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“Lovey Dovey School Romance: New Spring”


For this project I came up with the idea of making a “Mock Visual Novel,” a visual novel is a video game that focuses on story more than game play, it’s not uncommon for these to have a lot of stills and 2D character sprites with high quality art. I was really excited for this project since I loved the idea but the production part was a lot harder and tedious than I predicted.

I first drew the characters traditionally which was easy since I originally learned traditional art only, mostly due to lack of technology growing up, but I’ve been pushing myself to do more digital art now that I have the funds. I bought myself a drawing tablet that lets you trace your traditional art, but the strokes were very messy because I have shaky hands. I tried fixing the strokes in Illustrator but it didn’t help, one of my other teachers recommended Photoshop so I did some research and it fixed them a little. The same teacher recommended coloring on Photoshop as well, so I taught myself how to do basic coloring on that program. I wasn’t happy with the coloring but I started running out of time before I could learn more advanced techniques. I did all my animation and exporting of my video on Adobe After Effects, I’m still a novice with this program as well but I think I did very well considering.

If I had more time, I would’ve added voice and sound effects, since I ran out of time and wasn’t able to add any, I also would’ve tried drawing different face expressions for the characters, and my own custom text box and Title screen. I really enjoyed this project like all the other ones before, and would like to continue working on this one outside of class and try to improve it. Thank you for checking out my video!


Sakura Tree image by Annalise Batista “Annalise1988”

School Campus Image by unknown, original image was removed from web

Text Box by CandyCaneEditor

Music “Hopscotch” by Purple Planet

Original blue Polka Dots image by Karen Arnold “Kaz”

-by Monica B

5 Past times of mine…

For this video I chose to take the comedy route once more.In this video I talk about 5 past times of mine, that I consider somewhat bizarre and unique. The obvious theme for the video is my obsession with all things anime related, I did this on purpose Since I thought the similarity between all of my past times would add some humor.

The past times I chose for this project were watching anime shows, looking at pictures with the anime aesthetic online, drawing in the anime aesthetic, playing video games with the anime aesthetic and cosplay. I tend to do most of the past times I talked about in the video almost everyday, the only one I do rarely is cos-playing, due to money constrictions.

Choosing the topic for the video wasn’t hard, for some reason the idea of my past times was born within my mind right away, and since I couldn’t shake the idea I decided to go with it. Coming up with the past times wasn’t very hard either, since I’m a very boring person, or at least I consider myself to be, due to my hobbies not being very exciting or active.

I used a lot of music from soundcloud for this project, as well as a camera shutter sound effect and a transparent graphic for my text slides. I took care to make sure that all the extra media I got for this assignment was royalty free and free for use. I really wanted to try to make my own music, since I’ve always wanted to do so, but I didn’t have enough time, plus I would need to get a bunch of musical sound effects from the web since I don’t play any instruments, which would’ve slowed me down a whole lot more.

Thank you so much for checking out my video, I know my humor is very specific but I hope you find it enjoyable regardless.


Flower Graphic by:


Music in order of appearance:

Cute Sine Chords-Kuma
Epic Orchestral-Sky-FloidBeats

Sound effect by:


-by Monica B

Informational Interview: Corral Breding


Interviewee: Corral Breding

LCC Teacher (Animation 1 & 2, 3D Sculpting and Texturing)/

NuRealms Game Art Director

For this assignment I decided to interview Corral Breding. He teaches several multimedia classes here at Lane, and is also a Game Art Director at NuRealms. I chose to interview Corral since I’ve always had an interest in animation, as well as illustration, and wanted to know more about those fields, and the opportunities offered, that might find my skill set useful. I’m not certain I will choose to teach one day, but I also wanted to ask some questions about his teaching job, since I was curious by how he manages to balance multiple jobs and a home life. My curiosity about his teaching job grew as the interview continued, since I felt the way he came across his teaching job was unique and inspiring and it’s highly intertwined with how he started NuRealms. I really enjoyed talking to Corral, he gave me a lot of useful information and has made me aware of more job occupations that I might be interested in pursuing. He also was kind enough to offer to help me out in any way he can, like he does for many students already, so I was even more grateful for his time and kindness.

  1. Did you do anything during your time in college to kick start your career? (Self-promotion, etc.)

Yes, I self educated prior to attending LCC, and sought out game dev studios as well. Once I became a student and was close to graduating, I IMG_1422 started working at the college by accident. I couldn’t find an internship to graduate from the program, so I decided to ask the animation 1 teacher for an internship opportunity. I was allowed to teach the class some days,  as an informal student teacher, and help out in class, answering questions from the students. Both animation teachers retired later on and I was asked to replace them because of my prior experience at teaching animation. Due to not being able to get an internship during my time as a student at LCC, I decided to start an ongoing video game project for students who need to get an internship to graduate, but haven’t been able to. Unfortunately, I had to start NuRealms outside of school since the project couldn’t take place at the campus.

  1. Do you have freelance experience? Is freelancing challenging?

Yes, I started out as a freelancer getting initial clientele from college and friends like many others. Later on I helped a web developer by making an animation for their web page. Not long after I was asked by LCC to do an animation of “Ty” the titan for the web page, and other promotional content for the school. I felt that one of the most challenging aspects was to have to do jobs that are not exciting.

  1. What do you like least about your jobs? What can be challenging?

As a college teacher the 1st day of school is the hardest because of not being acquainted with the students. It was especially hard when starting out as a new teacher because of stage fright. On a normal school day, it can be challenging when students have a lot of questions.

As a game developer, keeping team consistency and achieving company goals with an ever changing staff, and staff numbers.

  1. How do you balance your various jobs?

Practicing great communication with my family, and the college, to balance my schedule.

  1. How did you decide to get into your current fields and what steps did you take to enter them?

I started as a traditional artist until the age of 25; my brother graduated as a game Dev, and was encouraged by him to start doing 3D art; I taught myself how to make 3D art prior to starting college. I had plans to get a bachelor’s degree after LCC but had to wait because of monetary problems. The most important step however is Keeping up with newest techniques and software programs.

  1. What training would you recommend for someone who wants to enter these fields now?

For a 2D, 3D art/rigger,  UV mapping tends to have a lot of positions to start off in. It’s important to  figure out what you’re best at early on, LCC is good at having some classes that are relevant from similar educational programs overlap. Try to specialize in one skill, there are a lot of kind teachers here at LCC  to mentor you, and also try to participate in game jams outside of school.

  1. What is the salary range for a person in your fields? Entry level to top salary?

For a 3D modeler or rigger the salary can range between $30,000 – $70,000 depending on the video game studio.

The salary for a teacher depends on the number of classes taught and seniority.

  1. What personal qualities do you feel are most important in your positions and why?

I believe that the most important qualities to posses in my current positions are great communication, determination, patience, resilience under pressure and an ability to work as a team player. (It’s best to be very sociable.) In these types of fields there can be a lot of milestones and objectives, that can cause people to crush under pressure.

  1. What are the tasks you do on a typical workday? Would you describe them?

First I commute to college, go through projects with students, work on them together as a class, answer questions from students, return emails, skype with teachers and students when needed, grade student projects and give feedback. After class come home to NuRealms, go through tasks of the day, assign tasks to the team, then go off on own, to work on other projects, 3D model, texture, UV map, and send to engine when project is finished.

  1. What are the opportunities for promotion?

NuRealms: Leadership role (voluntary), step into director role if Corral isn’t available.

College: Promotion is based on time working at the campus and number of classes taught.

  1. Is this field expanding? Taking new directions?

NuRealms: Virtual reality video games, for computer desktops, expanding since 2 years ago.Virtual reality is still growing.

  1. What equipment and software did you need to start out your business?

We started out with 1 computer with an upgrade license copy of Autodesk Maya, copy of Substance painter, Zebrush license, team license for unity game engine, occulus rift. The monetary cost was around $2,500 to get started.

  1. What related occupations might I investigate?

Some related occupations that might be worth investigating are web development, animation, stop frame animation from Lyca, game development, CGI and compositing for film studios.

Some of the works made by the NuRealms team:

Click to view slideshow.

Check out their website at

-by Monica B

Magical Girl Melody


This project was very fun for me. I feel that I’m a very creative person, I really enjoy making up stories and one of my biggest inspirations has always been anime; for this story I decided to make a “Magical girl” story, a Magical Girl is a girl with magical powers, there are a lot of Anime stories that involve Magical girls, which I really enjoy. When I was a small child, I really loved Magical Girls since they were strong and magical like super heroes, but their outfits and powers were more feminine and cuter. I decided to start organizing and filming my audio with Adobe Premiere, I then edited in Adobe Audacity to fine tune it. I used a snowball microphone that I was able to borrow from the Media Checkout, I really liked that microphone and would hope to buy it someday, although the echo would make me laugh sometimes. For this story I decided to take a satirical route, I tried making silly voices and adding funny sounds and music, I also tried writing out a funny dialog, but I’m not sure if It’ll cater to a wide audience, since I don’t find myself to be very comedic. I hope you like my story and thank you for checking it out!

Monica B.

“Woodsy Studio”: Visual Novel Developing Blog

The name of the Blog I chose to write about is “Woodsy Studio,”

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 11.28.09 AM

This website is home for the Visual Novel Developing studio, “Woodsy Studios.” A visual novel is a video game that is more focused on the art of storytelling than game play; there is some agreement however, when it comes to categorizing a visual novel as a video game because of it’s lack of game play. As a person that has always loved anime, video games, storytelling and illustrating, I find Visual Novels very appealing, and would like to challenge myself by creating one, on my own one day.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 1.31.17 PM

I find this blog very useful and interesting since it talks about the process of making a visual novel, updates of progress on their projects, links to their “patreon” and recently, some job opportunities in the voice acting department.

I think this website can serve as an example of what a professional Visual Novel Developer blog, should look like. I also believe that because of their concise and frequent updates, it shows us a glimpse of what the process of making a visual novel is, and how to look for help or talent for your project, since they seem to be open to looking for personnel outside their production circle.

A really cool, and unique feature this website has, is a quiz that you can take that can match you to one of their visual novels, that you might enjoy due to your interests and other factors. This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this, and found it to be very clever when it comes to capturing the attention of a potential customer or client.

I believe this website is of very high quality, the home page is interesting and eye catching, it’s very easy to navigate and clearly organized. If you’re interested in illustrating, storytelling video games, and production of a project such as this one, I highly recommend checking out this blog and doing some more research on visual novels.

-by Monica B

Must know places, for Media Art Students at Lane

First up is the Equipment checkout counter in building 18, the students working here are very friendly and helped me out with some camera tips. Be sure to learn their schedule if you ever need to check out equipment!




This is the Studio room with the “Blue Cyc Wall” in building 18, it’s used as a back drop for photo shoots and video recording. This place opened up in the Winter term so it’s still pretty new!











The Center for Student Engagement is where you can find information about school clubs, fun activities like board games, and popcorn!



The main Art Gallery on campus has different exhibitions all the time, one of my favorite recurring exhibitions is the “Annual Faculty Exhibition.”



The “Art-O-Mat” machine is a very interesting little machine, you insert a $5 and you can get a surprise piece of art varying from tiny sculptures to beautiful earrings and necklaces.



The library is located in the Center building in the second floor, it contains a large computer lab and friendly staff to help you with technical problems and how to find resources or textbooks.



The “Health and Wellness center” can easily be found on campus because of the beautiful, silver structure sitting in front of it. You can capture a lot of beautiful photos, by shooting the structure from different angles.



Ingram is our Arts division Office Specialist, you can find his office in building 11. It was my first time meeting him, but he seems to be very kind and approachable.



The Media Creation Lab is located in the Center building, inside the library. There’s usually plenty of room here, quiet and all adobe creative cloud programs are installed in all the computers. If you have a big multimedia project come here, the ram and storage in the computers can make your projects go a lot faster.




Judy Gates is our Media Arts counselor, she’s very kind and helpful; I wish I had gotten to know her sooner, since she’s been a great source of support for myself and others I’m sure.










Teresa’s office is located in building 18, it’s pretty easy to recognize because of all the little clay figurines lined up on her windowsill.



In building 1 the “students first building,” you can find lots of places and resources such as the “Gender equity center,” and the multicultural center.



Welcome to Lane! Hope you enjoy your time here!



Hi there! Thank you so much for taking time to check out my blog, my name is Monica B and I’m very pleased to meet you!


Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star. — W. Clement Stone

himiko-toga-fanartI was born in Tijuana Mexico but came to live in the US when I became 12 years old. Due to living in poverty and a not so loving home, I looked for ways to escape my reality and to a safer environment. I quickly became obsessed with anime, books and video games, specially those featuring a righteous main character that overcomes all the obstacles in their life to become a respected and strong member of society.

However my family’s somewhat unstable economic situation proved it difficult to buy a lot of books, video games let alone anime or manga, so I started drawing my favorite characters and making up stories of them in my head. To this day I continue to draw and enjoy all of the interests I had as a kid and hope that some of the skills and knowledge I’ve gained from them can help me get a job that I can genuinely enjoy.

Portrait 2Even though my interests dint change much throughout the years, my less than ideal life situations made it hard to enjoy them at all. I almost stopped drawing altogether because I moved out at 18 and had to work a full time job to pay bills. I also reached a point in life in which I was going to pursue an occupation that would please my abusive parents, but I was in a serious car accident that shattered my spine a few years ago, which made me want to live life to the fullest.

My professional goals at the moment are to become a successful graphic and web designer, make enough money to pay my bills and not worry about food or rent. For my personal goals I would like to be able to draw anime characters and get paid for them, I also would like to learn to make animated drawings, make my own comic book in the “manga” aesthetic, make a “Visual Novel” genre video game, and if I’m feeling ambitious, make a small “YouTube” animated series in the “Anime Aesthetic.”

Some of my goals might sound childish or somewhat unattainable but I believe that if I aim for seemingly unattainable goals, even if I fail I will have accomplished something that I can be proud of. I also would like to try to attain my goals and fail than die not even trying and regretting or wondering if I could’ve. From my personal experience the meaning of life is to do something, since a person can go insane if they’re not kept busy; therefore why not spend your life doing things that make you happy and you enjoy? Especially if they’re positive activities that don’t hurt anyone else or yourself.


-By Monica B.