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Rock’n’Roll is the answer!!

I have always been a music fan. Since I can remember, there was always music of varying genres playing, all imbedded in my pea sized brain. Musicals of the early to mid 20th century were mixed with classic rock of the 1960’s entangled with the punk and new wave of the 1980’s engrossed my early childhood. Puberty hit and I was influenced by whatever MTV showed me at the time, and my own taste was quickly developing.

Middle School Ragamuffin

The crossroads of teenage delinquency was the turning point of what I listened to. Iggy and The Stooges album Raw Power changed my whole life. The fury and awesomeness that came from the 8 tracks that was bleeding in my ear drums was pure fresh air! The fuel in my blood from the first notes of the opening track, made me realize that it was what I wanted to be apart of. I MUST BLEED MUSIC! The only problem was that I didn’t know how to play any instrument. I told my mom I wanted to be in a band early in life and, being the supportive soul she is, remarked that how could I possibly do that if I couldn’t play? I will find a way……

Tried to play the guitar but my fingers couldn’t figure out. screw it! I will figure it out. maybe I will find a couple of musician type people, dress like them and follow them around? AND IT WORK!!!!! I was now a frontman and have been doing it ever since!

That was a drunk Halloween!

I’ve been doing a radio show on the University of Oregon’s radio station, KWVA 88.1 fm, now for about year now and it’s just as good as being in a band. With this platform I can play all the music I am a fan of and connect with anyone who is listening. I play everything from Britney Spears to Skinny Puppy. Checkout my playlists, its wild! As much as I love it, it does not beat performing on a stage……

(Warning: Cuss Words)


“The final to this thing we call…” and other fun facts about my video

Fun Facts about This Video:

-The original idea for The Billy Billy Butthole Show was an all animated short with a song that explained that he lived on a boat in the middle of the forest but I realized I had no idea  how to do animation. so the first few seconds of the video is just screenshots i took and moved the arm in photoshop.

-Preserved ducks egg (aka century eggs) is duck eggs that they preserve in clay, ash, quicklime and rice hulls for several months where the yolk becomes a green-grey creamy consistency while the egg white becomes a brown translucent jelly with a salty flavor. They are totally gross. If you want one, I still got a couple so let me know.

-As a little kid I had a teddy bear named Toby

-One scene I filmed but didn’t make the cut was about a man who marvels about the magic in “the blue waters” of a portapotty and how this “beauty must be filled with secrets.”

-Another idea was a PSA that let’s kids know its ok to eat HALF of a scab. It would then cut to my roommate Dave picking off a “scab” and eating it. When i asked Dave to do it he replied, “Why do I have to do it?” and instead of explaining to him how I couldn’t be on camera, I said forget it.

-My older brother was originally going to introduce the video, explaining that he was Billy Dyball and how this was his 7th attempt to pass Intro to Media Arts and how he just wants to pass and stop going to LCC, but because of time limitations, his role is now non-speaking and uncredited at the end. If you notice, you can see he is wearing my camo jacket and grey hoodie.

-If you can’t tell, this project involved into a three minute sketch show.

Hope you enjoy and succeed in your future!!!!!



Last Friday, February 24th, I stopped into fellow LCC instructor Jon Meyer’s studio to see the documentary Through a Lens Darkly presented by Photography at Oregon, a non profit organization in Lane County that puts on exhibits and other events like the showing of this film particularly in the field of photography. Though a Lens Darkly showcases the history of African American Photography in America from Fredrick Douglas, who’s self portraits were some of the first published and well known African-American photographs that showed blacks in a positive to the contemporaries  of the late 20th century. Filmaker Thomas Allen Harris intermingles history with his own childhood memories and his introduction to photo taking. The harsh images of lynching and mystral shows are mixed with happy families enjoying a normal life. References and interviews with Anthony Garboza and Renee Cox enhances the story about the “National Family Album”.

screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-4-01-52-pm 2017-02-24-thru-lens-darkly-email screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-3-54-44-pm

The people of Photography at Oregon were very friendly and welcomed all who walked in with free popcorn(which was delicious) and free coffee(which was instant. The man I was sitting next to seemed like he was thrilled that there was free stuff and signed up for the mailing list just on that alone. I attract the coolest people to talk to. At the end of the movie it was mentioned there was going to be a discussion amongst ourselves the viewers which seemed awkward in a way to me, it being one of the first times I have been to one of their events. I didn’t stay for anxiety sake. At one point of the screening I went to the bathroom and heard a noise that sounded like I got locked out of the screening. Hopefully the more I go to things like this, the less I will overthink what people think.

I guess also this was something of a cop out for this project. I mean it was a movie, that was originally shown on PBS. I could be full of BS and just watched the movie on tv, which I didn’t I swear. I should of at least gone to an event where the artist or even filmmaker was in attendance. I have done that before. This one time Crispin Glover was in town at the bijou and he was in the lobby during the movie. I had to pee in the middle of the movie so when I went to the lobby and Glover tried to avoid interaction with me by going to the courtyard but he didn’t that theres no exit in the courtyard and that is where the bathrooms are, which is where I was going. so he had to turn around and we had an awkward head nod moment. I used to hang out with a gal who worked at Vistra frame shop and they are a part of the first Friday art walk. I would go and visit when she had to hang at those things. I used to mind my P’s and Q’s and try and manage my vino and cheese intake. BOY OH BOY OH BOY! I DOOOOOO LOVE ME SOME FREE CHEESE!!!



My Return To Film In “5”

Yet again, I have gone outside the box. People don’t understand the struggle. Imagine a road. Dark. Someone is out there. No Noise. Just motion.

I haven’t used video editing software in awhile. Premiere sure seems like other Adobe programs. My constant mantra was “well that could of been simpler to do.” I guess I should practice with it some more in the future. I need a better camera too. The one I have at the moment is a little crappy cheapo thingy that runs on triple A batteries. I guess its not much but it makes a turd! You probably don’t realize this but I actually wrote the dialogue, like down on a piece of paper, and like rehearsed it. For real. Did I reach a hundred and twenty words? Yes, yes I did.

By Billy Dyball


Audio Ear-ache

So my inspiration for this audio piece was based off the immortal Chekov play, Three Sisters, and the written works of Louis-Ferdinand Céline, though it should very oblivious with in the context of the piece…

Actually, I got the idea from the inspirational psa they play on the tv late at night when I can’t sleep. I get about three channels with my broken bunny ears, so what I watch is very limited. I should probably pick up a book. Anyway, so the ads they have on at 3 in the morning usually consists of some kid who thinks he has been defeated by life’s hardships but is picked right back up by a friend because teamwork is power, featuring a cheesy soundtrack. So, I took the concept of that kind of tripe and maturely rolled poop into it! The original recording of this piece had a sub plot involving Business Man Peter Dingle and a young psa writer Jimmy, but I didn’t write it out so it went way too long (over 3 minutes!) so this is just the psa song about unity, in a time when we all need it….or whatever the kids are saying these days.

I have used Audioacity years ago and it was cool to record something again, though I didn’t compress anything or tweek with the effects because they make me nervous. My biggest difficulty was mic control using the little dinky dot on my laptop screen. I’m used to physically holding a microphone that I can pull away from my voice when I get loud. With this I didn’t get used to the setup. Also why is the monitor so small?!? Audacity should fix that though I don’t believe they haven’t updated the program since like the ‘70s! SHAAA WHATEVER!!!!

By Billy Dyball

Blogging about a Blog On a Blog Blog

So… blogs are still a thing? I didn’t really know. I thought maybe our society evolved( or devolved) away from the blog like we did with livejournal, myspace and chatrooms. Some friends of mine ribbed me a little when I told I was blogging for class. If it was a podcast on the other hand, they’d probably want to be on it. So this assignment is a challenge not just because I’m doing it last minute-ish but because I don’t know many blogs…especially professional blogs…that I could enjoy and recommend! I mean If this assignment was “Find a blog about professional wrestling that’s insightful with a lot of cuss words in it, then write a blog about it” ( I would be on it but I’m trying to stick to the program. So I found Bob Keefer’s Eugene Art Talk ( .

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-12-54-10-pmFormer Register Guard/Current Eugene Weekly writer Bob Keefer’s ad free blog is all about the theater, music and fine art around town in Eugene. His post are not boring and he doesn’t seem like a snotty person. My brother does theater locally and I looked to see if he said anything bad about him, so he’s ok in my book, though its kind of difficult to find older posts because you have to scroll through all of his more recent posts. It’s not like I regularly go the opera or to a symphony, but maybe for a date night I could go on this website and see what going in fine arts locally, read the review and maybe impress my lady friend of a night of wine and rose… or something I don’t know, check it out. Later, check out we hate movies (, it’s a podcast where they discuss bad movies with a lot of cuss words!


Billy Dyball

My Journey Into The Ancient Ruins They Call Lane Community College(AKA Scavenger Hunt)

So many days in the midst of this wild labyrinth. I am sleep deprived and starving…

The Equipment Checkout Counter…


The Blue Wall…


Center For Student Engagement…


Main Art Gallery…




I think they pronounce it LIE-BARRY…


Silver Demon…


Mary Jo of Kreindel’s Office Place…




The Gates of Judy…


“The Commons”…


Fortress of Flags…


And This Forgotten Map…



These things I will never un-see…

By Billy Dyball

Get To Know ME!!!



People often ask me where I was born and for the life of me I can’t remember. That was a really long time ago. Supposedly in California, near the mall where tested the DeLorean in the first Back to the future. What I hear is I was 11 pounds and 24 inches tall. That by all accounts is a BIG baby.I could be wrong on the exact numbers, though I shouldn’t because I hear about it every time I call my mother on my birthday. Moved to Oregon when I was four, been in Eugene ever since, which can bum me out if I think about it for too long. Let’s move on…

The First Concert I went to with any longing impact on me was Weird Al Yankovic. First Movie was Who Framed Rodger Rabbit? When I was 8 or 9 ish I got obsessed with old reruns of classic tv shows like Gilligan’s Island, Bewitched, Brady Bunch, etc. Around 15 or 16, I got obsessed with rock’n’roll like Iggy Pop, New York Dolls, Richard Hell, etc. At 33, I don’t know what I’m obsessed with. I still love classic tv and rock’n’roll. I have a radio show on the university’s radio station, THE NO PANTS PARTY, currently on Thursdays 3pm-4pm, KWVA, 88.1 FM(shameless plug). I also do vocals in a punk rock band, we’re called Prefontaine though the bass player wants to change the name to something more accessible (typical bass player!) Anyway yeah…. Oh one time I met a retired Adult film star and Jesus Christ on THE SAME NIGHT! I’ll tell ya that story some other time

15895008_10208056011697546_5317991500843719552_nBy Billy Dyball