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HopValley Brewing (Final Porject Winter 2017)

I decided to do my final project on footage I did for HopValley in the past. More of a re-edit.  This project was a blast and one of the first times I used a slider. I worked at the Springfield brewhouse as a kitchen manager and had the ability to wonder around talking to coworkers and plan a short I’ve never done before.

In the beginning I just started filming things and had no order. As soon as I started seeing things fold out in front of me I quickly backtracked and started making shots that match with others. Some of the harder shots were of packaging and the brew tanks.

I was the only one shooting, editing, and planning this short. The feel of it was like a “How It’s Made” series. The audio I grabbed from Youtube Music Library was called Microchip, by Jason Farnham. I always credit the artist, even if there is no copyright. They work hard too! I used a basic Canon t2i, kit lens 18mm-55mm, 50mm, 16mm rokinon fisheye, DIY slider, Bogen Tripod, and a DIY shoulder rig. The shoulder rig wasn’t used, but more of a back up option.

Some of the shots came out shaky looking, which were not on the camera. Kind of a “question mark” there. And the exposure was darker on the fisheye, I didn’t adjust after putting the lens on…dumb mistake. All and all I am pretty happy with the end result. I have a lot more gear now and if I had the chance to remake it I would do a better job.

What did you think?


P5- Image Editing (FIVE)

This project was really fun! I had a scary idea I wanted to do and it started out well, but it quickly became something out of a nightmare and had to switch the subject. I was afraid of creeping everyone out in class. So my girlfriend (Bella)  had a great idea for changing it quickly. She also starred in it along with my lil baby (Serenity)! They both did pretty well considering the camera some what close to their faces and redoing scenes. I asked her cousin if she would act for the green screen section, which ended up being so perfectly acted as a snobby teen… I was happy!

Things I could work on:

-The audio became tricky at times. Using a field recorder made the onboard mic sound like garbage. But I shouldn’t have been using the DSLR mic anyway! More time on that part would have been best.

-The angles where getting difficult because of lack of space. So some things got looked over and cut. Story was up in the air, which lead to a different ending.

-Lighting in some parts where pretty terrible, but maybe I’m the only one that sees it. I also should have denoised the footage. Didn’t have enough time really! ?

All and all, I’m happy with the project. Glad I got to do something creatively!



X4-Professional Practice w/ Ed Aust

For my Image Communication class, we attended a Lecture in the art building on Lanes main campus, with a street photographer named Ed Aust. He was a very quite man from Oakland California with glasses, jeans, plaid shirt, hiking boots, and a very shy domineer. When looking at his work before he began, I was interested to hear the stories behind the photos. Street photography wasn’t a category I was aware of, but naturally I was curious about it and sat awaiting for some more information.

When he began the lecture he seemed extremely nerves about the volume of people crammed in a small open room. Quickly he began to warm up about the topics of the photographs he shot. The most interesting photos were dark, rustic, had an old feel to them with grain, which felt vintage. He said he only used black and white for his photography and recently switched from film to digital SLR cameras. No surprise on the switch, since using film demanded more time and energy devoted to setting up and processing. He mentioned that there are still some that do film, but with him really not getting paid for his Street Art category, he found digital to be faster. Which I totally agree with. Even though film has a supernatural feel to it compared to digital, when it comes down to the time…it is not going to win in that department, unless someone is willing to pay for that time. I will not say that someone wont but now-a-days it’s an extremely fast paced world, which demands fast needs. When hearing about not getting paid for this style of photography I was wondering what he did do for a profession. He quickly answered with Web Design, like he knew somebody was going to ask that question in a matter of seconds, saving himself the time and energy. He did mention he did do other things in photography like Commercial work, weddings, and special events. Web design was his steady work.

When attending his second lecture in the multimedia building, he was more into the business side of how, where, why he got some of the pictures he did with different examples not found in the arts building. I had a rare instance to meet his son that did video editing in California, which I took advantage of for a contact. This presentation he spoke for was well made with examples of work he has done in the past and some recent projects. He went into detail about what makes street photography hard and fun. The hard part for him was about taking a photo of someone passing by or on the bus. For some people its freighting, because of the reaction of the person. What if they don’t want their picture taken, or if they get hostile about the fact. What made it fun was getting the timing right for the best possible photo. Right when somebody jumps while trying to grab a branch to hang onto, for example. To me, that is why I love taking photos. I felt his professional presence was well worth the time spent reviewing and listing too. He would be a really cool guy to hangout with for a day and have a beer talking about photography, video, composition, lens, and all other things media.IMG_20170119_153805.jpgOne of my favorites of the collection.

W17-P4 Audio (Surfer Steve’s Surf Shop)

What I was aiming for with this project was an old 80’s style commercial advertising a Surf Shop down on the beach. A surfer “bro” breaks his board and a fellow surfer comes by to inform him about a new surf shop on the beach.

This project became a little bit of a struggle. I needed another person for the “surfer dude 2” voice and everyone bailed on me. Ended up using my own voice for both parts. Also, ended up not using Audacity and used Audition cc 2015 instead. My experience, when using it before, was complicated. Soon I was able to get going with where I left off. There are a lot of helpful tutorials on Youtube and the Adobes website. Quickly editing through the multitrack mode and levels with switches for adjusting audio sounds. I was quite impressed, since not using it for quite sometime, how powerful the program really was and now has become.

As far as recording, I used the default microphone on the iMac (27inch, Mid 2011). With a little tweeking here and there I was pretty stoked on the quality considering the amount of time I was under. If I could do it over again, I would definitely use a better mic and find dedicated actors.

(W17-P3 Blog Search “The Founder”

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 3.27.44 PM.png

One of my favorite actors is Michael Keaton, not only because of his amazing acting in Birdman, but because he was Batman in the 90’s! I loved the characters he plays. I could list a million different movies he has been in, but I will spare you the long list. Seeing him is what caught my eye and made me want to read this blog post, from this blog site. After I read the review, I noticed another movie I was interested in and was currently in theaters, in the “You May Like These Posts”. So, now I am interest in this site and the material it offers. Reading how other people write, feel, and react to movies is information for a filmmaker, like me, get to know the audience., is a blog about….you guessed it! MOVIES!  This is not a news site, but rather a place to give thoughts and opinions on movies. I love movies, like lots of other people, but finding a site that many people write on is refreshing to see. The community on this blog is big, whether you see comments or not. Listing things into categories of “The Good”, “The Bad”, and “Verdict”. These sections aren’t extremely long, which is nice, and get straight to the point. Also, available are trailers, reviews, posters, interviews, and features.

Some of the things I don’t like about the site are the advertisements. Funny as it is, McD’s was advertising right next to the review, and up top. (Made me laugh out loud actually!) “FREE COUPONS” the advertisement reads! How convenient! It isn’t the worst thing in the world, but I’m picky about that kind of stuff.






HI! My name is Derek!

I’m a very curious person, with many likes and interest’s. I am a father to a beautiful little girl named Serenity, she is my favorite thing about being a father! I’ve been chef for 4 yrs and love food. Managing a kitchen has been an extremely refreshing job, that has taught me a lot about life and  I have skateboarded for 15 yrs at an amateur level, sponsors include: Red Bull, Adio Shoes, Globe Shoes, Ancient Clothing, and boardshops from cities I’ve lived in. I live in Springfield Oregon, but have occupied many different states. I grew up in the Southwest, for about 15 years. Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona have been my favorite places. Oregon has been an amazing adventure as well.

I love to working on cinema projects, photography projects, and creating “anything” media related. I play guitar (terribly), fly quadcopters, make DIY projects, and love learning about new things.

My goal (in finishing Multi Media Design) is to professionally direct, film, edit, create media, and help with the final outcome of a feature film, music video, short film, animation, or whatever it is! I love this work and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life!

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