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P6 Final Project


So my first idea for this project was a horror story told from the perspective of a silent protagonist with his girlfriend camping in the woods. I had talent and dates all set up and the day of everyone cancelled. Well without a backup plan I was kind of stuck in limbo. I went to a skatepark looking to get some cool videos there but there was not much action going on. I emailed Teresa, and she helped me decide on a cool idea that did not need me to rely on talent.


I decided on having my final be a slide show rather than a video. I could edit photos in ways that could change how they are viewed. My story is about someone who goes out randomly for a hike one night. I use captions to kind of translate what the guy is seeing and thinking about. The story ends with a view of the sunset much brighter and happier than the otherwise dark story. I think the pictures turned out well after I had edited them to look dark and dreary. It was hard to find the right pictures that could be edited but did not look completely overdone. I tried to avoid taking pictures of where the sun was peeking through so I would not have to edit around it in post.

I am still working on my skills with a camera, I think  making a video and dealing with talent would have been fun but I could not control others showing up or helping. Hopefully in the future I get more chances to write and make cool videos. I did struggle a bit with scrambling for an idea after people cancelled on me so next time I hope I would be more prepared


Brandon Craft

5 things my cousin does for fun.

When I was thinking of ideas for this project I had a couple of ideas that did not work out, My cousin was helping with those ideas and I thought that I could film him being wacky and playing like he does everyday. He enjoyed helping me and had lots of fun, being wacky is his specialty. I wanted to show some of the things he does when he is bored or when he is done with his homework. I was using a T5 from checkout and it worked out great but I noticed I had a bit of shaky cam when editing the video. In at least three of my clips i’m shaking and it infuriates me! I was trying so hard to not shake but it translates poorly. Even with that I had fun clipping everything together and putting some fitting audio in with each scene. I feel like I could edit very well but i’m not to sure about the filming. With more practice I think I could get used to editing videos and I enjoy it but whether they would be my videos or someone else that did the filming remains to be seen. Hopefully I get a job someday that I get a chance to edit more.

Interview with A Villain


My Audio Project at first was just a on the spot idea that it would be funny if Bane from the Dark Knight interviewed to work at a frozen yogurt stand and my project would be the funny banter. That idea with Bane did not really go anywhere and I still liked the villain idea. I decided I would use “Generic” made up villain and it would be easier to record. Once I actually started working on the project it was easy and super fun. I messed around with the effects and added some free audio files to kind of mix things up. The music I was going for was generic mall music but the one I got was a bit jazz romance but it grew on me.

The “interview” itself is pretty simple, I just used my voice for both and changed the pitch for the villain. I changed the music a bit just so it was not super loud. When I was looking at the wavelengths it seemed like my actual voice was not coming in loud but when I finished it came out looking fine so i’m not sure what happened there.

I feel like I could have done some more polishing if i had more time but I am happy with the final project and for a first time audio project I think it was good.

Skateboarding: Visually and Physically Impressive.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.34.08 PMSkate Daily is a blog site that provides news and videos regarding skateboarding. They categorize all posts with dates to help organize the massive amount of information they have on the site. Skate Daily has skate videos that I enjoy watching and they provide great information regarding the video, like who is in the video, where it was shot, and the date.

To me this is a great resource for someone like me to find a focused area in which to see cool skate videos.
The site has a cool layout that is targeted towards others interested in skateboarding and it really shows in the design. It is a bit messy but that does not bother me (or the target audience). It is produced well because it knows its strengths, focus on detailed explanations of videos and knowledgeable information regarding skateboarding and that makes it interesting.

The quality of the information is simple but very easy to understand. Most of the posts are about videos or upcoming contests. One recent post is the results of a contest as well as the list of contestants provided below a video of highlights. Some posts are about news regarding certain companies involved in the skate community. One post by Bryce Kanights talks about “Vans Pro Skate Park Series Announces Partnership With International Skateboarding Federation”. These are cool topics I like reading about.

In my opinion the site is very cool and very much focused on bringing skate content to those interested or involved. I started skating very recently and enjoy seeing pros and amateurs landing or trying new tricks. Hopefully one day I could possibly write for this site and/or see my own skate videos featured on the site.



Resources for Media Art Students at Lane

Before equipment checkout was set up day one.
Blue Cyc wall, super cool, looks like a half pipe.
Center for student engagement, I am the king of jenga
Main Art Gallery, No idea who the gallery has on display here
Art O Mat, Looks like a Jukebox
Library Sign, people did not want to be in picture
Silver Sculpture, Featuring Yours Truly
Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office, She didn’t want to be in the picture but I got a Thumbs up
Creation Lab. Basically room in library if you need to use after class
Judy Gates Office, She was busy so I got a picture of her door.
Indy Lab in building 17, Cool place to hangout and/or get help with media arts work
Building 1 map, nothing too special other than it was eerily empty on a friday
Double turkey sandwich

An Interesting Read


An Interesting Read

My name is Brandon Craft, I grew up in Wasilla Alaska. Being from a place that is much colder than Oregon, I really enjoy being here, and I like having the option of driving anywhere and seeing new things. Alaska is big and beautiful but no matter what direction you go it’s still Alaska. I am enjoying Oregon and traveling around to the bigger cities. 

I have a motorcycle back home that I cannot wait to ship here. I bought it two years ago here in Oregon and drove it back to Alaska. I have a three year old Rottweiler named Dante who I love and could not bring with me. He seems like a big scary dog but he is a big baby and loves anyone with food. Being in the snow a lot I took up snowboarding and have loved going to new mountains and passes around Oregon.

When I moved here I bought a skateboard to get around and mess around on. I am a huge comic book fan and back home the nearest shop was an two hour drive there and back. This isn’t an issue here, the comic shop is much closer so I can visit it weekly without burning much gas. I love watching movies and tv, going to a movie in theatres is one of my favorite things to do no matter the film. If you have any questions about movies, comics or tv, I probably have a answer.

By Brandon Craft