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The Final Project

So unfortunately this is the final assignment for this class and it is a bummer because I had a lot of fun making these projects and working on the assignments from home but reviewing the work in class.

However regarding my final project, I really wanted to get out of my comfort zone when it came to editing and to shooting a montage like video because I am used to editing videos that don’t really require more than a couple minutes to a couple of hours editing.

Originally me and a couple of friends were planning on going to Willamette Pass over the weekend and shooting some snowboarding videos because it was their first time and I wanted to get some footage of that. Unfortunately because they weren’t able to get the day off that idea was shortly ruined.

So initially after finding out the news I had a tough time and I struggled with ideas of what I could do instead. So instead of doing a “first time trying snowboarding” video I tried to do a montage like video instead.

After looking back at the footage that I captured I was kind of disappointed with the amount of footage I had captured that day I went up to Willamette Pass. Regardless of the footage I did the most with what I got and overall the final video came out looking better than I had initially thought it would. And just as a quick side note, I tried capturing some go pro footage but that was tough because I had no clue how to work those things let alone even know if they were recording.

Ultimately, I am happy with the editing of the video but I think that the footage could’ve been way better if I had actually taken the time to get more cinematic and more close up shots to really have had more footage to work with. Overall though I had a lot of fun with this project.


5 Things I Do Daily

Originally when I made this video, I had lots of different ideas. Some of the ideas I had were the following.

  1. 5000 calorie challenge
  2. 5 spots I like to go to
  3. 5 of my favorite exercises

The list could keep going and going. Ultimately I decided to go with this “5 Things I Do Daily” because I feel like I am an open person and I wouldn’t mind showing people how my day might look regardless if it doesn’t look exciting.

Getting the clips for this video was kind of challenging because I wanted to record the gym when nobody was there because people will react differently to them being recorded but I also wanted to show the whole gym and not just part of it if someone was working out. Another clip that I found myself struggling with was with my last two clips. As we were told we couldn’t have our hand or our feet or anything in the frame. After trying to re attempt some recordings I just decided to leave them in and apologize for it in the video (sorry). Other than those two issues I had lots of fun putting this together.

I want to refer to this video as my practice video because for the final assignment, I plan to try something out of my comfort zone and maybe this time I will actually follow the rules and not have my hand or shadow in the frame. And even though this was basic editing I think I could’ve done something to make better transitions into the clips.



Friday Art Walk

The speakers name was Amber Allen. She explained some of her personal life and some of her inspiration that lead to how she was inspired by Astronomy. She likes to mix high gloss and matte finishing to capture the depth in her paintings.

The activity that I attended was none other than the First Friday Art Walk. If I am being completely honest I have no idea what I was going to expect because I haven’t been to many art shows, or events like this one. The event was mainly focused on an American painter by the name of Amber Allen. And as the name explains it was on a Friday. The Friday Art walk starts from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. The great thing about this was that there was still some sunshine left before it ended. I ended up attending at 7PM


The event was again held at 7 PM but to my knowledge that was the only time that this was set up at. The place that this event was at gave me a vibe that I was in some sort of art store. The reason I say that is because there was numerous things for sale. Some necklaces, some shirts, and many other things. (example below)




And as you can see from some of the pictures some of these products have little price tags hanging off of them. Some like the image above were really interesting. So the fact that some of these items were up for sale was pretty cool because sometimes depending on certain situations the art is not for sale. Unfortunately I was not able to purchase anything because I did not have enough money to buy some of these things.

One of the things that didn’t make much sense to me was that I did some research beforehand about what time I would go. And I decided to go at 7 PM. But as I stated earlier, Amber explained how she was inspired by Astronomy to create some of her paintings. Well with that in mind after going to this event I didn’t see many paintings that looked like they were space inspired, come to think of it I didn’t see much paintings in general. However to be fair I wasn’t wearing my contacts so I could’ve easily missed some artwork.

Another thing that I’m still kind of confused about was the fact that there was some people that I could barely see with what looked like food in their hands. I wasn’t sure if it was in the event itself, or somewhere next door where they got the food. I was kind of hungry so that didn’t help.

So that was my experience of going to this First Friday Art Walk. It wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it might be but I wouldn’t mind checking out a different event. Especially if the others are similar or close to this one. And who knows maybe I will go to one of these other events and find something that I really like.




W19-P4 Audio

What I was going for was a radio advertisement for Disneyland. I was trying to get the ideas jolted down and I decided with this idea in specific because I was messing around with voice impressions and found out that I actually had a semi decent Kermit the Frog impression. So, initially after I found this out, I thought to myself “what if I did an advertisement for Disneyland while using my Kermit voice impression?” After finalizing and putting it all together I tried experimenting with other voices like Mickey, Goofy and various other Disney characters but I had no luck. When putting all of this together I thought that maybe it wasn’t going to be that good especially because I had a tough time trying to find a way to incorporate the sounds into my idea. But after a couple hours of looking around I was able to finish, resulting in this.

Alex’s Blog Search

The name of this blog page is called Hey Sport.



1.) The reason I chose this website was because I found it to be really simple and really easy to navigate through the many different designs this website has to offer. I could see other people finding the website interesting because the blog site is mainly a sports design blog. It doesn’t just appeal to soccer fans either. The website has lots to offer ranging from jersey designs like the one above to having very unique and interesting artwork of specific sports players.

2.) A great resource as you click on the about page, is that the blog was actually created by Tim McCarthy. The website has a link that you can click on

and by clicking on that link you are redirected into the website of Tim McCarthy.


There you can click on the portfolio page and see all his work. He has even done some work for Apple and his style is nothing short of unique.

3.) Like I said previously, I think the website is very well produced. The reason I say that is because the website is really easy to manage. Not only that but when you click on a certain category that interests you, you will be directed to a page with some very interesting and unique sports graphics.

4.) The quality of the information is great because once you click on a certain art style or series of images that you like, a page will open up with lots of different information regarding the graphic designs.



Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane

I already know that I will be coming to this place a lot for the rest of the time I attend here at Lane.



While I was observing this object I thought to myself “why blue? why not green or another color besides blue?”


This was tricky to find because I pass by here all the time and don’t really think anything of it until now that is.


I won’t lie this picture I took a while back because as of right now there wasn’t really anything there yet.


It’s kind of funny because I actually walked past this machine until I turned my head and saw it staring right at my face.


This is one that I know I haven’t used yet but it was right next to the center for student engagement so I didn’t have a hard time finding this one.


This stands out to me like a soar thumb because the first time I came to Lane, this is what I saw and to this day it still really stands out.


Last time I checked this room was closed but when I went back this room was open so I was able to capture it.



I haven’t used this lab just yet but maybe in the next couple weeks I will come back and be here.

judy gates

This is a picture that I was able to capture in Judy’s office. I was gonna take a selfie with here but I didn’t want to bother her.

teresa office

I stopped by Teresa’s office but sadly she wasn’t there.


This is probably one of my favorite buildings on campus because when you enter the building, you are greeted by an array of different flags and I think that’s awesome.


For my last shot I decided to take a picture of me with my car. She said to be creative with this one and this is my attempt of our final shot for this scavenger hunt.

Get to know me

My name is Alex Garcia, I come from a small city by the name of Cannon Beach. As I stated before Cannon Beach has a population of around 1,100 people and is most known for being home to the Haystack Rock.

As far as my personal interests go, I like to play video games, mostly multiplayer games like Call of Duty and FIFA. And as of right now the only single player/multiplayer game I play is Red Dead Redemption 2.

Besides playing video games another passion that I have is working out. It was only recently that I got into working out due to the fact that I wanted to lose weight. I started about two months ago and I weighed in at around 176 lbs. As of this week I am currently weighing in around 156 lbs. I found out it was a really great way to relieve some stress and it was something that changed my mood and changed the way I would approach things like procrastination, being unmotivated, and things like that.

Another one of my passions is creating and uploading YouTube videos. This is something that I really love to do and creating video ideas is something that I struggle with. I also really struggle with uploading on a consistent basis. At the moment my YouTube channel DezeNuggetz (friends started calling me that as a nickname, so that’s where it originated from) has 285 subscribers. But I find that for me this is a way to get creative as there are times where I have lots of time on my hands.

Lastly, what I would like to do after I finish the Media Arts program is to work for a sports company like Adidas, Nike or Puma and help design shoe ideas, accessory ideas or sport jersey’s, mainly soccer.

By: Alex Garcia