I finally got to do it, and that I wasn’t unimpressed with my work. If I would have given myself more time and supplies, I think that I could make a much more put together piece. Thankyou for watching, I hope you enjoyed it.

Informational Interview With Terryl Whitlatch

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a field trip to Imagination International. My first impression of this nifty warehouse, was the large mythical blue creature painted upon the  side wall where I parked. As we approached the building, more murals wrapped around each side calling to my attention and pulling me in. However, what I found inside was much more magnificent. To my disbelief, sat before me the creator of the beautiful creature on the side of the building, framed by her very own brilliant creations, and inspirations. Still knowing so little about the adorable woman and her dog behind her desk, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and her work. Leaving Imagination International I promised myself I would go back in that office again someday, somehow. Little did I know a little over a week later I would have the opportunity to sit down one on one with this lovely lady, Terryl Whitlatch in her office.

What was intended to be an hour of interview time, resulted in almost an hour and forty minutes of beautiful stories. If you don’t already know who this highly sought after conceptual artist, professional animal designer, etc. is, then let me tell you some things I find quite interesting about her. Terryl Whitlatch was born in the 60’s, strongly influenced by her parents and their skill sets. She grew up on a ranch where she was surrounded by horses, nature, and animals. In high school Terryl stumbled upon a man who came to talk to her science class from a university. This man became a huge impact on Terryl as an inspiration and a mentor. He helped her decide that she wanted to study Zoology at Sonoma State University, and later pursued her college career at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

To receive a bachelors in Fine Arts Terryl was required to do a personal art show. After her pieces were hung she received a message from LucasFilms, launching the beginning of her successful career. Her very first project with LucasFilms was Star Wars episode 1. She later worked for LTD, Industrial Light & Magic, LucasArts, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Walt Disney Imagineering, Electronic Arts, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Miramax, PDI, Pixar, and currently Imagination International. She also has several published books, among which she says “The Katurran Odyssey” is her baby. Not only does she share her work visually, she also speaks at art conferences and is an instructor on animal design in both workshops, and online.

After over 25 years in the business Terryl is one of the most successful artists of her kind. She has taken part in the creations of Star wars, Polar Express, Brave, Jumanji 1 & 2, Men In Black, Dragon Heart, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Curious George, Zafari, Beowulf, Brother Bear, and many other works of art. I asked her what her favorite project was, and she mentioned Brother Bear because of the connections she made. I found this especially moving as Brother Bear is my favorite movie, which I was honored to share with her. A few other interesting things about her, were her sense of humor, soft welcoming aura, adorable greyhound, and sense of engagement. She spoke very soft and lightly, and shared with me that she loved the Adam’s family, which in my opinion made a lot of sense. She has a sense dark humor that she finds intriguing, and utilizes in her work. With her greyhound by her side named Sweet Josette, surrounded by her throne of endless art supplies, is this lovely little lady whom I find so captivating.

To finish off with our short time together, I asked her what advice she might have for a young aspiring artist just starting college. She advised to learn from my mistakes, and to be original. I shared with her that in my art class we were learning to follow through with our work even if we made a mistake to learn from it and move on, to which she replied my art teacher is teaching me right. At the end of our interview I even had the opportunity to watch her draw a quick character. Within moments she had an anatomically accurate adorable creature drawn out. This experience by far was one of the highlights of not only this term but of my life.


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For my project 5 Image editing I chose 5 drawing exercises as my theme. I switched themes a few times because I wanted to involve people on a trip I took over the weekend, and I’m learning I keep picking the wrong people. I thought maybe I should stick with something I like to do that I can do alone. I was also drawn to this idea because lately I have been focusing on trying to learn from mistakes and let go when it comes to my art. These drawing exercises really help me to gain accuracy in my art and I enjoy doing them so that is a plus!
I had a few troubles in the making of this, like misspelling the word “exercise” way too many times, and even after the fact not noticing I did it again until after I’d started editing. This caused the exercise shot sequence to not quite match up with the rest of the video. I also ran into and knocked over my tripod three times, and lost the charger to my camera so I was rushed to squeeze in whatever footage I could with the last bar. Using sharpie was a bit hard to accentuate the detail I have the skills to develop in the exercises but for the use of time and lighting, I enjoyed the simplicity.

Terminally Ill


In my audio file, the idea was to tell a story about a teenage boy who gets diagnosed with terminal cancer. Before he finds out, the devil approaches him disguised as a man. He introduces himself as Maurice and says that he is from the Make a Wish Foundation. Because the boy doesn’t know yet that he is terminally ill, he is rude to Maurice, then Maurice leaves. The doctor enters and tells the boy the news. His heart races and then it jumps time, into the next chapter where the boy contacts Maurice to grant his wish. Maurice manipulates the situation and takes the boy to a different realm where the boy looks like an outlaw and is arrested. They wake up in a jail cell, and the boy just wants to go home. Maurice tells the boy that in order to go back he has to recite a chant. Without questioning what they chant does, the boy willingly participates. Once again they transfer realms into hell. The boy tries to ask what is going on but Maurice turns into his real self and devours the boy.

The meaning or lesson behind the story in a really weird and underdeveloped way, is that sometimes someone will walk into you life offering to help sometimes even in your weakest moments. Despite their kind approach, if you are not careful they might turn their back on you and use you for their own benefit. I was excited for this project, but not very happy with the outcome of my work. I had help from a friend with voices, and I wished I would have directed it more and spoke up more about what I really wanted. 

Stories, Advice, and Inspiration from the Outdoors

Erin Outdoors:

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Erin Outdoor’s blog contains stories, advice, and inspiration, as well as tips on gear for traveling and photography. The young blogger/photographer graduated with a bachelors in Visual Arts and Environmental Studies, and hasn’t stopped working hard since. In many of her articles there is a recognizable pattern of optimism and empowerment that urges others to challenge themselves to “live life like they mean it”. It is my dream to incorporate my creativity into traveling and when I read her blog those dreams feel so close to reality. I hope that others might find some sort of motivation or encouragement from this blog, or at least get the chance to see some of her amazing photos.

One of my favorite things about this blog is that there is an option to join her and other guides on trips to different parts of the world. If someone decides to join her on a trip there is a page on her blog with all the tour details. The site is decorated with high resolution photos from the blogger’s travels giving it a very original and simplistic design. The quality of information on this blog is very helpful in many ways. Repeatedly she posts about not giving up. Just keep working and keep trying. She also gives reviews on gear, information on where to get it, and things to expect in different cultures, creating a well rounded inspirational travel/photography blog.



Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane


There’s a zen garden outside, for while your waiting in line.


The first time I entered this room, I also entered  a conversation on apocalyptic Disneyland.


Aside from giant Janga, they also have free popcorn!!!


No picture could grasp all the beauty presented in this space.


Definitely on my to due list to go pick myself up one of these cute little creations.


This girl was so nice when I asked her to be a part of my photo.


I have a picture of myself in this on a college trek a few years ago.


I was trying to quietly take this picture without disturbing the meeting going on with the door open.


It took me way too long to find this room.


Do you see it?


Inside this room is a great computer lab, with even greater chairs.


I love the vibrance the flags add to this building.


I wonder what the turkeys were thinking while I was taking this.

Who, What, When, Why, and Where?


Hello there. My name is Emma Rose. I live with my best friends, Zoey, and Eli in our cozy apartment. I have three sisters, Skyla, Megan, and Maci. I was born and raised in California, but I have lived in Oregon for most of my life. In the past decade I have visited almost half of the United States and eventually I plan on traveling all over the world. Due to my slightly nomadic background, I have been introduced to many different culture patterns and morals. I believe this has impacted me the most in grasping a better understanding of myself and what I want to give and get from the world. My primary interests are music, nature, art, and animals. I also love to snowboard, longboard, dirt bike, rock climb, slack line, photograph, draw, paint, sculpt, travel, and much more. I have been lucky enough to pursue many of my interests including cheerleading, military programs, and flying a plane. I have also done acting, sound production, and worked my way from stage crew to stage manager for my high school theatre program, along with managing a few small local performances. I was lucky enough to manage the largest production our theatre had ever performed. Unfortunately after the show, I released an emergency brake resulting in a $12,000 incident and some insurance problems for my school. Despite my mistake and newfound fear it generated, I continued to fulfill tasks and persevere through the remainder of my time there. I left theatre to get a job teaching me professional, organization, and leadership skills. A year later I earned a promotion and won best of the best for the year. Though I loved my job terribly, I moved to Eugene. I am now majoring in Multi-Media Design, and I just want to be happy.

By: Emma