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The Fox and the Cat – a Short Audio Project


20140704-cat fox best

In this small project I recorded, using Audacity, my narration of one of Aesop’s many fables, titled “The Fox and the Cat”. I also included background music and sound effects to enhance the story, courtesy of The process of creating the project took some figuring out, but it did not take long to get the basics down. I was always interested in Aesop and the methods he used to teach people, and of how simple yet powerful his fables really were. This particular fable’s mural caught my eye: that better one safe way, then many others that you cannot reckon, meaning it’s better to pick from one safe choice than from many other choices that you are unsure of… at least that’s how I interpreted it. Hopefully my mediocre voice acting in this project does not cause your ears to bleed.


Some Hopefully Helpful Resources for Media Arts Students at LCC


The silver sculpture near the front entrance of, you guessed it, the Health and Wellness Center.

photo 5

The studio within building 17.

photo 3

Books on Design and Multimedia in the library.

photo 4

Teresa’s office in building 17, with our glorious instructor preparing for our class.

photo 3 (1)

The Art-O-Mat, with a fellow student also taking a snapshot of the machine.

photo 2 (2)

The LCC Bus Station, on the western side of the campus.

photo 2

The reference desk within the library.

photo 1

A construction crew working hard to provide a new resource for LCC’s students: the bookstore.

photo 2 (1)

The Indie lab within building 17. Take note that building 17 seems to have many resources for us.

photo 1 (1)

Equipment checkout, a place to check out… equipment. Yet again in building 17.

photo 1 (2)

The main art gallery of LCC.

photo (2)

Christina Salter’s office in the Students First building.

photo (3)

Mary Jo Kreindel’s office within the main art gallery area.

photo (1)

The flags of the world displayed high above in the Students First building.

About Me

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angry_cyborg_w1     My name is Nathan Foley. I was born in Eugene, Oregon and have lived in this beautiful green state my whole life so far, save for a one year stay in the state of Louisiana. I desire to be a graphic designer and hopefully work within the video game industry. The reason for that is because I have grown up with video games; my life is centered around them, for better or for worse. Nothing I can do about it, but I’m not complaining! I have also been drawing since I was two years old, and video games have influenced my style of drawing. If you ever get to know me personally, you will conclude I am either very open and energetic or just plain annoying. Anyway, have a good Tuesday, my fellow Symbionts!

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Graphic Design Blender, A Professional Blog

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Capture         Graphic Design Blender is a website and blog for graphic designers that provides business and freelance tips and advice about handling clients, as well as how to set your prices for your work.The site even has its own newsletter!

The website is well organized and easy to navigate, making iteasy to find topics that can make you a better graphic designer and website manager. What kind of topics, you ask? For an example, one blogon the site discusses six reasons to do your work in-house, instead of working completely independently, in order to be more time-efficient and deal with less stress down the road. Such a good post!

I will definitely be reading more from Graphic Design Blender, and hopefully learn more helpful tips and advice to help me in my future career! The website can be found at for those who wish to see for themselves. Hopefully this will be a great resource for you fellow graphic and web designers out there!

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