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So You’re an Adult Now…

For my final project I had a few different ideas, the first one being something along the lines of Drunk History (if you haven’t seen that, youtube it. So funny.) Mostly because I’ve been binge watching it before bed every night, and I thought that would be pretty entertaining. However, apparently having a drunk person in your school video project is “not a good idea”…which…okay fine haha. My next idea fell pretty flat and I couldn’t think of a single direction to go in and I was running out of time. So that was cool.
*panic setting in*
Which made me realize: I find myself struggling sometimes, to do the most rudimental of tasks that I’m expected to excel in just because I’m no longer a 12 year old. Like paying bills on time, getting my oil changed, and wearing something other than sweatpants because “looking nice” is a thing too…oops. Whatever.
My family is always like “You’re an adult now blah blah blah” and I’m like “how many marshmallows do you think I can fit in my mouth?”

Thus, my video idea was born: life as a twenty-something year old. I wanted to really get the point across that having everything together, although is expected of you after a certain age, isn’t always the case. In fact it’s almost never the case. I still think I deserve a gold star whenever I can successfully cook dinner without setting the fire alarm off…seriously, I have to take it off the wall and hide it under my comforter before I cook anything. I can French Press coffee like a boss though! *gold star*

So you’re an “adult” now…what does that even mean?

So You’re a Writer…Tell Me More

So for this assignment I chose to do the informational interview with someone from the media arts field. My uncle, Adam Armus, is a writer and producer for TV shows, so naturally my mind immediately jumped to him. I’m going to be honest, I’m not great at interviewing. I have no idea where to start, what questions I should ask, or how to respond to people’s answers to my questions in other ways besides “oh okay. Good answer.”…to every single question. It’s safe to say that if I ever make it in this field, it will not be me having a talk show.

Anyway, now that I have successfully discredited myself, here’s the interview:


Name: Adam Armus
Profession: TV show writer and Exec. Producer
Notable TV Shows: American Odyssey, Heroes, Xena, The Following

So, tell me a little about your job: 

Essentially, I have an overall deal with Universal Studios TV. Universal owns my work for the next 2 years and during this time from I help sell tv ideas to networks and get assigned to produce and write for existing TV shows. Most recently I was assigned to work on Heroes Reborn and just finished with American Odyssey.

I came in halfway through the current season and my job was to help guide the rest of season. It was a bit of a challenge because I was not hugely happy about where it was going before.

Before that I was working on American Odyssey. I was the co-creator and executive producer. I was in charge of the writing, production, post production, and marketing. Essentially I was in charge of everything that had to do with the show, from scripts to costumes to editing. I loved it. I got to go in any direction I wanted to, it was my vision and I got to see it play out which is really cool. It was also a lot of pressure because my decisions were the ones that were up on the screen. It was incredibly gratifying seeing all the episodes make it into the season. Not all shows get that opportunity.

What got you interested?

I wanted to be creative. I was working as a lawyer before this and wasn’t feeling inspired. I really liked TV and was a way to quickly get things seen by a lot of people.

What was the first step that go you where you are today?

I went back to school and took classes on television writing. I knew I liked writing and I thought I knew how to write, and I did, but not for tv. It’s a completely different style of writing than what I was used to. I got to learn how to write different genres. From there was I selected into the WB writer’s program. It was the right situation at the right time and I would consider myself very lucky.

Was it difficult moving your way up? What were your biggest obstacles? 

It definitely wasn’t easy. I put in years of work and worked on a lot of different shows, some good some bad.

My biggest obstacle proved to be working on the show Birds of Prey. I was assigned to this show and was pretty much told what to write. There wasn’t great writing on the show and agencies would associate my work with this show and it made it tough getting hired for the next year. I had to write myself out of the problem. So making sure I was doing writing for any show that I could and proving that I was a quality writer so I could re-market myself.

Favorite show/project that you’ve worked on so far and why?

By far my favorite show to work on was my own show — American Odyssey. With American Odyssey I had creative freedom and was involved in every aspect of the show. Definitely the most gratifying. That and I really enjoyed Glory Days. That was just an overall fun show to write for.

What part of production takes the longest? What about the fastest? 

When creating a whole tv show, the fastest would be production. The actual shooting of the script. It has to go fast because its a lot of money to make the show. It involves hundreds of hundreds of people on a tight schedule so the entire show is usually finished filming in about 7-9 days. Pre-production, so creating scripts, doing casting, building sets, and finding locations — takes the longest.

As far as Post Production goes, so final cuts, effects, sound mixing and editing, takes 2-4 weeks for each episode.


What do you like most about the industry? (or specifically your job?)

A lot of the people I’ve met. I’ve come into contact with lots of creative, interesting people. It’s a very tough industry and very competitive and sometimes fickle. Although there are some negatives to being in this industry, the people I work with are wonderful.

Biggest tips for those looking to go into that field?

For sure: go and study the craft. A lot of people think, “I know how to write a tv script that doesn’t seem that hard,” no. Learn the craft. It’s a lot different than you might think. Also, keep practicing and crafting and get involved. The more you do it the better you become.

5 Ways to Get the Girl

So with this project I actually had several other ideas in mind, but I only had the camera for a limited amount of time, and my roommate was only available for one night so I had to do some improvising. So this “How to Find a Nice Girl” idea was a spur of the moment idea that we came up with while we were talking about one of our friend’s having some dating issues. All I really knew was that I wanted to incorporate some form of light-hearted humor. We needed a second actor for this, seeing as we needed a “girl” to be pursuing, but since I only had my one roommate, and it was made abundantly clear that I was not allowed to be in it, we used a random mask we had laying around. So hopefully the point was still able to get across even though one of the characters was literally just a piece of decorative plastic. So extra kudos to my lovely roommate, Stephanie, for being such a good sport! I’m not great at the whole “filming” thing and I was having some little difficulties with the camera going randomly in and our of focus even though it was on a tripod, and it was picking up the color kind of weird and I wasn’t quite sure how to adjust the white balance from premier. So there’s definitely lots of room for improvement but overall I had a lot of fun filming this project and we had a lot of good laughs trying to make this work. I almost wish I could have included a blooper real because there were some seriously funny things going on behind the scenes.

Lenore – Edgar Allen Poe


Project 4 Audio – Lenore by Edgar Allen Poe

For my audio project I was originally looking for a Stephen King short story to read and add sound effects to. The idea there was to give a creepy effect in the spirit of Halloween. However, as it turns out, “short” stories are actually pretty lengthy. Very lengthy in fact; just short enough to not be called a “novel”. So instead I went with Lenore by Edgar Allen Poe, because he’s a little weird and dark. I honestly should have gotten someone else to read it for me because, realistically speaking, I was probably not the best option. Actually, hearing my own voice is mortifying. Nevertheless, hopefully the dry, monotonous tone of my voice goes along with the theme of Poe’s sullen, dreariness.  As far as the background audio goes, I was a little lost as to what I should include in the background. I initially figured I would just have some creepy strings playing in the background and add a little key sound effects here and there, but I learned that the poem itself has a natural tempo to it that made finding a song a little challenging. I’m pretty green when it comes to audio in general, so this project proved to be an uphill battle, but this was definitely a learning experience and I’m hoping the final product does enough to give some sort of creepy experience.

Can’t Stop Scrolling




Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.33.01 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.37.51 AM

I stumbled upon this blog (among a few others) and was immediately drawn to BOOOOOOM. Their name alone was impactful enough to decide it was worth clicking on. Before even checking out the content I wanted to like it…if I ended up not finding any interest in it I would have been a little disappointed, because with a name like that, you have to deliver. Kudos to BOOOOOOM because the delivery was done. This blog focuses on all sorts of digital art, illustration, animation, photography, etc. They showcase a lot of really interesting pieces, like their most recent post, showing a pencil line depicted as an IV. They have it laid out as an eye grabbing photo or illustration, followed by a very clean-looking button/link to read more on the artist and the art.

The image above is a drawing done by an artist, Ibrahim Resnelli, from Bursa, Turkey. The link features another link to learn more about the individual artist, as well as showing other examples of his work.

I think it’s cool that this blog shows work from artists all around the world. In addition to that I think it’s a very well developed blog aesthetic-wise. It’s a very clean layout, not over-crowded or cluttered like I saw some other blogs were. It’s organized in a very clear and simple way, with topic links that stand out right at the top with zero confusion. They even have their Twitter link right at the very top of the page which was smart.

Overall, I really enjoyed scrolling away through this blog. I almost couldn’t stop, just looking at all the incredible artwork being featured. Very inspiring. Good job, BOOOOOOM.

Media Hunt

So for project 2, we had to go around and take pictures of the handy resources and buildings that are available to us within the Media Arts department. 57 trips up and down several different staircases later and…tada! Bracketed: [What can you do here?]


Media Creation Lab [work on stuff]


Blue Cyc Wall [film stuff]

FullSizeRender 4

Equipment Check Out [check out stuff]


Art Gallery [admire stuff]


Art-O-Mat [um…I don’t know, push buttons, turn knobs]


Reference Center [refer to stuff]

FullSizeRender 6

Silver Statue/Health & Wellness [play peek-a-boo]


Mary Jo’s Office [chat with Mary Jo]


Center for Student Engagement [join a club. Or if you’re feeling frisky: start a club!]


Christina Salter’s Office [get on the ball]


Indy Lab [work on more stuff]

FullSizeRender 2

Students First Building [stop being confused]

FullSizeRender 3

Construction [spy on people ~ keep up the good work, standing-guy!]


Building with the Patterns [I have no idea what building this is…but here’s a picture of it]

Well Hello

By: Dom Guzman

So I guess let’s talk about me. First and foremost, I hate talking about myself, so I’m not entirely sure where to start. I’ve lived in six different states, I play rugby, my favorite food is peanut butter, and I am constantly hungry. Seriously, if you aren’t sure who I am, look around the room…I’m the one that’s probably eating. And if I’m not eating it’s because I already ate all the food I packed for myself.

To break all the important stuff down further: there was no rhyme or reason for the moves, but I’ve lived in California, Tennessee, Illinois, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Oregon (obviously). Oregon is probably my favorite by a landslide. After living in Arizona I’ve come to really appreciate the clouds, trees, and overall “liberalness”…everything opposite of Arizona. I really dislike Arizona. I’ve grown up playing multiple different sports and I started playing rugby when I first lived in Oregon 5 years ago at the University and have been playing ever since. I absolutely love this sport, it’s become a huge part of my life and I don’t know what I’d do without it. Being covered in bruises is kind of my look and I wear them proudly. As far as peanut butter goes, I like it so much that I felt it was necessary to include it while describing myself. Waffles are up there too.

The End.