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Blooming Good Time

This was a lot of fun. I love Photography from finding shots to editing. I wanted to have some video to go along with the stills but the format is different. I went a head and added  a sunrise and sunset to give it a little something different. It seemes to go well with the stop motion type assembly I added to the image. I got to spend a lot of time outside (which is a big bonus in my book). Watching and waiting for Nature to put on a show just for me.I think the being patient is important other wise you will get frustrated and lose a moment. Now I will share it with you.


Inspired by the power of FIVE

Wow what an adventure in editing. This is my first attempt at video production and it was way more work than I expected. All the shots I wanted vs all the shots I actually got, well lets just say there was a big difference.I wanted to have a group of five , playing five card stud, and someone wins with with five fives. I know there are only four fives per deck of cards, but that was not the issue. Getting five people to get together for an hour that matches the time I am available was the biggest issue. So that idea got minimized to dealing out the cards, which worked out okay. Another idea was to have my little one to roll five dice and get five fives in a roll. That was a long time waiting for a roll that never came. She rolled fours, threes, twos multiple times but no fives. I tried to edit a clip together of a roll then before they stopped completely put in five fives, but that had too much shift to look good so it got left out. I did enjoy spending time getting multiple shots of the same set up with the thought of editing them together. Different angles really make a difference in the idea and feel of the overall video. Most did not make the cut, two minutes is really short when you start putting 50 plus clips together.

Pinky Toe of Steel

I started to make a fun adventure with my kids as actors playing the roles that they always play. The two princesses running the castle which is a school of magic and normal school of cooking. But as I have found out, the wise words of W.C. Fields are true, “Don’t work with animals or children.” When I needed them to talk and be ready, no one was. When I wasn’t ready they were speaking rivers of gold. Funny how that works out that way. So I scrapped the whole improve comedy with the kids and wrote my own little skit.

I found this project to be really fun. I like to play with my voice when hanging out with my kids and making up silly stories. So I went with an old stand by of mine, “Radio Dad”. I use to answer the phone at my previous work with that voice while treating their issues seriously, loads of fun. With that I decided to make a spoof of “Abs and Buns of Steel”. Not that they need any help being silly but I thought I would make a go of it. There weren’t may none offensive body parts left that need help getting buff but I found one. Hope you enjoy it.

The Blog of Blogs

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 5.37.26 PM

As stated above this is the Nikon Blog. Here one will find loads of information about Nikon cameras and what people do to get the magnificent photos they get. Myself , I am interested in abstractions of nature and macro abstraction. This site gives great advice and real life applications. There are many categories to chose from like subjects to shot and equipment to use.sorry so short ran myself out of time but please feel free to check this site out

Multi Media Resources

Here we go…

20160407_140819Equipment Checkout

20160407_140257The “Blue Cyc Wall”

20160407_133901Center For Student Engagement

20160406_175333Main Art Gallery Building 11

20160406_175039“Get your five dollar art HERE!!”


20160406_181736Large Silver Sculpture?

20160406_174544_001Shameless Selfie

20160406_174121Creative Creation Lab

20160407_132951Excellent Advisor

20160407_140016Uncommon commons

20160406_180213“Oh say can you see….”

20160407_141718Concerns of a Contactor


I hope you enjoyed the tour around campus.

First blog post

Hello my name is Chad VanNatta, I am the one behind the camera, pictured with my daughter Alexandrea. I am attending Lane to transfer to University of Oregon as a Photography major. I have a few years of previous experience but am looking for a greater understanding of the technical aspects of the productions. Also I think that the people we meet and the network we create will fallow us throw our lives. These are important for one person can build a bridge but a large group can do it faster and better.


I enjoy nature and being outside, hiking, fishing, hunting and mountain biking. All these things I do I like to share with my family. I have two daughters Alexandrea and Elizabeth who really enjoy being outside too. They are of the modern age and love the computer, cell phone(for games) and T.V. , but spend plenty of time outside with “dad”. My wife shares some of the same interest but not all the same, that would be dull. I believe that a good photographer is willing to get wet, dirty and get into places that well maybe I shouldn’t say, anyway my name is Chad and it is good to meet youfrozen drop 2-16