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X4-Professional Practices

For this assignment I attended a talk by photographer Evan Baden whose work is being displayed in the Building 11 Gallery. I had wandered through the exhibit a couple of days before, unaware that the artist was coming to speak on his work, and thought that the portraits were interesting in the concept I perceived from the title given. “High School Yearbook Project” as a standalone name would make me think of kids flashing big smiles or bright happy faces, but all of the portraits were very stoic. It was cool getting to learn about his process during his talk. Baden began by going over the themes he explored in his previous works, “Illuminati,” and “Technically Intimate,” both of which revolved around the impact and influence of technology with teen culture. This new way in which people were interacting with each other on this level separate from “real life,” in a way created its own virtual world that teens were becoming a part of, which mostly had become a new phenomenon during the mid 2000s, is something he talked about exploring with his projects. He spoke about the overall concept of “real” and “fake” and how it also related to his thoughts on photography in general. He feels all photography isn’t real reflection of what it shows, because it only captures a small moment in time, only captures what falls within the frame, leaving the rest or the undesired parts to the wayside. Which he then related to social media, and the way photography plays a part in these depicted lives of others that are so well crafted and appear “real,” but are only a snapshot, or an exaggeration of reality, because there is no way as a consumer to know what was really happening in real time when the photo was taken. He also spoke about his process of taking all his portraits for this work, which was interesting in and of itself. He uses a contraption that takes large format images and is unintended for portrait photography, because it takes a series of around 6 images that it then composites into a whole image. I’m not too technologically savvy so I became a bit lost during his explanation, but essentially to photograph people, he had them stay still for a longer period of time, I believe he said around 10 seconds or so, much like the in the past, so it was kind of a strange mix of old and modern photography. But the process gave him more leeway as far as modification during the shoot; he was able to switch things around in different portions of the frame because of the way the contraption captured the image in bits and pieces. He related this process to further his concept of the manipulated “reality” depicted online and through photography, which I thought was an intriguing connection. Overall I felt the talk was super illuminating, I was already interested in the work before but afterwards I left kind of blown away by all that went into it. I’d definitely say I was a fan of his work.

by: Andrea Del Rio

P5 Image Editing

IMA-F17-Del Rio, Andrea-F17-P5 Image Editing from Andrea Del Rio on Vimeo.

This project ended up being a lot of fun to work on, even though I had a hard time in the beginning coming up with a singular idea to go with, I decided to keep it simple and landed on “5 Things To Do on a Weekend.” I thought about the different ways I could go about making this project and i ended up wanting to try video since I had never worked with it before. Since I was inexperienced with shooting video, working on this project was cool but also made me feel like a fish out of water. I was definitely grateful that my friend was super patient while I spent time figuring out what I was doing with the camera and willing to be in my video. I’ve also never worked with Premiere before so this project definitely was all around a good learning experience, even from figuring out how to import and work on the video clips to maneuvering through the editing options, it was all super new and intimidating. One thing I wanted to work with more was figuring out how to mess with the audio levels in Premiere but I ended up running out of time. I’m glad I got to experiment with a new program and try a new form of media to work with overall, I feel this project was a good stepping stone for future work, it certainly helped solidify my interest in video/film.

By: Andrea Del Rio

The Ant and the Grasshopper

For my audio project I had a hard time choosing an idea to work on and ended up doing a reading of one of Aesop’s fables. I wasn’t very familiar with a lot of them and decided on one that I could figure out how to add effects to and time with music. I decided on using two tracks that I found off of to add an implication of a tone change in the story I was reading, figuring out how to mix them together without creating a jarring change was probably what I spent the most time on when editing everything together. I used protools for this project because I was already a bit more familiar with it and learning audacity seemed a bit daunting, though I’m thinking about revisiting it later just to know how to use both platforms. I’m fairly new to audio production so everything is still a learning process for me, this project in particular was weird for me to work on because listening to the sound of my own voice played back over and over again made me super uncomfortable, but getting past that I was happy with how it turned out overall. This was my best attempt at a reading that sounded like an audio version of a children’s book.

By: Andrea Del Rio

Cartoon Brew

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 8.54.12 AM.png

I chose this site because I’ve always been very interested in animation and I think this site is a great way to keep updated on what’s going on in the animation industry, I stumbled upon it a while back while looking for tutorials and found that it has a lot of great information. It’s frequently updated with posts about new shows, movies, and shorts, and even contains articles with insight from prominent animators. I think it’s a good resource as well because the site is pretty simple and straight forward to navigate, with the drop down menu providing links to resources such as job searches, links to different categories of interest, and includes a search bar for navigating to specific articles you may be looking for or themes you might be interested in. I think for the purpose the site is fairly well laid out, the news style lay out is familiar, with the prominent article of the day larger in the center, and smaller links to other/older articles laid out along the sidebars.

By: Andrea Del Rio

Resources for Media Arts Students

Equipment Checkout in Building 17
Blue Cyc Wall
Center for Student Engagement
Main Art Gallery
Reference Counter
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Silver sculpture outside Health & Wellness
Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office
Media Creation Lab
Judy Gates’ Office
The Commons
Flags inside students’ First Building
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Other, outside building 2

By: Andrea Del Rio

About Me


Hi everyone my name is Andrea, I’m here at Lane taking the multimedia program. I moved here from Lynnwood, Washington in 2014 and even though it’s been three years it seems like I still find and discover new things every day. I had never been to Eugene before even though I spent the first 15 years of my life in Monmouth, Oregon, which is a tiny little town about an hour away from here.

When I originally enrolled here I was working on getting a transfer degree for Fine Arts due to an interest in drawing and painting but after taking a class on film theory I met a lot of people that were in the multimedia program and decided that was the way I wanted to go. I love that there are so many mediums you can learn and develop skills in, so far there hasn’t been any aspect of the program I’ve disliked, though there have been ones that are challenging. I’ve always been really interested in music, tv, film and animation so I really feel that this has been the right path for me to go down. Outside of school I work part time at a restaurant and enjoy spending time with my friends and family when I can.