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I can’t believe we made it to the end of the term! Jumping into this project, I had no clue what I wanted my topic to be about. There were so many options that I could have picked but eventually brought it down to one. Because it was spooky season, at the time I wanted to do something a little creepy. Having the ability to use my GoPro, I decided to video my project as if it were in the view of a security camera. I took this video in the back of my work were it was a little dark and gave off a weird mood. In the process of videoing, I ended up dropping my GoPro and braking the glass lens. This created a cool effect that you can notice on the side of the screen. Other then breaking things, the video took me about three hours to shoot, and five hours to edit. My actor is Corey Mayberry, he is from my work. I really had a good time with it, and i’m satisfied with how it turned out. I used the website for my music, and for my sound effect. Breaking down my video, I only have four shot positions that i take the video from. Every five seconds the video changes from one camera to the next as if it was rotating through. Each camera is labeled ether, camera1, camera2, camera3, camera4, and they all have the date in the top right corner. The video starts off with just a normal cycle through all four of the cameras with nothing strange going on. As time go’s on things start to get a little weird. Shadows, movement, and all sorts of unnatural things start to occur. I don’t want to say to much, you’ll just have to watch. I loved doing this project, and i’m quite sad it is over. Hope you enjoy.     

Credit List

Shot by- Christopher Ortloff

Actor- Corey Mayberry

Edited by- Christopher Ortloff

Music and sound effects- Freemusicarchive and 

Shot at- Splash at Lively Park


Five reasons people love Splash.

When we first got assigned this project, I was super excited to start it. Coming into it, I had no idea what I wanted to pick the main subject. I ended up making this video about three times, but each time it was different. After hours of thinking I finally landed on an idea. I picked the Five reasons people love Splash. I would have to say that I am satisfied with my final project, But I would have like to have made it more exciting. When it comes to editing, I always lose track of time and I fall through the world of Premier pro. I have been editing on this program for about four years and I plan on continuing to use it. When I was filming my video, I spent about two hours trying to get the shots that I wanted. Because it was at a pool, I was really able to have fun with it. Also, because I work here, all the staff were pretty relaxed about me going around and videoing everything. This made my job a lot easier. My goal was to communicate/advertise why this pool is such a fun place and why people like to come. Hopefully I was able to communicate that with my views.

Sophie Alexander Interview

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 11.59.13 PM.png

As we all know, I love photography. Any chance that I get, I always love talking to other photographers. Three days ago, I interviewed a person whose work I love and always look up to. Sophie Alexander is a local photographer who specializes in weddings and travel documentary. She has been in photography for two and a half years, and she plans on continuing with this passion for the rest of her life. Starting off as a hobby, photography came easy to Sophie as she has an eye for what looks perfect in a picture. When I asked her about how difficult her job is, she answered by telling me that what she enjoys is easy, but what she doesn’t is hard. When it comes to taking photos, Sophie loves her job, but as soon as it comes to the business management, she begins to stress. This hard-working student does best under pressure and will always love to have her one-man business. Being able to manage her own schedule and work flow is a massive benefit and she thoroughly enjoys the capability to do so. When I asked her where she saw herself in ten years, she didn’t quite know. She plans on being a successful wedding photographer by then and maybe even have moved to Africa to follow her dream of documentary. Sophie has already been to Africa, and she thrives in the different lifestyles of what is around her. Getting to more of the local side of her work, I asked what she thought was the most important part of making a customer happy with her work.“The most important thing one can do is to fully communicate with your client and always ask lots of questions.” She stated. Making sure you know what the customer wants is number one priority. Over her two and a half years of working in this field, Sophie has gradually increased in skill and business. At times her job will flatline, but it always begins to pick up pace after some advertisement. When it comes to getting herself out into the world of business, sometimes it is very hard her to promote what she has to offer. Publicity is one of the biggest factors for a photographer, so when nothing is being prompted, no business will be made.  The last question I chose for this photographer is a question that is always asked at some point in time. This question determines whether or not this person is your friend or your foe. Do you like Cannon, or Nikon cameras. In this case, Sophie is a Cannon user and maybe that’s why her and I got along so well. Looking back over her business, I can say that she is very successful and very good at what she does. Her passion for this job is what lets her strive and succeed with photography. Along with her positive attitude, Sophie Alexander is by far one of the top photographers that I personally would choose for any work that I need done.

Her website is-


When I first jumped into this project, I was really excited to get right into editing. I had so many ideas on what topic I wanted to choose for this assignment, I had a really hard time picking what I wanted to do most. So I chose to do a short story that was about kindness. I used Adobe Audition to edit all my work. I found it really easy to line up everything in the way that I wanted and with what sounded good. When i first started recording, I began to hate the sound of my voice. After a few hours of editing, I got past that point and started to enjoy making this story. I used many different sound effects and even created my own. I ended up downloading a lot more sound effects then I used. I went to many different websites to get my sounds and music and I plan on going back to get more for further projects

My sites that I used.  


and I also created my own.

Free Music Archive: Instrumental was where i got the song.

I hope you enjoy. Thanks!

Blog search!

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 11.25.19 PM

“CLICK IT UP A NOTCH” is the name of the blog that I found for this project. This blog focuses on good tips and styles for one’s photography. The creator of this site is Courtney Slazinik, a photographer who loves sharing her work with the world. Courtney loves taking photos of her children and her daily life, but she also loves helping others fully understand their DSLR’s.


In the blog, there are many different topic options one can choose. From lighting, to senior photos, she teaches a little bit of everything. The reason I chose this blog is because I to have a passion for photography and I will take any chance to learn something new when I can.


When first opening the blog, viewers will notice how nicely organized the website is set up. The simplicity and cleanness of the design really makes it easy for users to find their way around the blog. I strongly believe this is a professionally made site because of the content that is displayed to the user. For example, not only does she help people with the camera side of thing’s, but she also gives a large amount of help with Lightroom editing. She teaches how to correct skin color and lighting and many more things that amateur  photographers might not know as well as others.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 7.44.22 PM


I’m constantly reading all her work and I would love to share her skills with anyone looking for more. If you want to check what she’s all about, all you have to do is go to this link.

Scavenger Hunt at lane.

Man was this fun! I had no idea where some of these things were across campus. I really loved being able to walk around with my classmates explore the college.

This first place was easy to find because iv been in building 18 many times

1) The Equipment checkout counter where Media Arts students checkout gear – bldg 18


The blue was is always fun to work with.

2)The Studio with the “Blue Cyc Wall” – bldg 18


I went back to take photos of this room about three times because they always have some great popcorn.

3) Center for Student Engagement in the Center building


4)The main Art Gallery on campus


When i first found this, I had no idea what this was or how it works. If anyone knows what this is, please tell me.

5) The Art-O-Mat


6) he Reference counter in the Library or other “identifier” in the Library.


When you walk around the Lane campus, the first thing you notice is all the art around the college. From paintings to sculptures, the beauty is everywhere.

7) The large silver sculpture that sits outside of the Health & Wellness building


If you ever get a chance, Ingram is an amazing guy over in the art department that you should talk to.

8) Ingram’s office (The Arts division Office Specialist – Building 11)


9) Media Creation Lab in the Center building


10) Judy Gates’s office (She is your advisor for Media Arts)


Teresa is an amazing teacher, who’s office is over in building 18.

11) Teresa’s office – bldg 18


12) The flags or other “identifier” inside of The Students First building


I have no idea where i took this picture but its somewhere under the college.

13) A Construction shot.


F18-P2 Scavenger Hunt

This is Me

Greetings everyone, my name is Chris Ortloff. For my first post, I am going to fill you in on who I am and what I love best in life.

I was born in Medford, Oregon on October 15, 2000. Ten months later, I was adopted by an amazing loving family with whom I live with now. I’ve grown up my whole life in a Christian home and have been blessed to have found peace with God. At the age of three, I was introduced to quadding and four-wheeling and from there on I have never given up my passion for riding.

Growing up, I was always able to just go outside and live in the wilderness, thanks to our three-acre property on the side of a hill. At age 7, I came home from public school and was homeschooled all the way until I graduated high school. Being home schooled had its ups and downs. I was able to have a flexible schedule and study some extra topics that I wanted. In the end, I look back on it with good memories.

Freshman year of high school was the first I had ever picked up a camera, and soon after I had fallen in love with taking photos. I took a few classes on DSLR cameras and eventually I bought my own. As the years went on, both my skill and passion for photography got stronger, so I decided to turn it into a career goal. I bought a Canon 6D full frame camera along with a lighting setup and was soon doing photo shoots weekly. I did family photos, senior pictures, and even was a backup shooting for a wedding. I added this to my busy schedule of high school studying and holding a job at Willamalane as a lifeguard and swim instructor.

I plan on continuing with photography for the rest of my life, so I have chosen to get a degree in multimedia design. After graduating from LCC, I intend to become a flight attendant and travel the world with my camera.

By Chris Ortloff