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Final Project: “A Dream Not Come True”

Well it seemed like the biggest part of this project was figuring out what to do it on! My brother Ian and I decided to partner up for this project and our original idea was to make a short “Indiana Jones” style film but we eventually came to the realization that that would require more work than what we really had time for so then we started thinking of ways in which we could make a documentary about the Blue River Mining District where we like to go explore quite a bit. When we had finally decided that we would go with this idea, the snow came in and prevented us from being able to get up there to film so we had to scrap that idea.

It was starting to get down to the wire and neither of us could come up with many good ideas, but I went back and watched some of the projects from past terms and saw one that used animation that was a lot like “Stop Motion”. I had worked a little with Stop Motion animation back in high school and had fun with it, so I started thinking of  a way we could make a story and utilize this effect.

After my brother and I sitting down and having a LOT of discussion we came up with a funny idea. Our Aunt Lisa lives next door to us and had planned on doing some yard work last weekend so we decided we would help her with it if she acted in our film. And that is how our final product came about

I took on the role of filming most of the footage for the video and Ian worked on the editing. The filming part was kind of a disappointment because the video camera I planned on using did not work so we ended up shooting with a digital camera and the quality was not as good as I would have liked it to be. The editing process was actually the easiest part of the project. The Stop Motion animation is basically just a collection of still images taken from the video footage and put in line back to back to create sort of a “flip book” effect. It is kind of a challenge in the filming stage because there has to be a person that steps into the frame and moves the object that the stop motion effect is applied to slightly and then walk out and back in again to move it a little more and a little more until the object is where you want it to end. In the editing stage, you then take a snapshot of every moment in which the object has advanced and the person moving it is off screen.

I had fun working on this project with my brother and aunt. And I am pleased with how it turned out.

Hope you all enjoy!

A Journey In The Whiteaker Neighborhood!

For X4, I had originally intended to go with the informational interview option and try to find somebody in the multimedia or art field to interview, but as time became less and less and I wasn’t able to find someone I decided to change my mind and attend one of the events listed for the assignment. The event that I chose was the Last Friday Art Walk in Eugene. Neither my brother or I had really been to the Whiteaker area in Eugene (even though we had heard of it’s infamousness) so we thought it would be interesting to go check it out!

The drive over was interesting in and of itself because we left at about 5:30 and had to drive through Eugene right in the middle of rush hour so the traffic was insane, plus we didn’t know exactly where to go or what to expect. Once we got to the Whiteaker area we found a spot to park on Blair Blvd. and started walking down the street past the various shops and restaurants. I was kind of surprised that it didn’t seem like there was a lot going on at least on Blair Blvd. so we turned around and walked back up and took Van Buren Street. There was a little more to see on Van Buren. We stopped for a while at the very beginning of the street to examine a cool sculpture of 4 figures standing in a group. The sculpture was a mosaic crafted out of shards of glass and clay. The longer you looked at it the more it seemed you discovered. There were several smaller objects embedded in each figure that created scenes in the sculpture itself so it was like an image within an image!

Standing next to the sculpture on Van Buren St.

Standing next to the sculpture on Van Buren St.

Scultpture 2

Continuing on, we walked a little further until we came to the Ninkasi Brewing Company and stopped to take some pictures. We didn’t go inside but had a fairly good view of the factory and equipment looking through the window. Our last stop was a Tattoo parlor where there was a guy twirling a fire baton. It was hard to get a very good picture because we were on the opposite side of the street and there was a lot of traffic.

Gate outside Ninkasi Brewing Company

Gate outside Ninkasi Brewing  Company.

Flame Dancing outside of Tattoo Parlor on Van Buren St.

Flame Dancing outside of Tattoo Parlor on Van Buren St.

This pretty much concluded our little adventure. We got back to where we parked which was outside of “Papa’s Soul Food” restaurant. We had planned on going in and eating but it was jam-packed as were many of the other restaurants in the area so we decided to go eat at Buffalo Wild Wings in Springfield instead.

Overall I thought the experience was interesting! Even though we didn’t stay a long time and see a lot, it was cool to get the opportunity to explore an area of Eugene I had never really been to before. I think if I was to do it again I would try going inside a few more places and hit a few more streets because I don’t think we covered the entire area that it was going on.

5 Activities Filmed With My GoPro Camera

Project #5 required us to combine pictures or video with music and sound efx while exploring the concept of “5”. I had a hard time at first coming up with an idea for this project but after I learned that we could use footage recorded with a GoPro camera I got really excited about it because I own a GoPro Hero 2 camera that I had already recorded quite a bit of footage with on the various trips and explorations that I have been on.

This video is basically a list of 5 activities that I have done where I recorded footage on my GoPro camera. I use it mainly for ATV riding because that is one of my favorite hobbies and I like to document the locations I go to and explore. So I wanted that to be the focused segment of the video. The other activities especially fair rides and bicycling were harder to get footage for. The bicycling activity was sort of a “last minute” idea because I needed 1 more to make 5 activities. So with the weather being as nice as it was this last weekend I decided it would be fun to drag my old bike out and go ride the Dorena trail down in Cottage Grove.

I enjoyed working on this project a lot! From going out and recording to producing the video and choosing the music, it was all really fun to see come together. I hope you all enjoy!

The Legend Is True!

The idea for this project came to me when my brother and I were up in the woods hiking the other day. I was trying to think of something I could incorporate the sounds of nature and being in the forest into to make some kind of story. And then it hit me! The area we were in has actually been the supposed area of Sasquatch sightings before. After I decided I wanted it to be about Bigfoot, I began thinking about how I could turn it into a story. I had originally just thought of having the entire thing be artificial sounds for Bigfoot walking through the forest but then I thought it would be more intense to have it be an encounter and then chase theme.

Basically the only audio I recorded was my own voice and my brothers voice. The background sounds (birds chirping, footsteps, and growls) I found from “”. When all put together I thought it all blended and flowed pretty well.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Proffesional Blog: Draw Eric!

For this assignment I chose to share Eric Richey’s blog called “Draw Eric!” Most of the work that Eric does and posts to his blog is abstract, cartoon-like sketches that he draws in ink first and then colorizes. I found his work very interesting because a lot of his sketches are really weird and thought-provoking! It seems like each drawing conveys a different mood or feeling.

Home page of Eric's blog.

Home page of Eric’s blog.

One thing I find cool about his drawings is his shading techniques with using a lot of lines and “cross-hatching” for shading different areas. That is one technique I learned and used quite a bit when I took art in high school.

Eric used to work for the Talk Radio Network company during which time he created web banners and logos for various radio talk show hosts. He posts some of the web banners he worked on to his blog also.

One of the web banners Eric designed was for Fox News contributor Andrea Tantaros.

One of the web banners Eric designed was for Fox News contributor Andrea Tantaros.

I found Eric’s blog to be very well put together and easy to navigate. He organizes all of his work and puts all of his sketches on one page and his web-design projects on another.

Check Eric’s blog out by clicking on this link:

Media Arts Resources At Lane

This project was a Scavenger Hunt for various locations on the LCC campus that were mostly resources for students in the media arts program.

The first location I went was Bld. 17 where Teresa Hughes office is and also the gear checkout and studio room.

Teresa's office

Teresa’s office

Equipment checkout

Equipment checkout

"Blue Cyc Wall" in the Studio

“Blue Cyc Wall” in the Studio

The Commons and “Indy lab” is also located in Bld. 17

The Commons and Indy lab

The Commons and Indy lab

Second spot in my journey was the Art Gallery in Bld. 11

Art Gallery

Art Gallery



Mary Jo Kreindel's office

Mary Jo Kreindel’s office

Next I headed to the library in Bld. 18

Reference counter in library

Reference counter in library

The last half of the tour took me to the front section of the campus

The Bus Stop

The Bus Stop

Inside the "Silver Sculpture" next to the Health/Wellness Building

Inside the “Silver Sculpture” next to the Health/Wellness Building

The flags in Bld. 1

The flags in Bld. 1

Christina Salter's office in the Counseling Center

Christina Salter’s office in the Counseling Center

And lastly a shot of behind the construction zone. They had a lot blocked off so it was hard for me to get in close enough for a better shot.

Construction Sign

Construction Sign

A Little Bit About Me

Hey there! This is my very first time on WordPress, so I am excited to read everyone else’s blogs and get to know a little about them. A few things about me: my name is Brendan MacDonald, I was born and lived in Eugene for 12 years before moving to Grants Pass. I graduated High School in Grants Pass before moving back up to Eugene to enroll at Lane Community College. So far I have completed 3 years at Lane and have been studying the Multimedia field. My goal is to graduate this year with an AAOT degree and hopefully have discovered a career within Multimedia to pursue. In my free time I enjoy ATV riding, adventures with my family and friends. I have an identical twin brother who also attends Lane and is in the same program as me. He is also in the same class so if you have read his blog already, reading mine is probably going to feel like history repeating itself (Lol)! We have almost everything in common. He is crazy about exploring and going on hikes in the woods and I accompany him on all his adventures! Some other things I enjoy are video games, movies, and taking/editing pictures and videos.

I look forward to reading my fellow classmates blogs and getting to know a little bit about them! This class is so far very interesting and I hope to gain more insight of the possible career opportunities in Multimedia from it!

Thanks for reading!


My brother Ian and I.