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Southern California Day in the life

This project was by far my my most complicated and best in my personal opinion. I original was going to do a continuation of my last work out video but unfortunately not all plans come to completion. My friends who original agreed to act again for the project backed out and told me they had absolutely no time to film something amongst all their finals and studying. My other idea I had brought up was possibly making a video about the day in the life of a skateboarder or a surfer. I ended up using my current situation to boost me into an optimal opportunity to kind of keep my foot in both of the worlds I wanted to do. I was traveling home last week for my grandparents 60th anniversary and figured I would film it while I was home. I ended up helping my buddy who I used to work with shoot an advertisement clip for his upcoming Summer Clothing look book for his company he had just began working with again. We ended up calling our friends and got them over and even got our buddies parents to let us use their Lamborghini. Most of the shots were pretty simple and even got to use Elijah camera which is a pretty nice camera. I used my GoPro to get the underwater shots. He helped me achieve some of the solar flares and told me what angles would look best which was good when filming something so Important, it was nice having someone I could ask when confused and direct me. The whole scene is a mini story in itself. It is a look into the lives of what me and my friends do when it is nice out in Southern California while also helping show off some of the clothes. I added the Lamborghini to give the video an idea of a story (Yes it is a bit over the tope but who would pass up an opportunity to work with a Lamborghini). It is like a small peak into a fun day in the sun, which I am sure we have all had but with my friends from back home! I added the quote in the beginning because it perfectly incapsulates all of our love for the water/ocean and what our summers are like. I think overall I am proud of the final product.

Board Design

Interview with Elijah Meredith Head of In-House Design at Boardlams and former owner of Noble collective clothing company (a surf/skateboarding brand based out of Orange County)

I interviewed with Elijah Meredith the head of In-House design at Boardlams. I have known Elijah for quite sometime and he has had some success recently in the graphic design world and landed a pretty cool position. I thought he would be very accessible and the perfect person to interview for this project. It was a pleasure catching up with him and learning about his reasons and inspirations for designing.

Me: So Elijah how did you get your job at Boardlams and what do you like about it?

Elijah: I had been talking to some friends who work in the industry and they knew a higher up here and got me the interview. It turns out they needed someone with my exact knowledge and skill set and it was a plus that I had previously worked in the industry. My favorite part of working here is the flexibility and the fact that I get to do something I consider fun everyday while I work and make a living.

Me: Why did you choose graphic design as a profession and how did you get into it?

Elijah: I chose Graphic design as my profession because it is something I can be creative with and use as my artistic outlet but in a modern job landscape. I got into graphic design because I was always drawing a lot when I was younger, I wasn’t very good but I always loved to create and eventually I realized these tools could help me perfect my artistic tendencies instead of me continuing to draw poorly. I then started the lifestyle clothing brand Noble Collective which I eventually sold to someone near the end of high school.

Me: What is your biggest inspiration for your work?

Elijah: Well for the most part I get inspired by other designers work and books, magazines, pop culture, skateboarding and all that typer of stuff. A good amount of the time I am also working with customers artwork so being inspired isn’t always key but you need to keep that creative flare going because sometimes the customer may want your input on a design or help you fix it or add to it. The creative process never really stops.

Me: Last question. What would be your piece of advice for other prospective graphic designers?

Elijah: Okay wow where do I start. When you first start designing and tinkering with the programs it is going to seem super difficult and an incredibly daunting task but trust me it is so worth it. Put in the hard work and use all of the resources that are available to all of us on the internet, that is where you are going to figure out a lot of the tough stuff that seems extremely difficult. As long as you work hard and constantly absorb inspiration from the material and world around you and work to you maximum abilities, you will be successful and it will all pay off.

Some basic layouts of a Board that Elijah will design and print on.


Get shredded in 2 weeks

This project I definitely had some help making. My buddy Harry, the one in the track suit is pretty good at filming and told me he would help me and star in it so it worked out pretty well. My 5 concept is the 5 parts that make a perfect corny workout video. Also excuse the language it was necessary for emotional intensity.

Step 1. Corny outfits- This step was pretty easy to achieve because the outfit being worn in the video is the actors room mates ski outfit.

Step 2. The Horrible Music- Every good workout video or informercial has some horrible rock/metal guitar behind it. It is a staple.

Step 3. Intense Graphics- Partially inspired by an example shown in class I wanted to include some sweet graphics (Flames and explosions). Really ties it together.

Step 4. Food and Diet advice- These workout videos are always trying ton push some sort of random food advice on you and sometimes you gotta just eat eggs.

Step 4. New Workout catch-This is a big one. Most every workout video or informercial likes to claim some new way to workout. So we stripped it down with a classic way to workout with a new twist.

Giant Inflatable Gorilla

I chose to make a cheesy Radio Car commercial. I have literally always heard them on the radio for as I have been alive, some corny music playing in the background and all these deep voiced men sounding lazily excited about the car deals a local dealership is offering. It is kind of funny to me. I chose Nissan of Huntington Beach just because that’s where I’m from and I chose Nissan because the only car accident I have ever been in was in a Nissan so it kind of just popped into my head. It was fun recording and I did not get it down perfectly but voice acting the funny radio voice was a good time. I had trouble sounding exactly the same each time I would stop recording and start again but I got it the best I could. The rock music in the background is something I have had for awhile that I used to make a commercial with in high school, I had bought it so I have the rights to it and it fit perfectly. I like the program because it is pretty straight forward and user friendly but It also has some weird quirks that I did not understand.

Hypebeast/ Hypetrak

Hypebeast is my blog of choice because of its constantly updating posts and it really ties into my interests and what I want to eventually do. Hypebeast is a blog that focuses on all aspects of fashion, culture and lifestyle and hones in on styles and brands, from streetwear to high-end and from  barely established to well-known. I have been reading this blog since I was a freshman in high school and it has influenced a lot of what I wear and design today. I have watched Hypebeast grow quite a bit as well, when I first started visiting the site their was just postings and forum discussion. 

The site functions very smoothly and efficiently and uses a great base white format and lets the posting shine instead of a flashy background. The blog always posts a full new page of information everyday and their postings are clear and concise. They have all their specific categories on top so if you are looking for one specific aspect of fashion or culture they have a tab for your exact niche. Hypebeast used to also incorporate music into their website but have now split into two different entities. Hypetrak is an offshoot of Hypebeast that specifically deals with music and all the artists and characters in the music world. 


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Movie Posters in the Indie Lab

John Casares

Hello all! I am John Casares I’m 21 years old and am one of your fellow classmates in Introduction to Media Arts. I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California which is a beach front city in Southern California sandwiched in between Los Angeles and San Diego (in Orange County if you know where that is). I went to my first two years of college in San Francisco and was studying Graphic Design. I loved Graphic Design and the city but had wanted to come to the University of Oregon since the beginning of high school so I packed my bags and transferred. I am now enrolled in both UO classes and Lane classes. 

I grew up in Southern California so I was constantly surrounded by the skateboarding and surfing culture. I have always loved logos and design but these type especially peaked my interest. In 2013 I started my own lifestyle clothing company with one of my best friends Taylor. Our company is called Delite USA, a clothing company that is committed to creating genuine apparel & equipment in the US that will enable artists and athletes alike to push the boundaries of their respective field. I have been running this for 4 years now and could not be more excited to see where it goes. 

Here is me in San Francisco wearing one of my companies hoodies.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 2.33.47 PM.png