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Pizza Time_Video Edit

In this video I was trying to have two friends make a pizza, were one friend would be the arms of another friend. I wanted the video to be funny and playful.

I used a canon T5i to shoot the video and edited the clips in Premiere pro. I added sound effects and Italian music which gives the video a fun and playful feel.

Working with other people was a lot harder then I thought. It was not till after I put the videos on my computer I noticed a lot of the flaws. There are a couple shots where the head of my friend is seen behind the others back. There is also a couple shots you can see legs of my other friend. Sense some of the video had to be shot in one take I had to cut some of the parts out. The friend who was the main subject kept on talking and guiding my other friend this makes her mouth move throughout the video.

If I did this project again I would buy enough stuff to make three or four pizzas. This way I could get more video clips and choose the best ones. I would also have the main subjects hair down to cover my other friends head better. I would guide the subject that couldn’t see (the arms) so the main subject’s mouth wouldn’t be moving. Lastly I would film more time before and after the clips making the shots longer and easier to work with.

We all had a fun time making this video. I would do a project like this again.



Image Editing

Set of 5 – Image Editing from Alexander Koester on Vimeo.

I decided to do my photo editing project on five shades of trees. I walked around my friend’s neighborhood and the neighborhood next to her’s to get the images. I decided I would take photos of green, yellow, orange, and red leaves. For my fifth shade I took photos of brown, finding trees that most of the leaves have fallen off. I gathered five to eight shots of each shade. All the photos were shot in RAW and I edited them in Lightroom. I created the video in Premiere Pro. I found the music on a royalty free site called

All and all I had a good time doing this project. I love having an excuse to use my camera and I enjoy using Premiere pro. I did not have much trouble doing this assignment. The hardest part was editing the photos in Lightroom. When I uploaded them on my computer I noticed some where out of focus do to aperture being off. I fixed the quality of photos the best I could in Lightroom before exporting. Putting the video together in Premiere pro was pretty simple after I figured out the duration I wanted of each photo. Then added the transitions, captions, and music. Wham Oh!

The Lion and the Mouse- Aesop Fable

For this project I decided to read the Aesop fable, the Lion and the Mouse. This is the first time I have worked with voice recording. There were points that were challenging but it was a lot of fun.

I started by finding a fable that I remember from my childhood. I broke the story up into smaller parts so I was only recording a sentence to two at a time. I also highlighted the different voice parts to make it more like a script and not like a story.

For the feel I wanted it to sound like a recorded kids storybook. I put classical music behind the voices and a lion’s roar for when the lion is caught in the net.

The hardest part was working with someone else, trying to get the voices an even pitch, and sound clear enough to understand. I tried to do the mouse’s voice also but I did not like how it sounded. My friend agreed to do the mouse’s voice. At first she was a little shy and did not understand it takes multiple tries to get the voice sounding clean but after no time we got stuff to work with.

I do not think its perfect. I don’t really like listening to my voice. There are also some parts that could be cleaner and easier to understand. All and all I liked working in Audacity and I would not mind doing something like this again.

Blog Search

I spent some time looking online and found a lot of blogs that sparked my interest. The blog I am going to do my research on is 8 faces. This is a blog that focuses on typography, calligraphy, and lettering. 8 faces is a magazine created in 2010 by Jamie Clarke, who is a type designer and illustrator. In 2011 they started the online blog. 8 faces is now the largest type and lettering blog online.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 10.29.40 AM

The reason I chose this blog is because I find typography and lettering beautiful and fascinating. From when we start schooling as a kid we are taught writing and lettering. Being able to mold the shapes of letters that we know by heart into visually pleasing designs is an art in itself.

This blog has a lot of resources you can use because they post submissions from other designers. If you like a post on the blog you can go to the designer’s page. This makes it easy to discover new illustrators, designers, and find influence from others work.

I think the website is produced good. It is easy to navigate through the pages and posts. It is modern and clean. The tabs are straight forward with top posts, about, submit a post, ect. The posts come up in a scroll box on the home page. Most of the posts have titles, a caption or description, and a link to the designer or designing group.

The quality of information is professional. The blog is ran by a group of people who produce a typography magazine. They take time to make sure the submissions meet the standards of the blog before the posts are uploaded. This way the only information on the blog is relevant to the topic.


Resources for media Arts Students at Lane

1. Here is a photo of ‘what the sign says’ in bldg. 17
2. Ever sense the first time I saw the quarter pipe in the bldg. 17 studio, i’ve wanted to skate it.
3. This is where you would like to go if you forget your lunch. Second floor of the center bldg (if you forget that also). 
4. Seeing student and teacher’s art gives you inspiration… or a warm feeling, or both. Feel the sensation at the Main Art Gallery.
5. Don’t forget to stop at the Art-O-Mat to pick up your kids a six pack of art.
6. For those times when you spent 45 minutes looking for a book and are late for class. Ask the smiling faces at the Reference desk for help.
7. “Beam me up Scotty.” or hide in here instead of going to health class. 
8. If Mary Jo is out of the office feel free to take a card.
9. If the Indy Lab is full, don’t freak out, there is a Media Creations Lab in the Center bldg. 
10. Don’t forget to sign up for an appointment with Judy Gates. If it wasn’t for her I would be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
11. Getting tired? In bldg 17 there are new couches in the Commons!
12. Ever stared at one flag in the Students First bldg, spin in circles, and try and walk a straight line? don’t.
13. The project sheet said “A construction shot…”

About Me

IMG_20171002_101956My name is Alexander Koester, but you can call me Alex. I am 24 years old and grew up in the Midwest by the Ohio/ Michigan boarder. I have been living in Eugene for almost four years. I am happy to be away from the flat and dirt of the Midwest. Currently I am a graphic design major at Lane Community College. I am in the second year program and plan on graduating in spring of 2018. I work at Sizzle Pie in downtown Eugene. An interesting fact about me is I love trains and the railroad.

When I am not in class or work I try to stay busy with other hobbies. I enjoy to go skateboarding and hanging out with friends. I play the drums but unfortunately my drum set is still in the Midwest. I love photography and taking photos. I try to take my camera most places I go because you never know what there is to capture. I do art in a lot of different mediums. My favorite mediums are acrylic, charcoal, and pastels. Art is a big part of my life. It always seems like I have five art projects in the works at one time.

I do not know exactly what I want to do when I graduate. I would be interested in getting into advertising or layout design for magazines or newspapers. In type2 we created three magazine templets and it was one of my favorite projects at Lane. I am hoping by spring I will have what I want to do nailed down.