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Hope of an Institutionalized Addict


I decided to do this because I’m new doing video so was a little nervous. I always wanted to do a documentary, but I am not very good at talking though. One of my really good friends got out of prison and I thought about what it must have been like. I stated to dig deep about what I wanted to know and decided to ask her if she would answer a few questions for me and of course she was nice enough too. She has a lot of hope, and I think with the right tools and programs that she’s invested in now she will make it because I myself have done it too. There is hope for recovering addicts.

I wanted to show that more vulnerable side of someone who has been incarcerated and institutionalized people who survived the night in prison with nothing but their shame on their mind and go long days mourning their families because they made a mistake. I also wanted to show that maybe prisons need to have more staff and counselors for programs so when they do come out of prison they have the proper treatment. Many addicts repeat the same lifestyle because it becomes a habit and they need to learn how to change that habit and learn healthy living, for most them, the first time in their lives. Some people do get what they deserve and then others get others get not enough or too much for the crime. It’s really just brief look in to a justice system that needs a lot of change and some hope for the addict who still suffers and for the one who tries to stay clean. There are people out there who do want to change and start a new life.

I did cut out a lot of my video and had some mistakes so I cut those out. There are some cuts in it I tried to make them as smooth as possible. We did do this about five times, and I still couldn’t get my zoom right and you could hear it on the mic. I am very new with video I just usually capture still images. This was definitely a lot of fun can’t wait to start doing more media like this.

I got my music from

5 Things That Drive Me Crazy.

I wish I could say I was inspired by something or someone but, I guess I did this video because I was feeling really annoyed by the mess in my house.  I’m usually the only one doing chores, so I wanted to express my frustration. So then I started to think about all the things that drive me crazy and started snapping pictures. Also my three year old son hardly ever listens to me so I definitely wanted to emphasize that. I didn’t want to use my voice because its starting to fade from getting sick, and I don’t like the sound of my voice. I just tried to find some real dramatic music to go with it because everything usually feels like its a dramatic struggle. Instead of putting lettering on my images, I just decided to put pages in between to give a brief glance at what was coming next. I tried to use some transitions in between also to help it flow better. I actually was going to change some things and make it longer, but I had to start over because I went from a previous version of Premiere to a newer one. I could of did more, but I did what I could for the time I had. I think this was a great experience for me. I’m interested into doing more of these projects.


Professional Practice


For my professional practice I went on The First Friday Art Walk. I only made to five stops which was a good two and a half hours. The first stop we went to was The Karin Clarke Gallery. The first speaker was Margaret Coe. They featured twenty-two of her paintings. She called them “The City of light”, which were painted in Venice, Italy on a one week vacation. She painted them by eye and also did a lot in her studio. She had said that she took photographs to finish them and also remembered by memory.  She talked about how when she went there the clouds and sunsets at times were dark and how she felt the weather was changing for The City of Light. She mentioned that recently Venice has been completely flooded that people were walking around in their rain boots. Her paintings were absolutely beautiful and all of them were so different. This one was one of my favorites.IMG_20181102_210238



The second stop we made was the CD Game Exchange!? I didn’t notice the name change but it is now called Epic Seconds. They had their show upstairs. Matt Dey talks about his depute “Kick Out the Jams” where he talks about silk screening album art. I absolutely loved it they were very colorful and had a creative abstract design around the musician. I also love music so I was inspired and recognized a lot of different artists. I did not get a photograph in here there was so much to look at. I pulled this one off the web.


Scan_20181104 (2).jpg

Oregon Art Supply was the third stop. They dedicated the month of November and December to Beverly Soasey’s art which is called “Collected Memories.” She would take old things over the years that friends and family have given her and make this amazing 3D art. She would go shopping at different flea markets and would be inspired by different objects and she has different these for her art. She made a piece on science with old test tubes. She would use old antiques, buttons, and she would sew designs in them without measuring her stitches. She made an art piece called men with hats that was over three feet long. She was also an illustrator and wrote books. She was very private about her art; she wanted you to interpret it. You can tell she put a lot of thought a dedication in to her art. The feeling that I got was that she passed on. It was an emotional speech. I did get a recording if you’re interested in hearing it.  It sounds like she touched a lot of people’s lives. The bookmark on the left is one of her illustrations that she created.


The next place that we went was Passion Flower Design. Dana Robinson makes handmade creative Jewelry. She gets her stones from mines and cuts to fit her jewelry and doesn’t use any dyes for coloring. This place had so many handmade items I was so amazed. I was so fascinated with her attention to detail and design. Her jewelry was absolutely beautiful but is way too expensive to buy.



The last place I went to was Out on the Limb Gallery. Ila Rose is a local human-nature connector and does native imagery paintings. They showed some of her older painting and how her thoughts have shifted and how much growth she has shown. She said she was stuck in a state of realism before and she decided to be more imaginative. She says  that humans are connected and destructive towards nature and tries to imply that in her art. She tries to be careful not to offend anyone with her native work it’s just really her experience on walking on this earth. She would like to learn more about tribal areas but she gets a lot of her inspiration from her spirituality. She has done murals in the Whitaker area and still learning how to tell stories through those.






Wolf in Sheep Clothing

Most of us have heard the saying be careful they could be just a wolf in sheep clothing. I decided to choose this one because it is actually a biblical story, and I can also relate to a lot of people being “fake” in my life just to get closer and have other attentions then being my friend. This was a long Aesop’s fable and I did cut pieces out to make sure it did fit. I didn’t choose any background music because it was just under three minutes and I had some fun animal sound effects so I didn’t need it. I had a good experience in making it beside the fact that I don’t really like my story telling voice. I took Audio Production a few years ago so it was a good review for me. I have definitely forgotten how repetitive it is. I actually had a few screw ups in the recording process, but I was able to take those out. I have children so I thought this had a good moral for kids to not always trust what or who you see based on how someone acts or looks. I thought this version was cute and thought out compared to the smaller fables I found. I hope it flows well and you enjoy.

Essential Composition: Achieving Photographic Balance

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Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane

The blue screen in studio 1 for Media Arts students.
Student Engagement Center. I want some popcorn!
Open Art Gallery. Beautiful work.
The Art-O-Mat machine. Pay $5 for pieces of art.
Come check out some books!
The silver sculpture. Look like a giant wisdom tooth.
Ingrams office. What a nice smile!
Media Arts lab. No ones here?!
Judy Gates Office. I have not got to meet her yet.
Teresa’s office. I love your toys!
Students first. Where your from isn’t a factor.


The clock tower. Is it that time yet?

About Me

Hi Everyone my name Is Ashley. I was born in Springfield and pretty much raised here, but I did spend ten years on my life in central Washington. I am a Multimedia Design major at Lane Community College. My joys in this field are photography, web designing, and editing.  I have been coming and going trying to get my degree for about five years now. Yes, you heard that right! I’ve had a lot of things interfere with my schooling during those five years and my health and family have come first. I would say I am an introvert. I like my alone time and sometimes get anxious around a lot of people. I am definitely not a simple person; I have been through a lot but try my best to stay positive.


On my spare time I enjoy taking my kids places, such as the parks, and attending free events with them. I enjoy music and the outdoors. The ocean is my peaceful spot I could stay there forever. I don’t have a whole lot of time for hobbies, but I do cook and clean a lot. I also love home design and last year we decided to buy a home and become home owners. So we now have a little fixer upper in Springfield, and we hope to slowly pay it off and fix it up so we can sell it and move to our next home. 

I am a Mother of two amazing children, Shayla, who is seven and, Uriah, who is three. I have been with my boyfriend for about five years. He has definitely changed my life. The person in my life I look up to the most is my Grandma. She is my hero because no matter what has happened she always seems so positive, and she has been there for me and my children no matter what. She has been a major support and rock in my life.