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Dear Subconscious,

I had a different idea entirely when I first started this. I was super determined to do something about my beloved little dog Bear and his unique “Schipperke” breed. I tried to get this project rolling for a solid week or so, video taping and preparing scripts, uploading them into my editing program and re-arranging them again and again…

To no avail. No matter what I did — nothing was working. It was boring. It was bland. It didn’t make sense. Voice over wasn’t working — NOTHING was working. Between finals, the prospect of moving, work, and other things… I didn’t feel creative enough to crank something viable out for this project and it was stressing me out every day.

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but stress in my life generally translates over into nightmares. A good night’s sleep is just too much to ask for. Out of frustration one morning from waking up from a particularly horrid dream, I went onto my Facebook and posted this:

Dear Subconscious,

Shut up. No one likes your passive aggressive nightmares.

Later that evening it dawned on me — I didn’t need to be creative and magical and super detailed — I could just be real. Real with myself and real with my feelings. That’s how my art comes alive… when I can recognize the bad just as much as the good. And these feelings definitely felt bad.

So I decided to have a very real conversation with my subconscious right then and there, and thus, “Dear Subconscious,” was born.

Professional Interview: Journalism with Justine Griffin

Unravel01I had the pleasure to interview a friend of mine via e-mail for this project, Justine Griffin, who wears multiple hats in her professional field of journalism! Not only is she the Editor of an online magazine called Unravel, but she also juggles working for Herald Tribune Media Group, a digital and print news organization owned by Gatehouse Media as a projects editor and projects team manager. The Herald Tribune serves as a market to just about 95,000 people in Southwest Florida! Griffin happened to mention that right now is a particularly crazy time for her at work because it will be her last week working for Herald Tribune, and as of next week she will be working as a reporter for the Tampa Bay Times newspaper. Talk about a busy schedule!

I met Griffin online on a writing site years ago and we’ve kept in touch ever since. She currently lives in Florida and travels all around the country interviewing people for stories, as well as speaking at country-wide conferences about social media and how it is an important reporting tool in the industry. Ever since graduating from the University of Central Florida she’s been working for media related companies.

Even though I work in a traditional “news” setting, we have many visual arts on staff that design our online projects and print editions. We also hire videographers and photographers who shoot documentary-style video stories,” Griffin explains.

She also meets with several advertisers and brainstorms every day with her team about what topics they want to cover. Sounds pretty cool, right? Griffin thinks so too! The social aspect of her job seems to be the most rewarding for her. “I love that every day is different. Sometimes I’m traveling across the country to meet new people for stories. I talk to so many different people, most have very inspiring stories.” As much as she loves it, Griffin also takes a moment to explain why this field might not be for everyone. “The pay isn’t great and the industry isn’t always stable. As the news business transitions to online from broadcast and print, I’ve experienced layoffs in many of the newsrooms I’ve worked for. Also, the hours aren’t always great. We work most holidays. It takes an aggressive person who is really passionate about what they do to work in journalism.”

So what does it take to become a professional in this industry? How do you get to become an editor of your own online magazine? It’s all about who you know, not necessarily about where you come from. “Journalism is a little different in that you don’t need to come from a traditional background to find a job in this field. Creative, driven people with leadership qualities tend to do the best. A lot of the writers I would with have a variety of backgrounds. Some of the business reporters have finance and economics degrees. Others have visual arts, English, or liberal arts degrees.”  Griffin also explained how important it was to have experience. Freelancing is great and so are college internships. They help open doors before you get hired at a media company full time! So what’s the next step after that? Your portfolio!

Griffin was nice enough to explain the portfolio process and talks about how using media is important in getting yourself out there. “Your previous work is more important that your resume. You can share video and on-air pieces through services like Vimeo and Youtube. My portfolio showcases my written work, editing work and video work that way.” She was kind enough to show me her portfolio and it is impressive! No wonder Griffin works so many places; they would be silly not to want her on their team!

I thanked Griffin for her time and asked if she had any last pieces of advice for anyone interested in pursuing this field.

“Do what you love! And don’t be afraid to try new things.”

Thanks Justine, we’ll try!

Draw my Life – Short Story “Annie”

So there was this trend on youtube a while back called “Draw My Life”… where you would draw your life on a whiteboard and then narrate to your drawings! I saw one a few weeks ago and really wanted to try it. It’s a lot harder than it seems and there’s so much editing to do 🙁 Before I was finished I thought “This is a neat project but I’m not doing something like this again.” But when I saw the finished product I thought it was pretty spiffy and might consider sometime in the future of doing something like it with a few different approaches/techniques.

The story I wanted to tell is my own! It’s based on how I got my very first dog Annie and the struggled/triumphs we both went through. As a little kid I only ever wanted a dog, and as a dog Annie only ever wanted a person to love! She’s pretty old now, almost fifteen, and is slowing down noticeably. I’m glad I was able to do a tribute for someone so important in my life!

Annie Voice Over -League of Legends

For this audio assignment I decided to re-do a voice over for a character named Annie from the computer game League of Legends. I have a fondness for the game and wish to work at Riot Studios one day, so I thought I would do something related to that goal! The character Annie is a dark little mage girl who has the powers of fire. When she was even younger she managed to tame a giant Shadow Bear named Tibbers and sealed him into a stuffed bear doll that she can summon at will! Scary.

I think the hardest part of this assignment was figuring out the pitch of the audio and the amplifier. Annie has a very high pitched voice and when you make it too high, it sounded very automated and squeaky. Half the time the entire audio itself was way too loud, but towards the end I think I managed to get everything fairly even… I don’t think I’ll attempt to record something so high again, it hurts your head and throat after a while!

My goal was directed at getting the phrases to sound like a little girl who, though seemed innocent enough, isn’t afraid to set you on fire! It was also difficult to find some sound effects that weren’t super cheesy. In the end I decided to ditch the effort of making it realistic and go for more comedic ideas instead, like adding the human scream. I’m not sure how exactly it pulls together and though I’m not quite sure what I’d do to fix it yet, I know that I would like to make some changes to it once I become more familiar with the audio program itself.

Overall it was a fun project and change of pace. Yay, Tibbers! Grrr!


The Iron Clown Studios

I am so very honored to say that I am friends with this magnificent artist! Illustrator, designer, concepts – Danny Hirajeta does it all. He’s worked on album covers for bands (CD artwork/album books), made his own tarot card decks, journal covers, comics, and has been selling his own prints for as long as I can remember.

His site is simple & basic. It’s beautifully framed by some of his work and his logo and studio name stand clear and visible for you to see when you first enter the site. Tumblr is his blog server of choice, though I also happen to know he has a Facebook page as well. Unfortunately the only way to find this out is if you google it, as the goober doesn’t have any external links and/or contact information for people who are interested. I would say that is a huge benefit lost for him — many people who look at it might want to get in touch with him and not know how, especially if they don’t have a Tumblr on their own.

Despite the lack of artist information on there I’d say there are several other informative qualities about his blog. It’s an excellent place to see examples of exquisite rules of design and color put into practice. His line work is gorgeous, his composition equally complimentary, and the shading beautifully done. It’s a great site to come see examples of professional design & illustration!

There isn’t much text involved but he does put little blog excerpts into every art post he makes. Sometimes they contain links or relevant information about the piece, but overall I wouldn’t say this is a life-story blog with lots of text. Instead it functions more like a portfolio where his blog is told in pictures and stories, and though it may not give you an insight into every personal thing he’s up to these days it always keeps you coming back wanting more! Eye candy. Beautiful, morbid eye candy. Who doesn’t want that, right?

Valuable Resources for Media Arts Students @LCC

CAM01326Need a Hughes? Just add hot water!


This is the place to go if you’re ever feeling a little blue.
CAM01322Ever just want to check out for a little bit? These guys will help you with that!
CAM01346Guardian of the Art Gallery. You shall not pass! (But please, do come visit!)
CAM01347What a strange contraption… Come poke at it some time!
CAM01308That homework got you stumped? Yeah, me too.
CAM01350Aliens have visited the health and wellness center. Someone should look into that…
CAM01342A very important room indeed. And hey, look! Figure drawing!
CAM01354What time does your bus come again? Better hurry!
CAM01356Just your friendly Academic Adviser!! 🙂
CAM01333Media Arts Indie Lab. Very fashionable place to get some work done.
CAM01336Ever wonder if you’re in the main building or not? Well, here’s a little flag for you…
CAM01339What a lovely view of campus! Oh, wait…

Typical college student? Maybe.

But what’s typical these days, anyways? Hi, my name is Christa Antoniak and “I’m an art student!” I don’t know what that means anymore or what exactly goes with the title – or maybe I do and that’s why I’m avoiding owning up to it entirely, but that’s alright. College students are weird – the art ones even more so! I guess that’s not such a bad thing. I’ve always been a bit of an oddball. It doesn’t help that I stick out like a sore thumb since I’ve moved to Oregon.

I’m a native Californian. Do you know what that means? It means I’m used to sun. Or rather – I expect it. My expectations fall short quickly these days as far as the weather is concerned.

When I moved up to Oregon a year ago I brought my job with me. Retail, of course. Most of you have probably known that story sometime in your life. (Do any of those stories have happy endings?)

I brought my dog up here, too. He’s weird just like I am. Small, fluffy, and an sometimes adorable. His name is Bear and his is a “Schipperke”, which literally means ‘little captain’ in Flemish but I’m convinced means ‘smallish dog-like creature that is actually a cat’. I also have a cat with dog like qualities named Batman, a chinchilla, & a tree frog.

Currently my plan is to stay up in Oregon a few more years and get a two year degree from Lane in Media Arts. Eventually I want to work in pre-production on animated films and my goal in life is to get my name in the credits of a large motion picture, even if it’s just as ‘coffee runner’.

A few of my art pieces are in a local gallery in Eugene called ‘Custom Cranium’ and my first piece just sold a few weeks ago. How exciting!