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Adopting a Dog.


My husky and I first crossed paths back in November of 2015. When I saw him laying in a cage among eight other huskies that were howling and crying while chewing on their cages, he was laying there not making a sound and just staring at me. When I asked about his story a lady named Victoria told me all about the Goliath Mountain Rescue (GMR) initiative.

GMR specifically houses Huskies, German Shepards, and Malamutes. These beautiful dogs are often given up because of their size and how high maintenance they can be.

The dog I was looking at had a tag ‘Collin’ but he wouldn’t respond to it, Victoria told me Collin was found as a stray in Los Angeles. when they found him he was aggressive and would try to escape from every enclosure.

When I looked at him through his cage I cant explain how it felt, but I knew it was very likely I would be taking him home. When I took him on a walk just around the Petsmart we were at, I fell in love.

through three years I have never felt so attached to something. I changed his name to Bolt and he actually responds to it  now. Adopting Bolt has changed my life for the better; though at times he absolutely drives me crazy, he also is by my side through the darkest of times.

I made this video to try and capture the feeling of helping the truly helpless. my actor was one of my best friends from my childhood and at times i felt like Bolt was easier to work with than him because I’m just not the director type and we constantly were goofing off. plus, laughing didn’t help with the shaking of the camera.

That brings me to the largest problem I ran into with this video, the shaky camera. I rented a GoPro Hero from LCC and was warned, but this was my first time ever using a GoPro. the worst part was that you had no clue how good a shot was until you attached it to a computer. Most of what I had filmed was absolutely terrible!

The Southern Oregon Humane society is not where I originally got Bolt but is the animal shelter in my home town of Medford Oregon. The Faculty was not allowed to let me take Bolt past the front desk so another problem occurred but was easily fixed in editing.

Thanks  to a lot of help from Kyle Whitaker and Chris Ortloff I was able to work through my shaky camera issues. The actual production was actually far easier simply because I became familiar with Premier. Adding transitions, trimming footage and creating a time lapse was actually kind of fun. I am pretty satisfied with my finished product and think my understanding of video editing has greatly improved.

David Galbreath's media blog 2018-11-08 12:43:00

Five Terrible Rules To Being a Cook was more fun to shoot than edit. Editing this short movie was the first time I have ever worked with Premier or any other video editing software and I think that showed! nevertheless, I really did enjoy the creation of the project; there is just something so rewarding about creating something from nothing.

My coworkers at The Glenwood Cafe were more than willing to help me out with the filming and I couldn’t ask for better help. I personally had the hardest time trying not to laugh while holding the camera. I have been making a living out of being a cook for the past 5 years and can say that there are traits all cooks seem to have. I decided to make a satire of these traits that happen behind the scene of most restaurants.

In the post production for the video I had many ideas of what I wanted to do of fun transitions and such, but of course I have never worked in the field so my vision was far beyond what my skill could produce. I did the best I could after running into a few roadblocks to say the least (this final project was my 5th attempt at editing this video… ironic right?). I learned that editing videos requires a lot of knowledge of the software you are using, and not only that, but these programs are alwasys evolving and adding new material to use.

special thanks to Kyle and Chris for helping me with premier. YOU’RE THE REAL MVP’S!

Music source:

“Crinoline Dreams” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Becoming a sports reporter

IMG_33141 Jarid Denney on Target field during Pre-game with his press pass.

My goal is to one day be a reporter. I am undecided on what field I really want to devote myself to, so talking to professionals in my potential career field has offered me insight and helped narrow my choices. Jarrid Denney is the sports reporter for the Minnesota Twins, and he was kind enough to talk to me on a really fun hour and a half phone call. He’s a really rad guy.

Jarrid is currently writing for the Major League Baseball team the Minnesota Twins, but when I asked him if that was his favorite team he told me he’s a Yankees fan. Apparently when you apply to be a reporter you apply to the entire MLB. From there the MLB will sort you into a team that has availability, so it’s no guarantee that you will actually write for the team(s) you love.

I asked Jarrid what his most memorable moment as a sports reporter was and he told me it was when he was with U of O’s The Emerald. He was assigned to cover the college basketball Final Four. Anyone who knows their sports knows that the Final Four event is college basketball’s Super Bowl. Even then, he said he covered the Olympic trials and was able to meet world renowned athletes. U of O has given him a lot of good times but when I asked if the most valuable part of his resume was from The Emerald  he surprisingly said ‘no’.

The Torch newspaper at LCC is where Jarrid started his career path and he says he owes a lot of credit to the paper. When he left The Emerald for the MLB he started working for the Diamondbacks. “They said (the employer for the Diamondbacks) they were more impressed by me starting at the Torch” he said. “It showed them I was willing to go through the dirty work.” I just started working for the Torch and after hearing this I honestly am looking forward to what is to come.

Now, I know it can’t all be great so i asked what the hardest parts to overcome as a reporter are. I was just hoping to find out what kind of obstacles to look out for and stay on top of. Well, like all writers the stability seems to be the hardest part. Jarrid told me that his time with the Twins is about up and now he will be on the job search again. There’s always jobs to be had he says. Sometimes he’s happy  getting paid for smaller stories like high school sports of lower division college games but he’s always looking for opportunity for a sold salary. A lot of work in this field he tells me is done in paid internships that are amazing for resumes but are very temporary. So the hardest part is finding a job that you can settle down in and not shift every couple years.

My talk with Jarrid has me extremely hyped up to pursue  a career in journalism. He surely didn’t sugar coat some of the darker sides of the profession but offered so much knowledge of experiences he has had. Jarrid was extremely kind and even offered to help edit some of my article for the Torch and I intend to take him up on that!

Life of a Workaholic.

With this assignment I originally thought I’d add sound effects to some amazing slam poetry i recently found but being unable to willingly write my own poetry for class I decided to add sound to a short story I wrote. I morphed the story into a recital form so it didn’t sound like i was reading an essay aloud. With sound added to a story I hoped to add depth into the basic acts of the day. The story wrote itself but it became difficult to find the exact sounds i wanted.

The story involves the surroundings and the ambient noise in the background. i wanted a more real life feel instead of cartoon-y background music. with this story i hoped to take the listener into the head of a single guy that is often called a workaholic. Always moving with something to do and minimal breaks, I hope this might be relate-able to at least a few others out there.

Found it! is an amazing blog for the new age of journalism. In this blog Adam Tinworth teaches journalism for the new age of writing. He describes how to adjust with the new media such as web design and social medias. Adam is a teacher of Journalism in the UK and has been a working journalist for 20 years. He has ran a blog for 15 years and continues to give tips and tricks he learns along the way. Screenshot (1)

As you can see he includes brilliant quotes and articles from the past that are still proven to be relevant today. With two decades of journalism experience under his belt he has had to adapt to the new age of writing for the web. Newspapers used to be the package of articles everyone had to read for the news, but with the introduction of the internet newsrooms were forced to shift dramatically into the digital age. Screenshot (51)

In his blog, Adam discuss’ events in the UK and showcases panels of elite journalists and professors. He gives invaluable insight that not many people have access to for free! OneMan&HisBlog even discusses how media arts has shifted how we deliver the news. This blog has endless knowledge on the in’s and out’s of how journalists work. I would recommend this site to any entry level journalist or even someone interested in the production of the news.

Screenshot (50).png

Scavenger Hunt


Blue Cyc Wall. 

You can totally climb the latter in this room if you have a camera in your hands.

Center of Student engagement 




This popcorn is F R E E, and pretty dang good.

Art Gallery

Wonderful works of art from students here at Lane.


I have no idea what this thing is or was used for.

The Reference counter in the Library.

where you can go to find help looking up or verifying a source.

Silver Sculpture

this piece of art has some cool quotes engraved onto it.

Ingram’s office

This dude is really cool about getting his picture taken!

Media Creation Lab

another room of computers in the library

Judy Gate’s Office

awesome counselor! very helpful with any scheduling needs.

Teresa’s Office

These ceramic sculptures are pretty cool! i love the cyborg frog!

Students First Building.

a beautiful display of nations flags from around the world!

a really mad turkey.

this turkey is not a happy camper as I chased it in and out of bushes…


how did i get here?

chargers profile pic Hello everyone, my name is David Galbreath and am not the type of person that enjoys talking about himself so this will probably be pretty short… i was born and raised in Medford Oregon and moved to Eugene 3 years ago. I just celebrated my twenty fifth birthday by seeing my favorite band (The Foo Fighters) at the Moda center in Portland.

Currently, I’m in school to become a sports or investigative journalist. my dream would to be a reporter for my favorite NFL team the LA…*cough cough san diego* Chargers. Simultaneously i am also very interested in the Esports scene. It’s new and rising even earning spots on ESPN prime time air. I would love to be a contributor to the rise of Esport gaming and its entrance into mainstream entertainment. This is due to the fact that I play way to much of one video game, Rocket League… don’t  even ask I could go on for hours.

by the end of this class i hope to have an understanding of how to you some editing software. I currently have NO clue what editing tools even look like and am excited to learn some skills I feel I have been putting off for some time now.

by: David Galbreath