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Mental Health: Lets End The Stigma

For my final project, I wanted to bring to light an important and undervalued issue in the US today: mental health. Today, many people are suffering from mental illness and due to a stigma that they are not normal or functioning human beings, it stops them from seeking out the help that they need. The reality is that we are all unique individuals and should not be afraid or ashamed because of difficulties regarding mental health issues. Many people try to ignore or feel that they are burdening someone else with the status of their mental health, when in reality its a common and serious problem that plagues people’s everyday lives.

Personally, I know countless people who suffer from mental health issues and less than half of them have tried to get the help that they need and deserve. If this video helps at least one person than my goal for this assignment has been fulfilled.

As for the production of this project, I have had a number of setbacks that include lack of equipment and talent, and also getting the flu leading up to this date. Just when I thought that I would be well enough to begin my project, my flu turned into laryngitis thus causing my voice to be lost for an additional few more days. While I improvised and persevered, a part of me is still disappointed that I could not make my final project the one that I had envisioned. However, if this class has taught me anything, it’s that not everything is going to shape up how you thought of it in your head but you continue and make the best of your situation. I’m proud of the project I have created and it has caused me to learn new skills and think in ways that I haven’t before. I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed piecing it together. Thank you all for a great term!

By Dom Moulton

5 Great Athletes Who Wore #5

My goal for this assignment was to get more familiar with Adobe Premiere while honoring some of my favorite athletes. The interpretation of 5 worked out well for me as many of my favorite athletes have worn the number as members of their respective teams. I realized that by the end of the research process for each athlete that I chose that they were in fact all from 5 different sports as well! Many of the facts I chose during my research were meant to intrigue anyone regardless if they are fans of sports or not. I hope you all enjoy learning about some great all-time athletes and individuals!

While it was very frustrating to have 2 of my SD cards memory corrupted while attempting this project, it turned out to be a blessing as this idea was way better quality than my previous projects that were lost. I was very fortunate to have my roommates very nice DSLR camera and tripod to record each sequence.

I found that many of the skills and tools used in Premiere are similar to those found in audio production software such as Ableton or ProTools. While I have never used Premiere I didn’t find the process difficult once I got myself acquainted with its interface. It was a pleasant surprise that I ended up enjoying learning different techniques and styles of video effects and editing.

Mr. Fish: Cartooning from the Deep Film Screening and Skype

Movie poster including many of the awards won.

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art was hosting a screening of Mr. Fish: Cartooning from the Deep as part of their AIFF Best of Fests event. This event has been going on all month long and is screening the best films presented at the Ashland Independent Film Festival. The screening, as well as the films presented all month, were put on by Richard Herskowitz, curator of media arts for Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and artist director for the Ashland Independent Film Festival.

The documentary detailed the life of political cartoonist Mr. Fish and the many struggles he encounters as a cartoonist getting published and finding work. Mr. Fish is known for his obscene and often times outlandish approach to cartooning that has since given him his style and respect throughout the art and publishing community. I found the documentary entertaining and captivating as it gave an accurate and detailed account of what some magazine and newspaper industries are like for artists and others who are struggling to get there work published consistently. Especially for someone like Mr. Fish who maintains the integrity of his work by often not making changes that would censor his work or take away from any of its meaning which includes vulgar language or obscenity like nudity. As a journalism major, who in the future would want to work with the many types of companies presented in this film, showed me the importance of patience and willingness to stand by your work when working in the industry. It was also very interesting to see the life of an artist in which few people may be interested in or even know but is still very much respected and revered in the art community. More importantly, the documentary touched on the divided climate that we find ourselves in during this time and the role of creative people and artists have as a voice and creators to the community against prejudice and other forms of discrimination.

Mr. Fish (Left) and director Pablo Bryant (Right) via Skype.

However the most interesting part of the event was after the film was finished, Herskowitz called both the director Pablo Bryant and Mr. Fish via Skype to ask some questions about the film and life as a cartoonist. The audience and Herskowitz had nothing but praise for Pablo Bryant and Mr. Fish including a political cartooning professor that even wanted to screen and host a Skype call in his own future classes. Pablo Bryant and Mr. Fish were very skeptical and doubtful of the impact and audience that the documentary would attract and were surprised that the film would go on to win multiple awards and fan base in a region such as Southern Oregon and the Willamette Valley. As an art fan, I will certainly be keeping up with Mr. Fish and his future work from watching this film and wish him the best in getting the credit he deserves from his unique style and taste.

Mr. Fish’s website:

Movie Website:

By Dom Moulton

Blog Search: Poynter

Blog URL:

The blog I found is a resource for aspiring and current journalists providing various articles about the do’s and don’ts of journalism in the media today.

This blog features many resources that journalists today should follow, usually in terms of good and bad examples that have been published in the media. They publish articles dealing with various topics such as ethics, fact-checking, resources for finding jobs and many more that are constantly being updated.

Example of Fact-Checking articles:

With the many issues that professionals and consumers have with the news media today, this blog is very well thought out and produced to a higher standard than most news sites since they are trying to educate people about the profession rather than to entertain or inform.

In addition, Poynter also features job opportunities across the country and training events for students and those trying to improve their skills in specific fields of journalism.

Poynter also posts articles that are taking different approaches to articles and covering the news that would intrigue anyone from photographers to aspiring news anchors and broadcasters. Many of the news stories come from many different sources but are targeted for a more national audience making this blog site ideal for any journalist or people simply trying to get better national news selection.

Different approaches:


Job Opportunities:

By Dom Moulton

Resources for Media Arts Students: A Scavenger Hunt!

1. Equipment Checkout Desk

Equipment Checkout desk for students to checkout various tools such as cameras and microphones. Be aware that they have limited supply and hours of operation!

2. Studio in Building 18

Photo Lighting Studio in Building 18. A class was in session and I was unable to photograph the studio with the Blue Cyc Wall. I found this studio classroom fascinating!

3. Center for Student Engagement

Students and Faculty enjoying some delicious popcorn in the Center for Student Engagement. Located on the 2nd floor of the Center Building across from the Library.

4. Main Art Gallery

Art Gallery at Lane Community College. Taken from a corner view. The reflections shown from the glass and wall gave the whole piece a new dynamic that I loved!

5. Art-O-Mat

Very creative idea for an art piece. I’m huge fan of vintage style art especially one as well done and restored as this piece.

6. Reference Desk

Reference Desk located in the Library (Center Building).

7. Silver Statue

Silver statue located outside the Health & Wellness Center. Fantastic modern approach to this area of campus.

8. Cas’ Office

Cas giving a natural pose in her well decorated office! It was great meeting her and everyone in Building 10.

9. Media Creation Lab

Media Creation Lab located in the Library. A lot of room and resources to complete assignments or work with a group!

10. Judy’s Office

Judy Gates working hard for her students! Always willing to help Media Art students get the help and resources they need.

11. Teresa’s Office

Teresa Hughes’ office and her band of creatures. Always watching even when she isn’t here!

12. Student First Building

Beautiful display of the many flags in the Student First Building. Can you name all of these great nations?

13. Creative Shot

My personal favorite sculpture on campus. I think it speaks a lot for what LCC offers it’s students with a wonderful backdrop!

Diversifying Your Skills

My name is Dom Moulton and I have been a student at Lane Community College since Fall 2016. While I entered college unsure and conflicted on what I wanted to study, I have since decided to focus on Journalism- specifically Public Relations at the University of Oregon. Coming into college undecided has been a major break through in finding on where I want to explore and improve my various skills and major of study. While my interest mainly lies in Arts, I have tried to push myself out of my comfort zone to explore various classes such as Ethnic Studies, Sociology, and even Music. I believe in having a wide variety of experiences and skills to not only to find what you’re truly passionate in, but to diversify and understand ideas and people in various interests and career paths.

My personal interests include but are not limited to: sports, drawing, music production, video games, and writing. While I’m not a Multimedia major, I believe in this day and age its important for various people to have basic skills dealing with various types of media, especially for a Journalism major such as myself. I want to apply the skills that I learn from this class into my future experience and journey into my field of study. I’m currently working on meeting people that wish to share and grow off ideas whether being similar to mine or completely different. I look forward to reading posts and working with all of you!