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When You Were 5 Years Old

My friends were some pretty cute kids, and right away I knew that I wanted to make my project about 5 year olds. I rallied up 5 of my friends and sat them down for about 2 minutes each. In the beginning, I wanted this video to be more sentimental, but after watching my favorite video, –> I decided to take a more sarcastic approach.

This project was surprisingly easy for me. Once I explored the features of my new baby camera, I had so much fun filming and experimenting with different shots. Trust me, I am NO iMovie expert. Whatsoever. Like, mediocre at best. But somehow I filmed and edited this video in one day.

I am extremely satisfied with what I produced, and I laugh every time I watch it. Hopefully my friends like it just as much!

Breaking News about Myself

For this assignment, I decided to tell the story of my birth. The story of my poor mother trying to push my fat yet tiny body out of her is a family favorite and a definite conversation starter.

I didn’t just want to tell the story to a mic, so I decided to present it as a sort of “Breaking News” story. I wanted it to sound like you were listening to the News in the morning as a background noise then heard this story and started paying attention.

I had a lot of fun with this project and messing around with Audacity. At times it was frustrating as I didn’t quickly understand all of the functions, but after reading the manual I was fine. I used sound effects from and

AR003002 2 AR003002

Here is a picture of me at one month. Just look at those cheeks and full fro that I’m rockin’.

Blog Search

Alexandra Eleni

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 11.18.00 AM

Honestly, I am obsessed with Alex’s blog. The simplicity, the elegance, and the attention to detail make me want to have a website exactly like her’s. On her blog, Alex writes about her daily life, work, and weekend adventures.

Alex is a photographer, so it is no surprise that every photo on her blog is beautiful. She edits her photos exquisitely- I am particularly fixated with her use of cool tones. Here are some of my favorites from her weekend trip to Cougar Hot Springs.

_MG_8928 _MG_8994

Alex’s growth as a photographer and blogger are apparent as you keep scrolling. Her blog has really grown over the 2 years I have been following her, and I’m sure this girl is not going to stop anytime soon.

You may say I’m a dreamer…

Growing up, I was always very indecisive as to what I would be when I “grew up”. As the answer to the question changed throughout the years, my interests began to expand as well. As a child of many talents, I cut my dolls’ hair, painted and scuplted with my father, wrote elaborate speeches and recited them to anyone who would listen, and put on dance performances for my family. Throughout my childhood, I was involved in sports, debate clubs, leadership conferences, and the performing arts. My career options that I had laid out for myself included becoming a hairstylist, a singer, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, a comedian (still a very plausible dream),or a lawyer. As college starting approaching, these fantasies began to fade, and I was left with literally (seriously, literally), no idea as to what career path I would choose. It was not until my junior year of high school during the mandatory “Career Day” that I was presented to the world of Public Relations. I thought that my skills and more importantly, my personality fit the major and my future career position options perfectly. I knew how to handle scandals, plan events, and use my voice to aid and inform others. This realistic dream of mine is now within reach, and I believe that gaining more Media Art skills will aid me in my future.